Gustakh Dil 15th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 15th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Lajjo thinking about Nikhil. Mili shows her the homework and asks her to check it. Lajjo says great, work hard and do homework without my help. They have a laugh. Sagar sees Mili happy with her. Lajjo tells a story to Mili and says its moral is if you have to dream about prince, tthen you have to becoming deserving and do lots of studies. Sagar comes to them and asks Lajjo not to send Mili in the party as rich people will be coming.

He asks Lajjo also not to come down in the party. Lajjo thinks rude man. Nikhil is working at the shop. Nikhil thinks he has to pay rent of Rancho’s friend and asks the manager can he get some advance. The manager says no, we can’t give advance. Nikhil says ni problem, have a good day. A customer comes and says its my marriage’s 25 th anniversary, I want to buy a gift for my wife, show me in medium budget. Nikhil shows him some designs. The man says its expensive. Nikhil says no issues, you deserve this. He says look at the diamond, this can make your relation strong.

He says some good lines and makes him happy. The man is happy with him. Nikhil says don’t worry about price tag, I will get you discount. Mamta is happy seeing this. The man says good and buys it. Nikhil says its my first sale. The man says I wish you get long life. Nikhil says pray that I come here to buy a gift for my wife on my 25th wedding anniversary. Mamta says congrats, you are doing good. Nikhil smiles.

The party starts at Sagar’s party. Some women talk about Ratri and Sagar is a talent digger. Barkha comes there and meets Sagar. They are good friends. Barkha is a big fan of Sagar. She asks about the new girl. Sagar says good things come late. Barkha meets Anjali and is surprised. They have a laugh. Anjali asks about Samrat and kids. Barkha says they are good. Anjali says its necessary to be active in social circle. Barkha talks to Anjali about Sagar. She says he is a fighter, he is back. Anjali says all rumors are not baseless.

Barkha says you know media. Sagar presents his latest find Ratri. Ratri walks in looking gorgeous. Everyone clap seeing her. Barkha finds her very pretty. Sagar launches the album too. Sagar makes Ratri meet Barkha and Anjali. Barkha is happy to meet her. Sagar says I think Ratri is the best one till date. Barkha says you are gorgeous. Anjali says she is stunning. Sagar says I want to talk to Barkha. They have a talk. Sagar says you helped me in sponsors, can you help me again. Barkha says I believe in you, I know you can immerse strongers, what are friends for.

Sagar thanks her. The music starts. Mili says lets go in party, lets hide and see the dance, come please. Lajjo says fine. Sagar dances with Ratri. Lajjo and Mili look at them. Mili says she is Papa’s new star. Lajjo sees Barkha and is shocked. She thinks if she sees me, I m stuck now. Ayesha sleeps at Adhiraj’s home with a book. Adhiraj comes home and covers her with a blanket. She wakes up and says when did you come. He says just now. She asks the time. He says 9pm. She says I m so sorry. He asks why. She says I had the food and did not cook anything for you. He says I brought food for you. She says I won’t say sorry again, as I m your guest.

He says Ayesha is back, you don’t look good polite. She asks is it a pizza. He says roti curry. She says no. He says I heard its very tasty. She looks at the roti and he starts eating. She asks whats this, roti or rubber. He says its tandoori roti. Ayesha smiles hearing his funny talk. Lajjo sees Barkha busy on phone and leaves. Barkha stops her. Lajjo stops and sees Barkha talks to Mr Ahuja. Barkha asks for Sagar. She says Sagat went to terrace, come with me.

Lajjo bumps into Sagar and falls on him. He holds her and looks at her. He gets up and the drink falls on him. Lajjo says sorry, I will clean it. He says let it be, I told you not to come out of the room, then you came in party. Lajjo says I was going. Sagar asks her to go from other side, good night. Lajjo says good night, sorry and leaves.

The manager scolds Nikhil as a diamond ring is missing in his counter. Nikhil is worried.

Update Credit to: Amena

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