Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Adi makes an evil plan

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aaliya saying Adi has sent divorce papers for me. They get shocked. Mani says its mentioned that Aaliya is characterless, so Adi has filed for divorce, what rubbish, I m sure this is happening because of Roshni, when I told everyone, none believed me and supported Adi. Ishita says we are not supporting him. Mani says I don’t believe you. Raman says you have to believe, I made Adi out of the house, we are supporting Aaliya. Mani asks Aaliya to come home. Ishita says she is bahu of this house, she won’t go. Mani says Adi has sent divorce notice, what bahu. She says we are also against him, he needs to divorce his family, till he apologizes to Aaliya, he won’t enter this house. Shagun asks them to ask Aaliya. Aaliya says I know you are worried for me, but this is my home, I won’t go, I trust Ishita, I know they will manage. Shagun gets Roshni’s call.

Roshni says I was leaving for mehendi. Shagun says don’t go anywhere, Adi has sent divorce papers to Aaliya stating she is characterless, Adi must not know where you are. Roshni says I won’t go, mehendi isn’t necessary. Shagun says I will come to you. Roshni asks shall we cancel the wedding, if Adi does anything. Shagun says we all are with you, your marriage will happen tomorrow. Ishita thanks Shagun for fixing Roshni’s marriage. Shagun says I was warning Roshni about Adi. Aaliya hears them and says Roshni is doing this for me, I want to help her, we should be her family, its not Roshni’s mistake, its Adi’s mistake. Ishita asks are you sure. Aaliya says yes, I want to help her.

Adi asks why didn’t lawyer come. Raman comes there. He says how dare you call Aaliya characterless, you can’t divorce her. Adi argues and says I m in love with Roshni, I won’t let her get married, tell Aaliya to sign the papers. Raman says I m your dad if you are stubborn, I will see how you do this. Adi says you will see it, you can leave now. Raman scolds him and says I disown you from my family and business, you won’t get any property, I will see how you and Suraj run this business. He goes.

Suraj says you and Roshni had the affair, but only you are blamed, she is getting married, your dad broke ties with you, Roshni has betrayed you. Adi recalls Roshni’s words. He says you are right, Roshni can’t leave me like this, I won’t let her go. Suraj says I will send goons to trouble her, you go and save her, she will come back to you. Adi says no, I will do something every girl is scared of. Suraj says that’s right Adi, I know your dad don’t love you, I m with you.

Raman asks are you expecting a call. Ishita says I was thinking Adi will reply my message. He asks did you message him. She says I messaged him about Pihu’s hearing. He asks are you mad. Raman says Adi won’t come to court, he doesn’t care for us. She says Adi will come for Pihu’s sake, he remembers some of our values, he must have loved his siblings, I m sure. He says you are telling he will come and then you are in tears, why are you crying if you believe so. He hugs her.

Adi throws the phone. He says why should I go to Pihu, they disowned me. Suraj looks on and sends servant away. He asks Adi not to get hyper and relax. Adi says Ishita is blackmailing me emotionally and calling me at court for her daughter. Adi says sorry, until they apologize to me, I won’t forgive them.

Raman says Adi won’t come, I m sure. Ishita says he will come, we loved him so much Raman, Adi is a part of our heart, its imp day for Pihu, if the court rules in our favor, she will live free, if Adi comes, Pihu will talk to him, he won’t be able to refuse to her. He hugs her. She says I want Adi. He says Adi will come back and our family will get back, I trust your instincts, I promise, he won’t leave us. Romi calls him. He says we are on the way. Raman says come to court directly. Romi says Pihu is fine, she is sleeping in backseat. Raman says I will see you at court. He says we have two big battles today, come. Adi says I will go to Roshni and get her, I will see how she marries Shantanu. Adi says don’t do anything wrong.

Adi says we will do what we decided yesterday, do you have that bottle ready. Suraj gives him the bottle. He says don’t make this fall on yourself, she will be scared of this and come to you. Adi says Roshni is making me do this, should I call her, I will call her. He calls Roshni. Suraj asks for Aaliya’s number. He asks are you Shagun, where are the bride and groom. She says no, I m her daughter Aaliya, who are you. He says I m pandit Ram Ratan, they asked me to come at temple at Ram temple. She says no, marriage is at Shiv temple. Adi hears this. Suraj says I will reach there and ends call. Adi says now none can stop me and Roshni from uniting. Ishita comes. Aaliya says pandit didn’t reach temple, Shagun gave wrong address. Ishita asks how could pandit not know address, Shagun said pandit is of Shiv temple, Shagun selected that temple so that Adi doesn’t know about it, something is wrong. Aaliya says I didn’t answer Adi’s call.

