Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 18th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Roop saves Ishika from Ranvir

Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 18th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishika telling Ranvir that he is mad as he ties her to the ice bed. Ranvir says you, your husband and sasur made me mad and says you are shivering in cold, but your ego is not ending. He asks her to live her life for sometime and tells that he will make her death miserable, so that Patel and Wagelas repent for messing up with him. He asks her to take her last breath and asks her to open her eyes and see her. He says your namesake husband is coming here. Ishika closes her eyes. Roop reaches there and calls Ishika. He couldn’t see her. Ranvir hits him on his head and ties him with his head down. Roop gains consciousness and looks at Ishika. Ranvir says you insulted me and tells that he has just 10 mins, and then their condition will deteriorate, and asks him to see the machine which will emit poisonous gas, and says your game will be over. He clicks Roop and Ishika’s pics and says I will hang garlands on your pics. Roop asks him to leave her.

Ranvir says I called you so that you can see her dying. He says you have just 2 mins left and if you do anything then your condition will be bad to worse. Roop laughs at him and says if he really thinks himself as a man then have a man to man fight. He says your blood is very cold and calls him a coward. Ranvir gets angry and shouts at his rope. Roop falls down. Ishika shouts. Ranvir beats Roop badly. Gas timer comes to zero and it starts releasing the poisonous gas. Roop beats Ranvir then and comes to Ishika. Ranvir comes and attacks Roop again. Roop beats him further and says you always thought that you have become a man as you got the police uniform, but it is a feeling which you never have. He hits him. Ranvir falls down. Roop comes to Ishika and unties her. He lifts her and is about to take her out when Ranvir gets up and shouts Roopendra. He shoots at Roop, but Police comes and shoots at him. Roop gets saved and asks Inspector to stop the poisonous gas. They switch it off. Ranvir fumes as constables hold him. Inspector arrests him for attempt to murder. Roop takes Ishika out and rubs her hands. Ishika gains consciousness and looks at him. Roop kisses on her forehead and takes her home. He asks Kamla to call Doctor.

Bua prays to God to keep her Ranvir safe. Ranvir tells Inspector and Constable that he will see them as have connection with senior officers. Kamla tells that it is good that nothing has happened to Roop and Ishika, but Ranvir is arrested by Police. Bua thinks nothing will happen to Ranvir until Shamsher is there and thinks Kamla is cursing him. Doctor tells Kamla that Ishika is fine and asks her to give medicine on time. Roop hugs Ishika and says if something have happened to you. Ishika says I will not leave you so soon, even property needs to be transferred on my name. Roop smiles. Kamla comes and asks Ishika if she is fine. Bua worries for Ranvir and thinks to call Shamsher. Kanchan and Rupesh come there and ask Ishika if she is fine. Ishika says she is fine. Ranvir is in police jeep and thinks how to go from here. He thinks once I reach Police station, I will leave with Police help. He sees driver taking the jeep to the other way, and says I am understanding everything. He asks where did you bring me and says this is illegal. Inspector and Constables and Inspector take him to the godown. Ranvir says where you have brought me. Shamsher comes there and says now your band will be played and you can’t show your face to anyone. He says I didn’t come there with Roop as I knew that he will reach there and I was waiting to give you real learning.

Bua comes to the Police station and asks Inspector to call Shamsher. Inspector says Shamsher is not here. Bua asks about Ranvir. Inspector tells that we were bringing him here, but Ranvir fooled us and escaped in jungle. Shamsher tells Ranvir that he will take out all his hotness. He says I will punish you for trying to kill Roop and me. Bua comes to jungle and calls Ranvir. She thinks where she will search him. Ranvir is tied to the chair. Shamsher asks if he is pained and says I will show you what the real pain is. Ranvir asks him to leave him and says I am your nephew. Shamsher says where were my nephew when you asked me to kill us. Shamsher says I thought you will mend your ways, but that didn’t happen. He says I will send you very far.

Ranvir aims gun at Shamsher and says I will not leave you and roop. Shamsher shoots at his chest. Bua comes and sees Ranvir falling on the ground. She gets shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    I’m glad Shamsher killed ranveer can’t wait for monday’s episode.

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