Porus 19th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Ambhi Raj Falls For Alexander’s Tricks

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Alexander marries Barsine and takes her to Takshahila. Roxanne gets jealous seeing that and tells Olympia that Barsine’s son should not be future king, only her son has right on crown. Olympia says even she used to think same in her age, path to the crown is not easy, she has to clear many thorns on the way, Philip also had many wives, but now his wives and other children and buried in exile. On the other side, Bamni tells Puru that they cannot win without Barsine’s help, what will they do now. Puru says Alexander has to pass via Takshashila and they will take Takshashila’s help.

Ambhi kumar performs Ambhi raj’s last rights. His mother cries that he trusted Puru, but Puru called his father by tricked and killed him, even Ambhi kumar trusted his friend wrongly. Ambhi kumar takes oath to take revenge from Puru and then become Takshashila’s king.

Barsine is given a royal suite. Roxanne walks in and asks if she is shocked, she is Alexander’s first wife and came to welcome. She says she is Alexander’s first wife and rests of his wife have to follow her orders. She does not have pore to oppose king, else she would not have let king any other wive.

Bamni with Alexander inspects injured soldiers and tells they incurred huge losses in war and need time to recover. Alexander on the other side tells Hephastian that they should use Farsi army till their soldiers recover. He asks Cletius to train Farsi soldiers and teach them their tricks and tactics. On the other side, Hasti informs Puru that they have only 12,000 soldiers left. Bamni says it is good if they take Takshashila’s help. Puru says he has sent message to Ambhi Kumar and will clear misunderstanding. On the other side, Ambhi reads message and burns it. Alexander who is present there brainwashes him that Puru betrayed him as a friend, now he has to use politics and make Puru believe that he is on his side and then backstage Puru. Ambhi kumar reminisces Ambhi raj giving moral gyaan to him that situation changes and they have to act accordingly..

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