Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita telling Ruhi that she is keeping a fast till evening and she will control and not have anything. Raman hears this. He asks Ruhi not to worry about Ishita, as if she talks about food, it will be bad. Ruhi leaves. Raman asks Ishita not to do this fasting drama and eat something if she gets hungry. She asks why. He says whats this nonsense, to decrease woman’s life to increase her husband’s life. She says age won’t get less if I stay hungry. He says don’t make me take you to hospital. She says she won’t. He asks her to have anything, as everyone does cheating. She says cheating. He says Shagun also used to cheat and eat. The FB scene shows Raman bringing sandwich for Shagun hiding from everyone, as she can’t resist hunger. He says you kept Karwachauth for me, I m saying you this, eat it fast, no one will know. She eats the sandwich.

He gets lost in the thoughts. Ishita asks were you so sweet. He says no, and they argue again. He asks her to fast to keep her mouth shut whole day. He says he will bring something from breakfast table and asks her to eat in the car. He leaves. She says he won’t change, I m not fasting to show anyone, but for him, as he did a lot for me. I will surely keep the fast even if he does not like it, I will complete the fast for Raman. Mrs. Bhalla asks Mr. Bhalla not to forget any item. Romi comes to them. He gives Rs 500 and the accounts. Mr. Bhalla asks did his crore deal got cancelled. Mrs. Bhalla asks Romi why is he upset.

She says she made Gajar halwa and hot puris. He says but carrot in this season. She says I know its your fav and got the carrots. He says you might be pity as you know I m not your son. She asks how does he know. He says everyone knows. She says I heard the news and she got confused, but you are my son, my blood. Romi gets glad and hugs her. He says sorry and sits to eat it. Raman brings some men. Ishita asks whats this. He says I called you down and you did not come. The men say Raman got some designer sarees to gift you. She says experience counts. Raman says he is gifting her and asks the men to show the sarees to Ishita.

Ishita asks Raman to choose the saree. Raman says so that you taunt me. Raman says don’t show her Kanjivaram. She asks why. He says look Punjabi now. She asks was this needed. He says mum can taunt me so its better I do this. She sees the sarees. He asks her to hurry up and sits there. Ishita does not like few. Raman asks her to hurry up. Ishita likes a net Zardozi saree. It costs Rs 25000. She sees the rate tag and says she does not like it. She sees a simple one, cheaper one. She asks Raman about it. Raman gets Pathak’s call and asks him to make sure Ashok and Suraj does not do anything, I want license today.

Poornima comes there and sees Ishita standing at the door. She greets Ishita and says she came to see property. Ishita is glad and says yes you told me, please come and sit. Poornima says I thought your husband won’t be at home, so I can meet you and Ruhi. Ishita tells about the fast and Raman called them to gift me saree. She says I have to take my husband’s opinion. Poornima asks is Raman at home. Ishita asks do you know Raman. Poornima says you introduced yourself as Ishita Raman Bhalla, so I just remember. Ishita says meet him, I will call him. Poornima says no, I will leave. Ishita insists but Poornima gets tensed and leaves.

Raman comes out and does not see her. He asks Ishita to select soon. Ashok is the new president of the association and gives the interview to the press. He praises himself and says Raman was not fit for this position. He says Raman has bought this chair, but then he resigned and I got on this chair. Mihika hears this and says what, Raman has resigned, but why. Raman asks Ishita to choose fast. Ishita gets a call and says what, thanks a lot and laughs. She tells Raman that its fabulous news, I got my license back. He says really? Congrats. And smiles She says congrats to you too. She says they took the case back, I m so happy.

Raman thinks Ishita, this presidentship is nothing infront of your happiness, I m happy as you are happy. Raman says Ishita to eat the apple he kept in the car. She asks him to go as she will eat the apple at home. He says fine, but be careful from mum aand leaves. Mihika says I can’t believe this, why did Raman resign and recommended Ashok. Amma calls Mihika and Mihika asks his boss to give her hald day. He says its busy day, and they have important meeting. She requests that they have puja. Ashok says its ok, let her go, she has helped us by doing modeling, so I think we can adjust today. Mihika thanks him. Mihika’s boss asks her to go as big boss Ashok permitted her. Mihika says I have to tell Ishita about Raman’s resignation.

Mrs. Bhalla says congrats to Ishita saying she knew she will get her license back and asks did she say Raman. Ishita says yes, he went for some work. Mrs. Bhalla says I will call him. Ishita stops him. Mrs. Bhalla says we have to tell him to come before the moon comes out. Ishita says he won’t like it. Mrs. Bhalla asks did he fight. Ishita says no, he was worried, I did not tell him about Nirajala fast, sorry for lying. Mrs. Bhalla gets tears in her eyes and says I did not see a bahu who can take so much care of Raman, why did you not come in his life before.

She hugs Ishita and blesses her. Shravan asks Ishita to come and play with her, as everyone is talking and no one is playing with him. Ishita asks Mrs. Bhalla to come and see how they do the puja. Mrs. Bhalla agrees. Ishita goes to Iyer house and Mihika stops her saying she has to tell something, a big problem. Amma comes and takes Ishita. She asks Mihika to get ready and come. Ishita says wear kanjivaram and come. She leaves. Mihika says Raman is in problem. The reporters trouble Raman with the questions about his resign and what Ashok told he bought the chair.

The pandit tells Ishita about the fast for husband’s prosperity. Ishita says she is doing this for Raman’s prosperity and wishes the best for him. Raman argues with the media. The reporter misbehaves. Raman asks the security to kick them out. Mihir talks to them and calms Raman. The reporter makes Raman more angry by his taunts. Raman gets angry. Mihir asks him to calm down as he is doing all this for Ishita. Raman gets quiet.

Romi tells Ishita that Raman did this so that Suraj takes complaint back and she gets her license, does she think Raman will be afraid of Ashok. She says why did I not think before. The cake drama and this resigning, he did this for me. She cries.

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  1. Gosh, so much drama around a day of fasting (not even a whole 24 hour day, just fast during the daylight). It is not a big deal at all. Our bodies are designed to withstand fasting for days and even weeks. There are excellent books on it (in Amazon) written by medical doctors. It has been scientifically proven to reverse dangerous diseases because you are giving your body complete rest from digestion and other grueling tasks. We only go into starvation mode after weeks of no food. I just finished a 3 day fast – rest and meditate. a few hours is nothing. It is just sad how India became – all the knowledge and all the wisdom is disappearing fast and we are left with idiots that are highly misinformed.

  2. I think raman will gift that white saree to ishu as gift.but i was little disappoint that raman’s resigning is post. I was so love these couple for their loving each other.

  3. Aww Raman is so cute

  4. who’s dis poornima?kab uska raz opn hoga?

  5. romi aur sarika ka lvestry strt karo.raman aur ishu ko apni felngs cnfss karna chahiye.i thnk.

  6. hello frnds…can anyone tell me abt coming episodes of yhm,,,how u people get those weekly updates.

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    1. fasting is gd for a steady n fit its a husband’s love n care to tl der wife nt to keep fast..raman u rock n ishu u r awesum…bt ashok u r a “bitch” nt a dog

    2. Yeah shiwa.. I can help you.. 🙂 we get the info abt tge upcoming serials in tellychakker n tellyexpress.. 🙂

    3. *upcoming updates
      And even you can get it from the fb fan page of yhm.. 🙂

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