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Veera 15th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Baldev coming to meet Veera again. He says he has a special thing and shows the anklet. She says its very beautiful. He ties it around her foot. Yaara ve……………plays…………….Veera smiles and hugs him. Ranvi knocks the door saying Veera. Veera and Baldev are shocked. Veera thanks Baldev for this beautiful gift and asks him to go fast. Baldev kisses her and leaves through the window. Ranvi thinks Veera slept and she opens the door acting like sleepy. Ranvi says he was restless as he did not thank her, and says thanks. She says our happiness is same, you also took care of my happiness. He says I would have been loving with bitterness and Nihaal would have punished himself.

She says she has to talk something important with him. Ranvi asks why. Its morning, Ranvi and Veera come to Baldev’s house. Ranvi says its good suggestion, Nihaal is with us and we should ask him to stay with us at our home as our advisor. She says he will say yes, I m sure. Balwant asks Bansuri where is Nihaal. She says he may be coming. Ranvi and Veera greet them. Nihaal comes and asks why they are here. Veera says why, can’t I come. Baldev says why not, its your house. Everyone look at him. Baldev says I mean they are ours.

Ranvi says he had breakfast at home and talks to Nihaal. He says we will daily trouble Nihaal for the polyhouse, as he should guide them. Veera says dad’s dream will be fulfilled soon. Nihaal says I will always support you, but I can’t stay here. Balwant asks what does he mean. Nihaal says he is going back to Poland tonight. Everyone is shocked. Ranvi asks why, what happened. Nihaal says till when will I be here, I have to go one day, I have a life there, how long can I stay as guest here. Veera says tthis is your Pind and we are your family.

Ranvi says this is your world, did we make any mistake, why do you want to go. Nihaal says no, I m not going far as our hearts will be always linked, I will call and talk, and advice on the site. Veera says he can’t go anywhere. Baldev says yes, whats this, please stay back. Bansuri also insists asking him to stay back for all of them. Nihaal says don’t make it tough for me, I have to go Poland as many people are there linked to me, I have to go for them. He asks Baldev to get the taxi he booked. Till then he will pack his bag. Everyone get upset.

Ranvi asks Veera not to worry, as he will convince Nihaal. Baldev says we thought everything is fine, but this new problem, how will we stop him now. Ranvi comes to Nihaal and sees him looking at his and Veera’s childhood pic and talking to them. Nihaal says I m sorry, I don’t want to go far from you, but I can’t stay here, you have forgiven me, but if I stay here, I will remind you about the past pain. I have to go for you all, far from you all, to a place where only your memories will be there to spend my life. Nihaal cries and packs the bag. Ranvi leaves hearting this.

Veera asks Ranvi what did Nihaal say, did he agree. Ranvi sees Nihaal coming. He asks Nihaal did he pack. Nihaal says yes. Balwant asks him to have tea. Ranvi asks Nihaal will he come home to meet Ratan, Chaiji and Gunjan. Nihaal says yes, how can I go without meeting them. Ranvi says fine, we will leave now. Veera says but ….. Ranvi says Nihaal will come home, meet him then. He takes Veera, Baldev goes after them. Veera asks Ranvi what happened, we should stop Nihaal, how can he lose so soon.

Ranvi says Nihaal is at a point where he is confused between mind and heart and we have to make him follow his heart. Veera says she will support him and they will stop Nihaal. He hugs her. Veera asks Baldev to go to taxi stand and tells a plan. Baldev says great and laughs. Baldev and Jaggi come to the taxi stand and see the taxi driver who is going to drop Nihaal to the airport. Baldev gives him money and asks him not to drive taxi till tomorrow. Jaggi praises Baldev.

Nihaal comes to Ratan’s house and sees pics of him and Ranvi Veera. Everyone try to make him stay back and make him emotional and follow his heart. Nihaal smiles seeing the pics. Baldev comes and smiles seeing it. Ranvi shos the mud pots. Nihaal is happy to see it and asks did Ranvi make it. Ranvi says you made it and as you have taught me pot making, you made me and Veera’s life and gave us happiness. He asks how can he leave them and go. He asks will you be happy and smiling alone in Poland, will he not miss them, they can’t live without him. Ranvi hugs him and cries.

Nihaal says he has to go. Chaiji asks Ranvi to let it be and not stop Nihaal, let him go, as he does not care about us, else he would have not gone leaving us. She says he has become a big man, he does not love us. Nihaal says its nothing like this. Chaiji asks why can’t he stay here. Chaiji asks Ratan to ask Nihaal to stay. Ratan asks him to stay. Nihaal says he can’t stay back. Nihaal asks Baldev about the taxi. Baldev says its not coming. Nihaal says fine, I will manage. Veera asks Nihaal not to leave. Nihaal says I have to go and starts leaving. He stops and says he will be happy if they come to leave him till taxi stand.

Ranvi removes all the pics and is upset. Nihaal comes back and says let it be on the wall. Everyone is surprised seeing him back.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Veera is becoming interesting again to watch and with nihaal back it will be even more ,, maybe get married to ratan

    1. Yh I too think the same 🙂 this serial is ome of the best now after yhm.. 🙂

    2. Veeba marriage will be coming soon though

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