Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 17th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 17th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The jokers heads to take food.

Avni was coming inside, and watches the guard tied to the tree. Anjali comes out, Avni tells her that the people inside are Suket, Abhaas, Akshit, Jashan and Raj. Anjali says that they will now play game with them. They come inside.

Anjali announces that since they made their party so cool, the bride-to-be will now kiss any among you on cheek. All the men stand up, while Bhawna and Arpita runs to Anjali. She tells them that they are our men.

All the men resist, but Avni gets stuck to Raj. Angry, he removes his beard and asks how can Avni do such thing? Anjali tells Raj that she knew it as him. Arpita says that they aren’t less than anyone. Raj leaves, while Avni laughs.

Outside, Avni comes to Raj. He tells her to see how hard his heart is beating that she can kiss any other guy. She says that he loves this loser only, and kisses him on cheek.

They come in, while the men blamed each other. Anjali comes and says that they must not end it with a fight, but make is memorable. Anjali says that this is a flower rope, and Avni should tie it around Raj’s neck. Bhawna was coming out of the kitchen, and recalls the real rope that hung at Umad. She drops the tray, shouts and fell down. Everyone runs to her.

In the room, Suket says to doctor that they couldn’t know what happened to her. The doctor says that she had a panic attack. Raj says that it was because of our joke. The doctor says that her BP shoot out, they have given the injection. Avni said that they must not have done the joke, Suket tells her not to worry. They all are sad besides Bhawna. Bhawna wakes up with a jerk and shouts in fear again. Anjali says sorry to her, she requests everyone not to joke about this thing again.

Suket says to everyone that the responsibilities of wedding should now be taken by Arpita and Sanvri. Bhawna should rest.

In the room, Bhawna recalled the scenes. The door opens and she shouts at it. Bauji asks what she is doing. She says that she remembered that village, the crowd, the shouts, and the rope. Bauji says that she must keep control on herself, what if they people reach the truth. Bauji says that she must take care. Avni comes to room and tells Bauji that she will keep care of her maa, and will sleep with her. She says that she has told papa that she is staying in her room, and will check her BP in every hour. Bauji says that he is now relieved. Bhawna tells Avni that she will have dark-circles. Avni hands her the tea. Bhawna says that she will miss her.

In the morning, Bhawna comes worried that she slept till late. Suket comes to her and says that everything is ready. Bhawna is worried about all the preparations, Anjali comes there and says that she will do all the preparations and takes Avni along. Bhawna hopes that nothing from Umad comes again.

In the car, Anjali calls Chacha ji. Chacha ji says that all that was needed from Avni’s maternal parents will be sent by him. Anjali tells Raj and Avni that she called for a special thread from a temple of Umad for Bhawna. Raj says that someone from her family must pick it, Avni offers to go there. Anjali tells Raj to take her there, as she will do the rest of the shopping.
Arpita was in kitchen when her phone rings. Akshit attends the call, and tells Rohit strictly that Arpita won’t come to work as she has important responsibilities at home. She says he isn’t her servant, he tells Arpita that his mother is more important for him that anything.

Suket asks Arpita about a card, chooses one on which Arpita agrees and asks her to look into all the arrangements.

A post comes in which there is a letter for Sangeeta. He says that there must be mistake by the postal office. He opens the letter, and sees that there has been a land allotment on her name, it must reach her. Arpita says that there is the address of their house on the letter. Suket goes to call the lawyer. Bhawna comes downstairs asking about Suket. Arpita tells her where he is. She comes to the study, Suket tells the lawyer that there is an allotment mail about some Sangeeta. The lawyer says that it was a disputed land, and now has been resolved. Suket says that there is no Sangeeta in the house but the lawyer says it is the correct address. Bhawna plugs out the telephone wire, takes the letter from Suket and says he must go for wedding preparations, she will look after this.

PRECAP: Avni comes to Bhawna, she asks had she gone to Umad. Avni excitedly shows her about the pictures of the places. Bhawna slaps Avni.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. i am patiently awaiting this serect of Bhawan

  2. Itz been 1 n a half hrs still no updates!!

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