Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Ishita meets Yug

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with doctor checking Ishita. He says she didn’t inhale much gas, she will be fine. He goes. The guy asks Ranbir how long will they keep Ishita here. Sudha says I wasn’t involved in this plan, you have used your brains and ruined everything. She goes. Parmeet gets angry and says who took Ishita from there.

Aaliya asks where is Amma. Raman says we didn’t find her, maybe Parmeet got to know this and changed her location, don’t know who is informing her. Ruhi scolds Karan. Raman gets something to hit Karan. Everyone stops Raman. Inspector says I will ask Karan. He asks Karan how is he passing info out. Rohan thinks its tough to contact Ranbir. He sees guard with a phone. Guard gets register. Inspector says I will check that later. Rohan goes to watchman and asks him to show the register. He says show me the phone too, I will check the call log. He sends guard to check the women talking that side. Guard goes. Rohan calls Ranbir. Ranbir says she is fine now. Rohan asks does she need medical aid. Ranbir says no, when should I bring her to your house. Rohan says it needs some time, don’t call back on this number and landline, I will call you up, take care. Guard comes back and says there is nothing. Rohan gives his phone back and goes.

Ranbir says I have to go to call centre and do my job. He talks to his friends. Ishita gets up and says where am I….She hears the guys talking outside. She takes a vase and goes to them. She says you guys have kidnapped me. They turn and hide their faces. They wear the masks. She tries to hit. The guy Yug stops her. She asks why did you keep me captive here. She pulls off his mask. She gets shocked seeing Adi. She recalls Adi. She faints. He holds her and lifts her. He says I didn’t know how she has fainted, lets take her inside. She says Adi…… Ranbir says thank God she is fine, she is getting conscious. The guy says what if she runs away again. Inspector says we didn’t get any info about Ishita, I guarantee you I will find her. Raman says I will find her.

Inspector says don’t do anything wrong. Karan says where is Ishita. Rohan thinks I hope Ranbir has calmed down. Raman says Parmeet has kidnapped her, you are not believing me. Inspector says goons are smart and dangerous, they always get saved. Raman says they won’t get saved now. He takes gun from inspector. Everyone gets shocked. Karan asks what are you hiding from me. Rohan says nothing. Raman comes to them and locks door. He asks where is Ishita. He beats Karan. Karan says I really don’t know. He makes them call Sudha. Rohan says mom, Raman has kept Rohan on gunpoint, tell him where is Ishita. Raman says I will kill your sons. Sudha says I don’t know about Ishita. He asks her to come to them. Sudha says I m coming, don’t do anything to Karan. Rohan thinks I can’t tell mom and Karan about Ishita.

Sudha asks Parmeet about Ishita. He says I really don’t know. She says I won’t leave you if anything happens to Karan. He says I won’t get in trouble alone, I have no idea where is Ishita. Sudha comes to Bhalla house and stops Raman. She asks him to leave Karan. Raman says tell me where is Ishita, else I will shoot him. Sudha says I swear on Karan, I don’t know where is Ishita. Raman says your mom is lying. Sudha says I really don’t know. Rohan says mom doesn’t know about Ishita. Raman goes. Sudha asks Rohan to take care of Karan. Mr. Bhalla asks her to go. Ranbir says why is she taking Adi’s name. Yug jokes. The guy gets chloroform. They think who is this Adi. Ranbir says someone make her smell chloroform before she wakes up. Yug asks him to do it. Yuv argues and says I think I will have to do it. He puts the liquid in kerchief. He slips and falls down. He smells the kerchief and faints. Ranbir and other guy check Yug and ask him to get up.

Ishita sees Yug and goes to hold him. Yug gets back. Yug calls Raman and says I have seen your ad on tv, I know where your wife is.

Update Credit to: Amena

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