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Veera 18th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with manager taunting Baldev and Veera. The city guys laugh on them. Baldev gets angry and scolds the manager. The manager argues. Veera asks him to taste himself. The manager says I think you don’t have taste knowledge, only classy people come here and like this dish, and you guys are from village, go and have the sugarcane in your fields. Baldev gets angry on him. Veera asks Baldev to calm down. The manager asks them to behave well and go. Baldev and Veera come home. Baldev is upset. Veera tries to calm him. He says you won’t understand this, leave me alone. He drops her and leaves. Baldev comes home and calls her.

He says she is not taking my call, it means she is annoyed, why did I get angry on her, how will I make this fine. He says I will talk to her nicely when I meet her. His friend comes and asks him to come fast as Jaggi is in a problem. Baldev goes with him and asks where is he. His friends says there. Baldev sees everything dark. Suddenly the lights come on his face. Baldev asks who is it. Veera comes there smiling. Baldev is puzzled. Veera says surprise, we could not go to disco well but disco can come here. She switches on the disco lights. Baldev is stunned and smiles.

He says great, you did this, this is just great, its Punjabi disco, play some music now. She plays the music and Punjabi dhol music. He likes it. They dance Balle Balle on it. The music ends and he says it stopped, this is unlucky day. She says don’t get senti, everything has solution. She says we can hear radio and plays radio. They continue dancing. The new song Bekhudi bebasi bepanaah………………… plays……………… Veera says its Ranvi’s song on radio. They hear it and like it. Balddev says yes, go and increase the volume.

They are happy that Ranvi sings so well. He says when everyone hear it, they will love his sweet voice. Its romantic track. Baldev looks at Veera and holds her. They dance on the song romantically. They come to know its sung by Rahul Sharma. They are shocked to know the album is released. Veera says Rahul Sharma, but Ranvi sung this song. She says they have cheated Ranvi, when Ranvi comes to know this, then, he is not singing to earn, but he wants to spread happiness to people by his singing, its his soul and life, he will break when he comes to know about this cheat.

Baldev says maybe radio people took wrong name. She says no, they can’t do such big mistake, why did music company do this. She says did they really cheat Ranvi or it’s a mistake. Baldev says how can it be mistake, they are big company and can’t do mistake. He says they have cheated Ranvi, maybe they thought we are villagers and won’t do anything. I will take my friends to their office and beat them, they will tell on radio that this song is sung by Ranvi. She stops him and says no, we have to think.

She says we want full info first. He says fine, we will go there is morning, I will drop you home now. She says fine and they leave. Veera comes home. Gunjan asks her to see the radio. Gunjan says Ranvi’s songs will come on radio. Veera thinks she can’t tell anyone about this to them and says this radio can’t be repaired, its damaged. Chaiji says how can you lose before trying, you know you repair everything, make it fine, we will hear Ranvi’s songs. Veera says no, its damaged. Gunjan says I will try or I will ask Ranvi to try.

Veera comes to her room and checks on her laptop about the music company. She calls Baldev and asks about Nihaal. She says call him in your room and tell him everything about Ranvi and the fraud, I will come there and discuss, I came to know a big thing. He says fine, you come, I will explain everything to Nihaal. Nihaal is angry as Ranvi got cheated. Baldev says I will beat them and teach them a lesson. He says Veera stopped me, she wants to tell us something. Veera comes to them from his window. Nihaal says I feel you are worried in hurry, maybe it’s a misunderstanding.

Veera says no, I felt so, now I m sure they did cheating. She says she found out that Rahul Sharma is the music company owner’s son, who was trying to become a singer and they have used Ranvi, to launch his son. She says I read about copyright laws and can get more info all night, we have to get justice for Ranvi. Nihaal says we should go to company office and read the contract, then we will see what to do. Veera says fine, we will go tomorrow and find out, till then we can’t tell Ranvi. Nihaal says fine.

Its morning, Gunjan chooses clothes for Ranvi. Ranvi comes and says again, this is the 10th time I changed. She says wait, try this. He says I won’t change now, I don’t like this. Gunjan talks to Ranvi and says you are become a big man, everyone will see you. You have to show some attitude. She is very happy and asks him to go. He hugs her and says he does not want to go. She pushes him and smiles. Ratan blesses Ranvi for his success. She does his aarti. Ranvi touches her feet and asks about Veera. Chaiji says she went out. Ranvi says maybe on poly house site. He leaves happily.

Ranvi asks his album CD. The music director apologizies to him. Ranvi hears Veera and Baldev fighting with them and comes to know that the music company has cheated Ranvi.

Update Credit to: Amena

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