Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita and Mihika talking about Mihir and his sister Sanjana. Ishita says I will ask Sanjana today. She meets Sanjana and says we would have felt glad if you came in party. Sanjana says sorry. Ishita says I wanted to make you meet my family, they are sweet people. Sanjana says she feels bad hearing about Mihir’s marriage, as I want to be with him in that day. She tells about childhood when she was excited to be with him and groom him. Ishita says take a step. Sanjana says no use, till Mihir I with him, this can’t happen. Ishita asks who. Sanjana says Mihir trusts him a lot, he regards him brother, he has ruined everything and made me apart from Mihir. Ishita says who is he. Sanjana says Raman Bhalla. Ishita is shocked. Sanjana says Mihir does not talk to me because

of Raman.

Ishita asks what did he do. Sanjana says we were in relationship, we loved each other, he broke off easily and see my fate, I lost my love and even lost my brother’s support, don’t know what Raman told him, that Mihir blames me for the breakup and did not invite me in his marriage, atleast he could have called mum. Ishita cries and asks did she have an affair with Raman. Sanjana says yes, I loved him a lot. I m sorry to discuss this with you. Ishita makes an excuse and leaves. Mr. Bhalla is monitoring marriage arrangements and asks Mrs. Bhalla why is she noting recipe. She says leave it, I have another tension.

She says she told Amma that she will do Tamilian marriage and I don’t like all this. He says don’t worry, we will talk to her. She says no, you said this before. Amma comes and brings tilak and puja clothes. She says the dress code for gents and ladies. They have a talk. Amma says its final, all tamilian clothes. Amma leaves. Mrs. Bhalla gets angry. Mr. Bhalla says you will look good in Madrasi saree. She says you wear dhoti. Amma comes home and laughs saying about trapping Mrs. Bhalla. Neelu comes and says Ishita called and asked do you want anything. Appa says yes,. I will get the list. Neelu hears Amma troubling Mrs. Bhalla by reverse psychology.Amma and Vandu laugh. Neelu comes and tells everything to Mrs. Bhalla. She says she fooled me, I will teach her a lesson.

Neelu says I get stuck in between them. Ishita comes home and is very angry. She thinks about Sanjana’s words. She says Raman and Sanjana, between them…. He did not tell me ever. She throws her clothes. She says so many problems, at home, everyone is tensed, he did not tell anything, why can’t he say, I told him everything about my relationship. But he has hidden about Sanjana, what is this. She says we have major trust issues, nothing can work. She cries. She asks why did he do this, I feel hurt, I feel bad. She says maybe Raman is not wrong, its quite possible, maybe someone is fooling me, maybe Sanjana is wrong, I don’t know her, maybe she is fooling me.

She thinks about Mihika’s words and same pic with Sanjana. She says but that pic, I have seen it by my eyes, I asked him about Mihir and his sister, he did not tell me, he shouted on me. He did not ever clarify, he is wrong in this, I m sure. She says he is not right in this. She says he spoiled Mihir’s relation too. She says I have to sort this, why am I worried, for Mihir and Sanjana’s relation gone bad, or Raman and Sanjana had a relation, what happened to me, am I jealous. Amma and Mrs. Bhalla have an argument. Amma says I m not jealous of you. Mrs. Bhalla says Pammi told me this, as we stay happy, and you have to get at 5am and get cold water bath, we sleep at 5am, you are jealous of our lifestyle, you guys are boring, you turned this Punjabi marriage into Tamilian. Amma asks who told you this.

Mrs. Bhalla says Neelau heard you and she told me, ask your husband. She asks Appa. Appa says yes, Neelu came. Amma says fine, I said this. Mrs. Bhalla says sit in a corner, all rituals will be done by me, in Punjabi dresses, and you wear Punjabi suit. Amma says ayyo. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, you will to wear, marriage will be by my plan. Amma agrees. Mrs. Bhalla says don’t do any drama, go and make things ready by Punjabi way, don’t do any cheating, else I won’t leave you. Vandu says Amma, cheating helps no one. Mrs. Bhalla thanks Neelu. Shravan says Ishita is very angry and upset, her room is messed up. Neelu says the same. Shravan says he came to see Ruhi, but saw Ishita.

Mrs. Bhalla says how do you know. Shravan says my mum says Ishita does so being upset. Mrs. Bhalla says maybe Raman did something. Raman comes and Shravan tells him that Ishita is very angry, you will know, go. Raman asks what happened. Shravan says you might have done something, she will break your teeth, go. Raman says is she serious, earthquake. What happened to her, gone mad again.

Ishita talks to herself in her room while arranging the clothes back. She says Shagun, Sanjana, how many girls he has hidden, I don’t care as I m Ruhi’s Ishi Maa, he shoukd have told me but, I never made fun of him, I don’t understand him, how can he hide this, there is no understanding between us, but its ok, I don’t care, why should I not care, I should know all things, how can he keep secrets, and Raman did not tell me that Sanjana is Mihir’s sister, I asked him, he lied to me, let him come, I will come, but why to ask, he should tell me himself. Raman comes and hears her talking. He says what happened to her, giving lecture to herself, she has gone mad. He smiles and asks what happened. She asks whats there to laugh, nothing funny. He says I should get over her. He asks whats all this mess in room, I m tired and thought to rest, but you have messed my room.

She says what yours, its my room, I m married to you legally, I know the case, I m Ruhi’s Ishi Maa and I will fight for my rights. They start the arguments on their works. He asks whats the problem. She says shall I say or not. He says tell me. She says nothing, you tell me, why should I say, I want my privacy. He says are you mad, tell me. She says I don’t want to know, just go. He says why are you fighting. She says you tell me. He says have sleeping tablet and sleep. He says its Mihir’s tilak tomorrow, don’t create issue. She says we don’t hide anything, like you. He says don’t talk to me. She says I won’t talk all life. He says promise, don’t break it, bye. He leaves.

Ishita cries and says forget everything, its big day tomorrow, I won’t talk to Raman ever. But it feels bad, he is my husband, what to do. Is this the way to hide this from me, its such a big thing about his life. Mihir and Sanjana got apart because of Ravan Kumar, he does not care about anyone’s feelings, fine Raman created this misunderstanding, I will clear it and unite the siblings.

Ishita asks Sanjana does she want to meet Mihir and invites her on his tilak function. Sanjana asks by what right. Ishita says he is going to be my sister’s husband and he is my Devar too. Sanjana says it means you………. Ishita says I m Raman’s wife. Sanjana is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. God Ekta, u r a limit. u r confusing us so much. Ishita says she understands Raman so very well and here she is doubting her husband at the words of somebody whom she just met. she shld have confronted raman instead. this love story is very confusing and the feel is lost. love/trust does not need any proof & explanation. let’s see wat’s in the store. we audience need to satisfy ourselves with y’day’s epi. this drama will last for sometime now.

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