Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita showing simple clothes to Romi and asking what should she wear so that they don’t identify her. Romi says he knows you and will identify you in any clothes. He says he is a big man. She says not bigger than Raman, we have to expose him before Ashok takes over the position. Romi says Suraj knows you, but not her. They make Sarika ready. Romi asks her to act and not make anyone doubt on her. Sarika says I did not do this before. Romi says I understand, but for Raman and Ishita. Sarika says anything for them, don’t worry. He says thanks and gives her clothes, asking her to get ready well. He leaves. Romi gets ready as the waiter and meets Ishita. She asks where is Sarika. Romi calls her and she does not take the call.

Sarika comes in the waitress costume and looks good. Romi stares at her and says she is looking very good. Sarika says she is scared. Ishita asks her not to worry. She asks Romi how is she looking. Romi says tota, I mean very sexy, no I mean good, beautiful, her eyes sweet…….. Sarika smiles and asks what she has to do. They go inside and Romi gives the ID card with spy cam and mic. He says its connected to me via Bluetooth and I can hear you. Sarika says I saw this in films, like sting operation. Ishita says yes, but be careful, tell us if there is any problem, we will come in.

Romi says betting will be happening here and we need proof, once we get the proof, we will see Suraj. Ishita says this is the only way to get back Raman’s post. Romi asks Sarika not to worry as he will be standing out of the room. Ishita says it will help our whole family. Sarika leaves. Ishita prays the plan succeeds. Suraj and the other man watch the cricket match on their laptop. Sarika comes to them as room service. The man asks her to come inside. She looks for Suraj. Romi signs her to go and stands out. He tells Ishita that Sarika went inside. Sarika sees Suraj and the man betting.

The man asks her to make in the rocks. Sarika says sure Sir, you sit, I will make drinks for both of you. Sarika talks to Romi and he hears her. She faces the mic to Suraj. Suraj does the betting and its recorded. Suraj names Ashok too, who is becoming the president of Delhi Association. The man touches Sarika’s hand while taking the drink. Romi says amazing Sarika ji, we got the proof, now they are gone. He tells Ishita that they got the proof. He asks Ishita to go. She says she is tensed about Sarika. He asks her to go. The man bad eyes Sarika and touches her to please her guests.

She says I m on duty and I don’t drink. Romi is busy talking to Ishita. The man asks Sarika to have a drink. Romi hears it and says shit……….He says that man is doing wrong with her. Ishita asks her to go. Romi says stop and Ishita goes to save Sarika. She knocks the door. The man opens the door. Ishita gets in hiding her face and does the drama. She says she is this man’s wife and he is flirting here with this waitress. Romi watches this. Suraj asks the man is she your wife. The man says I don’t know her. Ishita says he forgot me getting her. She does not show her face to Suraj.

Romi laughs and says what happened to Bhabhi. Ishita asks Sarika to come with her. The man says she is not my wife. Suraj asks him to get his wife and everyone out. Ishita breaks the wine glass. Suraj stops them. Sarika ID card falls. Suraj picks it and asks whats this. Ishita says she does this to trap men. They run from there. Suraj calls someone and asks them to get the woman running with their staff. The security tries to stop them, but they run. Suraj scolds the man, and he says I m not married, she is not my wife. Suraj says its something fishy, go and catch her.

Ishita asks Romi to go and trap Sarika first. Sarika says Ishita did great acting. Romi says yes, I have not heard South Indian Haryaanvi. Ishita says yes, I told what came in my mind. She says its late, I will go home now, and you come after dropping her. Romi asks her to breakfast soon. He gives her wrist band and she thanks him. Sarika gives her the camera. Ishita thanks her for helping them. Sarika says she is glad to help them. Romi thanks Sarika.

Shravan helps Amma. Vandu comes to him and asks him to go out and play. She scolds him and says flour is not for playing. Shravan goes. Vandu says he can’t be near hot oil. Shravan takes the remote and changes the channel. Bala too scolds him. He says if he has to do this, whats the use to spend money on his education. He asks Shravan to go to Ruhi and do his homework. Amma and Appa looks on.Shravan gets upset and leaves. Raman comes home and is worried about his family, no one can understand his problem. He says I forgot the Varlaxmi drama.

Raman meets Shravan and asks why is he upset and sitting here, who has scolded him. Shravan says his parents don’t understand anything and scold. Raman says our problem is same but who scolded. Shravan says everyone, they think I m small kid. Raman says our problem is same, even everyone tell me why I did this and that. Ishita comes home in an auto. Shravan says my mum will be busy when my baby sister comes so I was trying to make rotis. Ishita smiles seeing them talk. Raman and says we will solve our problems. They shake hands. Shravan smiles. Ishita says Raman is a riddle, sometimes simple and sometimes very complicated, he risked everything to save my career. I have to workout my plan and get Raman’s position back.

Raman and Ishita argue. She asks what is his tension. He does not tell anything. Mrs. Bhalla comes and says she kept fast for you and you are scolding her Raman. Raman says again this fast drama started.

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  1. Finish the update plz

  2. funny epi, awsm act done by divz. luv yhm

  3. will raman gift ishita that beautiful 25k saree which ishita did not want to buy seeing the price. will she see the moon and then raman and then break her fast as it is done on karvachaut. those scenes will be interesting to see. ishita shld touch raman’s feet to take his blessings that will give him a special feeling which he missed all this time. raman shld control his temper a bit bcos there will not be any difference the way u treat ashok and his team and ishita. use ur anger for ur good, to protect ur loved ones. raman & ishita r made for each other. wish div and karan were also made for each other in real life. lucky guy ssharad and bad luck to karan.

    1. grt plan romi n sarika bt u need to upload dat audio video watevr quickly as u might get caught…n raman kabhi toh samjho har baat pe gussa karna thk nahi hain…n u havnt dne it right by telling da fast 2 b a drama…are ishu did dat 4 u…!!!

  4. sry dat had 2 b romi n ishu nt sarika

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