Vighnaharta Ganesh 18th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Mahadev stands against mata adi-shakti.

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Vighnaharta Ganesh 18th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with some traders in their boats travelling in the sea. As they come ahead, a trader says see there has suddenly come a forest between the sea, but how did it come here? Others say it must have been there before, we did not notice it, lets go and visit that forest as it looks so beautiful. The traders say yes there must be freshwater for us and fruits to eat too, lets go. A trader says I don’t think it is safe to go there, others says come on, lets visit we don’t know what there is. Everyone stop their boats at shore and get inside they forest, they suddenly see beautiful daruka. Everyone follow daruka as she lures them inside. suddenly demons come and trap the traders inside nets, the men get scared and say leave us please leave us. Daruk comes and says don’t worry, I will make you my food now, we are lucky we got food here. Daruka says yes swami, this is our food from now, we will trap traders.
There ganesh says but mata the gods could have known the location of the forest right? Mata kali says ask varun dev. ganesh says varun dev the forest was in a sea, then didn’t you know their location? Varun dev says yes I did know. In flashback, varun dev sees the forest is in his waters, he tells all gods and varun dev leads them to the forest. All gods come. Daruka sees and says cant these gods stay away from us? All gods remove their powers together and are about to attack the forest when daruka uses her power and vanishes the forest to someplace else. The gods are shocked.
Varun dev says ganesh ji this way each time the demons got away with the forest. Ganesh says yes because daruka had the wish that she could take the forest anywhere. Mata kali says daruka saved everyone for years changing the location of the forest in the sea.
There daruk and daruka for years, trap traders, and eat sea food and human and made traders their slaves. Mata kali says but one day they took a person captive whom they shouldn’t have. In flashback, some traders are taken captive but one among them sits and he keeps praying to Mahadev saying Om namah shivay! Daruk says take them until he notices this trader and tells his soldiers to bring him forward. Daruka says what are you murmuring? The trader now prays loudly, om namah shivay. Daruk gets shocked and scared.
Ganesh says who was that person mata? Mata kali says he was mahadev’s priya disciple, Supriya! There supriya keeps saying om namah shivay. Daruk says what did you say? Supriya again prays and daruk laughs. Daruk says do you know who I am? I am the very great and most powerful demon king, daruk, so say om darukay namah! Supriya again says om namah shivay and keeps praying. Daruka thinks if he is tortured he will understand. Daruk says take him and burn him and when his skin shall burn, then he will pray to me. Supriya again prays om namah shivay! Daruk gets angry and says how dare you? Do you know who I am? Supriya says yes I know who you are, you are a demon who takes traders captive and make them slaves, if you are brave why don’t you fight? You are a coward, you can take our freedom but not our bhakti, if you have this problem? Then why don’t you tell your wife not to pray to mata adi-shakti? Daruka thinks this man is making my swami against me, I have to stop him. Daruka comes and says don’t act too smart, you are nowhere near my bhakti, mata adi-shakti gave me the blessing because of my bhakti and she gave me this forest, she protects me but where is mahadev? If you pray then why didn’t he come to protect you? Supriya smiles and he closes his eyes, he prays to mahadev even louder. Daruk says I will kill him now. Daruk removes a red lightning bolt to attack supriya. Suddenly a strong lightning bolt hits daruk from the sky and he falls down. Thundering and lightning starts and there is a huge storm, all demons and daruka and daruk fall down as supriya prays to mahadev. Daruk gets scared and says daruka protect me, daruka! Suddenly mahadev lands down in his anger form, with red eyes. Daruk gets very scared.
Ganesh says father came to protect his disciple? Mata kali says yes I was shocked too. Ganesh says but what was there to be shocked? Mata kali says because of this there was a tensed relation between mahadev and mata adi-shakti. There mahadev faces with his 3rd eye against mata adi-shakti.

Precap: mata kali takes the form of mata chinnadevi! Ganesh says why did you take that form? Kali says to defeat, the demon who had taken control of swarglok.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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