Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Shagun gets Ishita’s clue

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita saying your friend didn’t come. Vishal says he is salesman, he sells sims. Ranbir says he has no family, he stays with his uncle who doesn’t care for him. Vishal says he can sell sim to anybody, he is talented. Yug says Raman has got someone with him, he is acting too smart, I will teach him a lesson. Bala says Amma said Shagun had come home and beaten up Rohan and Karan. Raman says Shagun has done right thing. Yug calls him and says I think you don’t love your wife, you got someone with you. Raman says no, he is a relative, he met me here, trust me, I had come alone. Bala asks what happened. Raman says I have to go, stay here. He goes. Bala sees Yug when he picks his keys. Bala asks him to listen. Raman says I told you to stay inside. Bala says you won’t believe who I saw. Raman asks what if that guy does something to Ishita, I told you not to come out. Bala thinks did I really see Adi, how is this possible. Ishita thinks he went to meet Raman, why didn’t he return, I will trick them and leave.

She coughs and asks for water. Vishal feeds her water. She says I need your help, I have to go washroom, untie my hands, have some pity. Vishal frees her hands. She says you are the sweetest, you are the best, thanks. She goes to washroom. Yug comes. Vishal asks did you talk. Yug says no, where is he. Vishal says he will be back, Ishita is inside. Yug says she isn’t there. Vishal asks where did she go. Ranbir comes. Vishal says she has gone to washroom since long. They check the washroom. Vishal says there is a big window here, I forgot about it, I think she has run away. Yug asks why did you free her. Vishal says she had to use washroom. Yug says come with me to find her. They refuse. Ishita runs and shouts for help. She sees Shagun and smiles. Shagun calls mechanic for car issue. Ishita shouts Shagun. Shagun thinks am I imagining, its Ishita… Yug catches Ishita and shuts her mouth. Shagun looks around. She says I think I should call Raman, it was Ishita’s voice. Bala asks Raman to think of the first call. Raman says that guy called from PCO. Shagun calls him and says there is a village nearby, I think Ishita is here, come soon. Raman and Bala rush. Yug gets Ishita back. They tie her up to the chair. She thinks I hope Shagun gets my hair accessory and she comes here. Yug says that woman fooled you, I was there at right time, she had called out.

Ranbir asks who, my life will be ruined, we aren’t kidnappers, I was helping my friend. Yug says you have put us in trouble, why did you agree to Rohan. Ranbir says sorry. Vishal says we know you are not at fault, we will find solution together. Yug says we are childhood friends, we will face it together. Vishal asks Ranbir to smile now. He asks Yug did you meet Raman. Ranbir asks what’s this now. Yug says I wanted to reap profits. Ranbir says we didn’t do this for money, we aren’t criminals. Vishal says yes, its right, our careers would be ruined. Yug says fine, I agree when you two are saying I m wrong, I must be. Vishal hugs him. Yug says call Rohan and tell him to end the matter right here, we can’t manage this now. Shagun says she must be here.

Raman says we can find some clue here. Raman shouts Ishita. Mr. Bhalla says who is this giving me missed calls. Rohan looks on. Ranbir says Rohan asked me not to call. Yug asks him to call. Ruhi attends Ranbir’s call and asks who are you. He says its me Ranbir. She asks who Ranbir. He disconnects and says some girl answered call. Rohan thinks Ranbir will get me caught. He asks Karan to iron Ruhi’s top. He sends Karan to get some water. He burns the top. He asks why did you burn Ruhi’s top. Ruhi comes and scolds Karan. Yug says Rohan won’t cheat us. Ranbir gets Rohan’s call. He asks where are you, Ishita tried to run away from here, we found her in time, forget this, when are you coming here. Rohan says give me some time, there is a big problem here. Yug says come here as soon as possible and end this. Raman shouts Ishita….. They see Raman, Shagun and Bala coming.

Yug says her family is here, we should leave, Rohan has put us in trouble. They leave. Raman frees and hugs Ishita.

Update Credit to: Amena

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