Ishita says it means Adi made someone call. Aaliya says I m scared. Raman asks are you not coming court, you are going to temple. Ishita says yes, I feel Adi will come there, I should be there, you will be with Pihu, both our children are at stake. He says we are with them, everything will be fine. Ishita and Aaliya reach temple. Shagun says you had to go for Pihu’s hearing. Ishita says I had come to see Roshni. She gives good wishes. Shagun says pandit is preparing for wedding, Mani had gone to pick up Shantanu and family. Ishita says ask him to come fast. She asks Roshni not to worry. Adi comes there and holds Roshni. They get shocked. He says I have come…. Roshni shouts Ishimaa.

Adi is about to hit Roshni. Ishita shoots at Adi. He gets shot and falls away. Shagun, Aaliya and Roshni get shocked. Adi falls dead. Ishita cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  2. omggggggggggggggggggg LITERALLYYYYYY CANT WAITTTT

  3. Wah kya episode hai

  4. Star Plus’s popular show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is gearing up for a high voltage drama.

    Currently the show is witnessing a serious drama where Adi is trapped in Roshni’s plan and Raman and Ishita are faced with a terrible challenge to save Pihu from Simmi’s murder allegations.

    We hear that the drama will intensify further when the viewers will learn that the real Aditya Bhalla has been kidnapped during Bhalla’s London trip and the Adi that we are are currently is seeing is actually an imposter staying with the Bhallas.

    We know this gossip is absolutely shocking for all the loyal fans of YHM but if rumors are to be believed then the Adi currently staying with the Bhallas is a criminal who has been hired by Suraj. During the London track it was seen that Romi and Adi got dragged down into a mysterious diamond controversy and Adi got a weird tattoo on his back that said ‘I love bad girls’.

    1. What a silly track. This show is a joke. And how does it matter if this is a fake Adi – Ishita still committed a murder.

  5. What is all this omg I can’t believe how much they want this show to run by bringing upsurd storyline all off a sudden Aditya trun negative and Ishita as a mother kill the son what rubbish anyways I stop watching this garbage long time ago

  6. Omg…..ishita will to jail again???? Stupid serial…..never let ishita live happy even single episode

  7. Aww man not again!!!!! Jeez not again Ishita is spending time in jail more than a hard core criminal.Cuz I am sure she will be in jail AGAIN for the umpteenth time.

  8. Well said! Ishita is spending time in jail more than shespends at home I guess. If this adi is the real one or an imposter it won’t matter at all. Ishita will be accused as a murderer and what next? Receiving a death sentence? Tired of this jail drama. Why does if something happens Ishita has to suffer all the time? It seems as if ekta is running out of characters! Or divyanka is the only actress who have agreed to play on a jail scene, right? What a load of bullsh*t!!!

  9. so wen Simmy n Param r going to expose?? nxt year may b

  10. ok so this is not real adi? but how do you explain the fact that he said he did all this for money?he was penniless when raman was ill and ishita in jail..all this happened before they went to london,isnt it? so how come he knows all these details????? am lost….

    1. Was wondering the same. I think the writers sometimes forgets their own stories.

      1. just wondering if the makers read our comments….they would have got better ideas for their serials. they just mix everything…

  11. Here we go again. Raman will again accuse Ishita for being the world’s worst mother after killing his son to protect her daughter. Pihu will be alone again. Ishita again going to jail. Again leap . . . . Shagun is still living happily ever after ! ! ! You have to be a villain to get any kind of happiness in Ekta’s YHM world. I sometimes wonder about the name of this serial Yeh Hai Mohabbatein. Was this love meant for Ishita or Shagun?

  12. True yhat cvs butchered and assassinated all
    characters … and its sad to see loyal Adi …. became so negative all on a sudden ! But appreciate AVs acting .. he has done a good job
    and surely going to be a very good actor ! Last three days infact the episodes belonged to him .Alia too did good job.
    Ishra as broken parents was so sad to see but cvs have no other plot in hand . No words to comment … I feel pity that the actors are duned to this ! Very wrong message to the viewers !

  13. Recycled version of the Kyun ki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi….yet again by Ekta Kapoor and team….
    Those were the days when YE HAI MOHABATEIN used to fun…cute kids…funny banter of Raavan Kumar and Jhaasi ki Raani… Writers need to get brains…
    Actors are wasting their performance for the story that went downhill years ago….
    Ye hai mohabatein used to be fun in the initial year….

  14. These adi is so stupid, how can he send divorce paper to aaliya, and aaliya is not characterless adi you are characterless.

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