Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Raman reveals Ananya’s accident truth to family

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Adi and Roshni waking up in bed and greeting each other. He gets a call. She passes his phone. Aaliya asks Adi is he so busy with friends, that he forgot to greet her morning. He lies to her. Roshni goes to washroom. She thinks of Adi and her intimacy. She recalls Shagun’s words. She goes back to Adi. He hugs her. She says stop Adi, how much will you lie more. He says don’t start again. She says I wasn’t letting you come close, I was afraid for this, Shagun will tell Aaliya soon. He says don’t spoil the moment, I know its not right to lie Aaliya, you may feel I m cheap to keep relation with both of you, I have no control on myself, I will tell truth to Aaliya, give me some time, don’t make me away from yourself, do you trust me. Aaliya calls him. She asks what will you have in breakfast. He says omelette, I will drop you office but I have a lunch meeting. She says its fine. He tells Roshni that he will have lunch meeting with her. He kisses her and goes.

Ishita asks can we save Pihu. Raman says Mr. Sharma, you are best in fighting juvenile cases, I want you to save Pihu. Sharma says I m afraid that Ishita’s decision to take blame on herself to save Pihu may look bad. She says that was an accident. Sharma says I m just saying about judge’s perception, he can say Pihu has intentionally pushed Ananya, why didn’t you tell about accident before. Ishita says we had many complications at home that time. Raman worries. She says it was not Pihu’s mistake. Raman says just tell me what to do to save her. Sharma says you have to take family in confidence, if Ananya’s mum testifies in Pihu’s favor, it will be good. Ishita says will Simmi agree….

Roshni says Adi is playing with fire, Adi loves paneer a lot, heart makes a person helpless, I just hope Adi likes it. She hears door bell and thinks Adi has come. She gets shocked seeing Shagun. Shagun gets in and shuts door. Raman asks for everyone to gather. Simmi asks what’s the matter. He says this matter is related to you, Ishita had hidden this from all of us. Mr. Bhalla asks what did Ishita hide. Shagun says you are coming between Adi and Aaliya.

Roshni says its nothing like that, I love Adi. Shagun says Aaliya also loves Adi, she is his wife, how can you love a married man, why, Aaliya won’t give him divorce, I have stayed in such relation, society never accepts such relations, did you think what will happen of yourself, love is at its own place, marriage is a commitment, our decisions regarding love are mostly wrong, don’t ruin yours and my children’s lives. Roshni says I told Adi, I can’t see him hurting himself. Shagun says I have seen his madness, just you can make Adi away from yourself, you leave this city and settle down, marry a nice guy, I will get you married, end this relation here, this will be good for everyone, if you don’t end this, it will be a big mistake for yourself, you will ruin your life and everything. She goes.

Everyone gets shocked and cries. Raman says Pihu loved Ananya a lot, it was an accident, just you can save Pihu. Ishita says Parmeet knew this, he was blackmailing me about exposing Pihu, sorry Ruhi I was scared about Pihu. Raman says we just want your support. Amma says why will anyone speak against Pihu. Ishita says Pihu wouldn’t do this intentionally, if this case goes in court, testify in her favor. Raman says nothing will happen to Pihu if you help. Ishita asks Simmi can she forgive Pihu. Simmi says I have nothing to lose, I lost my daughter, don’t worry, I will testify in Pihu’s favor. Ishita and Raman thank and hug her. Simmi says Ananya went far, I won’t let Pihu go anywhere. Mrs. Bhalla hugs Simmi and says you proved you aren’t wrong. Mr. Bhalla says yes, Simmi can do anything for family. Mrs. Bhalla feels sorry for Ishita. Ruhi sees Simmi staring. Simmi goes. Ruhi worries.

Ruhi says I know Simmi, she is acting, how to explain Raman and Ishita. Mihika says maybe you are right, how are you going to prove it, please, don’t spoil things. Ruhi says I can’t let Simmi do anything, I will talk to Adi. She calls Adi. She sees Adi leaving in car and calls out. She says where is he going. Ruhi follows Adi. Adi sits in another car and asks are company papers ready. She gets shocked seeing Adi with Suraj.

