Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mrs. Bhalla asking Romi to make the guests list fast. She asks Raman and Mihir to stay at home. She says Mihir should be at home and attend all the rituals. Mihir says why so many functions. Trisha says I want all rituals. Ishita says this happens in marriage, its engagement now. Raman says let her do what she wants, let her enjoy, we are Punjabis, not madrasis. Romi asks about Mihika’s engagement’s arrangements. Ishita says its fine. He asks about Bala. Ishita says Bala is doing the arrangements, Vandu is here at Amma’s house. Romi calls his friend and says Bala is coming here, listen what you have to do.

Mihir comes to Ishita and asks about Mihika’s marriage. Ishita says we will do all functions soon, as Vibhu has to leave soon. Mihir can I can help Bala jiju. Ishita says when did he become your jiju and why will you help. Mihir says my relation ended, but I care for Mihika and want her to be happy. Mihir says why did you choose a guy from US, how will she adjust there. Ishita says relax, concentrate on your engagement, as Raman takes care of you, I m there to take care of Mihika. Raman talks to Tandon and asks him to come over. Ishita makes Raman and Mihir jealous by talking to Appa about Mihika’s engagement arrangements.

She says Raman will also come with me. Raman says I don’t have time for this. Ishita says you tell me what are you my duties as your wife, so I m reminding you your duties being Iyer’s son in law. Ishita asks him to help them, as they are going for Trisha’s shooping, so will buy for Mihika too. She leaves. Raman tells Mihir did you hear, Mihika is more mad than her, would you have been able to bear her, lets go shopping. Romi meets Bala and says Vandu and Amma went to market for shopping. Bala says where, I will pick them. Romi says call them and ask. Romi gives him some money asking him to give it to Appa saying Ishita gave it. Bala asks why. Romi says for Mihika’s engagement. Romi’s friend takes his pics. Bala leaves taking the money.

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Romi sees the pics and says I explained you before, you did not do good by double crossing Romi. Mihir helps Trisha in shopping. Mihika shops with Vibhu and Ishita. Mihir sees them and is jealous. Mihika and Trisha like the same dress. Trisha says Raman I think that’s perfect for me. Mihika tells Ishita. Raman and Ishita come to take that dress. The man says we have only one piece. Raman says ask Mihika to give this to Trisha. Ishita says why should Mihika always give up everything to Trisha. They start arguing sweetly. He says fine, take it, we don’t want.

Ishita buys the dress. Raman says she got the dress and acting as if she won Padmabhushan award. Ishita brings the dress to Mihika and asks her to try. Raman says Mihika got this man from US. I will pull his leg. Raman comes to Vibhu and teases him. He says Ishita and Mihika are mad. Mihika has beaten up a guy at the station when she came here, she gets angry soon, but is good at heart. Raman backbites Mihika and then says but she is good at heart.

Vibhu gets worried. Raman says you are a software engineer, will you get time to buy utensils. Vibhu asks why. Raman says both sisters don’t work, don’t worry, I m there for you. Vibhu says thanks I did not know this, I always wanted a girl like this, good at heart and somewhat angry, he hugs Raman and says she is my dream girl. Raman gets annoyed and leaves. Raman comes home. Romi asks him where is Ishita. Raman says at Iyer house, she will come soon. Pathak comes and informs Raman that Parmeet got bail. Simmi smiles.

Raman is shocked and says its not possible, who did his bail. Pathak says Ashok Khanna. Raman says what can we expect from Ashok, I thought Parmeet will change in jail but he proved he is a snake, I m glad that I made my sister away from him. Simmi comes to meet Parmeet. He hugs her and says I was missing you. He asks are you not happy seeing me. She says I m there to get justice for you, but you joined hands with Ashok, he is our enemy, how can you join him. Parmeet says today I know who is mine, you also showed you love Raman more than me, I was in jail, Ishita has put a bad blame on me, your family kicked me out, Ashok freed me from jail.

He says Ashok should not be blamed, Shagun was not a baby to go with Ashok, she left Raman by her wish. Simmi says you don’t know Ashok, he is very bad. Parmeet says I know, trust me, Ashok gave me house, job and respect, if I earn then I can keep you with me, just remember I love you a lot. Simmi says fine, I will come to you. Parmeet says no, stay there till I make everything fine, just let me earn then I will take you from there. He hugs her. He thinks he has to keep Simmi on his side, as she loves him a lot, she can go against Raman and Ishita when the time comes.

Mihir sees Mihika in the compound. He asks why did you call me here. She says I have to give these gifts which you gave me. He says I gave this with my heart, don’t return this. She says I m marrying Vibhu, I have to leave old things and move on, I want to start a new life with Vibhu. She gives him her engagement card and asks him to come. He says I won’t come, as my engagement is on same day. He says I would have not come if it was any other day, you deserve someone better than Vibhu, he is a donkey idiot.

Mihika calls Mihir a donkey, whom she always loved. She taunts him. She says Ishita always told me to marry a man who keeps you happy, now I say marry someone who does not make you cry. She leaves. Mihir says I m sorry, Mihika please. He gets upset. He sees the gifts and cries. Romi comes and tells Raman choreographer is coming. Mihir says no need. Raman says chill. Raman sees Ishita and taunts her about bad music in their marriage. Ishita taunts him too. Ruhi comes and sees them fighting. Ruhi says you guys started fighting again.

Ishita says no, do we fight. Raman says we are not fighting. Ruhi says lets go. Raman asks where are you going. Ishita says parlour. Raman jokes. Ishita says I m not going to parlour, Ruhi is going. Ruhi says she is going to have hairdo like Priyanka Chopra. Raman says beauty and the beast. Ishita says I would have answered if Ruhi was not here. Yeh hai Mohabbatein……………..plays…………….

Parmeet meets Ishita and shows his car asking her to come on drive. Ishita taunts him and says if you do the same thing again, I will not slap you but get everyone together to beat you.

Update Credit to: Amena

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