Ruhi sees Adi forging Raman’s sign. She gets shocked. She asks Adi was he forging Raman’s sign, is he doing illegal business. Adi sits relaxed.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. This adi is an idiot first he is cheating on Aliya and now he is forging Raman’s signature. He proves he is shagun son and not Ishita

  2. Today Shagun sounded much more sane and composed than Ishita ever did since a long time.

    1. Yes Abhishek ! Shaghun nailed it today ! So composed and by her experience she cud make Roshini understand what mistake she is doing . A H was really good ! All other rubbish we can blame only cvs ! How much Simmi tortured Pihu , knowing Ishitha is the murderer and Raman lost his memory to by Simmis actions .Now see Adi too ia a villain !

  3. Adi is so shameless and disgusting from today’s episode I hate him more how can he cheat ishra

  4. Shagun mature talk n well done but adi n roshni need to be exposed now..shameless cheater son..aaliya shud not forgive him even aftr he is ditched or falls into any trap..upset ishras son doing this nonsense..simmi fooled all agn..glad with ruhis smart moves..

  5. Santana Russo

    Blood is thicker than watter, he was never Ishita’s son, she is just a stepma n will remain so. He is and will always be shagun’s son but his action got nothing to do with Shagun. He n he only is responsible 4 his action. Shagun is really a sweetheart, Luv what she said 2 Roshni. Nowadays Shagun seems a better ma than Ishita. Her past doesn’t define Shagun. Now she is in a good place.

  6. My God at least you guys are against Adi’s wrong doing,some persons thinks what he is doing is right thank God there are some sane persons on this forum.Just imagine the audicaty of this fella.And Roshini is throwing caution to the wind.She is so shameless what Ekta is portraying here is beyond shamelessness how can she assassinate a woman character like that despite her being a woman,what relation is between Adi and Roshini? NONE!!!!! She is just a blo*dy clothes pin just one touch on her head and her legs are already open just picture what you do with a clothes pin when you have it in your hands LMAO.

  7. Wow this whole Adi track is like a similar-but-10-times-worse track to Romi’s. Romi also worked with Ashok and there was the whole track with Romi-Mihika’s separation. Now Adi is working with Ashok’s brother and actually cheating on his wife. Disgusting – can’t stand him anymore. Send him to jail instead of Pihu please.

  8. i don,t think simmi will forgive pihu, she is just pretending, because in yesterday episode simmi clearly said she will punish pihu, so these simmi is acting.

  9. Adi truly is a total scumbag. First he cheats his wife, next he cheats his parents and family. He says that he has no control so he cheated on aaliya. WOW he should get the Oscars for the worst excuse ever, even Aaliya has male friends but she isn’t going around having affairs, if she can remain loyal then why can’t adi? After marriage only Wife has right to love her husband thats why people get married, to commit to each other for life. I don’t understand Roshni, I am sure now that they will make her character negative. Adi left her before for marrying Aaliya and now he is cheating aaliya for roshni, any sane girl would stay away from such a boy. Its not guaranteed that he will be loyal to roshni, again some girl will come and he will leave her. I just don’t want aaliya to forgive adi.

  10. I don’t understand Roshni?…mornings she says ‘no adi this is wrong..we should not do this’…nights she is like ‘I love you adi and sleeps with him’ and gets up wearing nothing and thinks she is s*xy but she is not…wat the hell..and adi should be punished so bad..I wish aliya leaves him forever and finds a nice man for herself..somebody like mani itself..and Raman pls reduce the amount of lip stick u’s so obvious ?

  11. why did’nt director make ruhi to call raman n hang the phone so that raman hear the adi n suraj conversation about cheating instead of ruhi talking directly talking to adi , why doesn’t director want to positive character to know about rivals n take action against them without knowing them instead of talking directly to them. the show going more instresting when raman hear the adi n suraj conversation from ruhi phone, take action against adi n suraj without knowing both of them

  12. omg how much this ekta spoiling adi’s charachtr to sguffr ishra…. starting from ishra death… they dont hd perfect happy family time

  13. What if it’s Adi plan to trap everyone wat if writers show a fb for It when everything gets revealed wat if he’s simply tricking her in believing about the affair, this is just a fiction so anything can happen

  14. Muniyamma Rajalakshmi

    What a load of bollocks

  15. I first thought that Adi has probably known something about roshni which has affected his family (probably the fake recruiting business). So only,he was getting closer to her. Now, everything has turned topsy-turvy. I think Adi must go and see a psychiatrist and get his mental state fixed.

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