Kaleerein 14th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Meera Searches Pammi on Social Media

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Amaya asks Meera to ask bhai/Vivan to get into car. Meera signals him. He gets into car. On the way, Meera slips on Vivan on speed braker, but does not speak to him. He thinks she should not stop talking to him. Laachi on the other side yells inspector Brar was coward and warned her not to call him, because of people like him, police is blamed, asks Roma why she is looking tensed. Roma shouts she is not tensed.

Meera returns home reminiscing Vivan raising hand to hit her. Kise Puchoon…song…plays in the background. Vivan stops her and insists her to speak to him, do whatever she wants, but talk to him. She does not and tries to leave, but he stops her and apologizes for his mistake. She does not and leaves even then. he angrily breaks vases with his hands and punches on mirror repeatedly injuring his hand. She stops him and asks if he has gone mad. He stops when she comes in front. She says he made a mistake and corrected himself, if he had not stopped, she woudl not have stopped to stop him. She looks into his yes and then removes glass strands from his hand while he continues looking at her. O soniye…song…plays in the background. She bandages his hand. Vivan asks not to help him so much as he is not habituated to it, he used to bandage himself. She asks to be silent, finishes bandaging looking into his eyes and leaves.

Meera brings turmeric milk for Vivan next. Vivan in sleep repeatedly murmurs sorry Meera talk to me Meera thinks what is happening when they did not want to come closer, why they are. Vivan wakes up in the morning and sees Meera sleeping on his chest. She wakes up and walks out nervously. Orphanage manager calls Vivan that Pammi called repeatedly, but he did not pick call and left message to call today.

Biji and Dolly chat sitting in living room. Biji says she unable to find her childhood friend’s number. Amaya hears her and says she will help her and creates her friend book account on laptop. Meera walks down thinking how to help goonda singh/Vivan. She sees Amaya helping Daadi find her friend and realizes she can find Pammi in friend book. She runs to Vivan’s room and sees him coming out of bathroom wearing towel. She falls on him and their nok jhok starts. She drags him to laptop and tries to switch it on shaking it. He teaches her to switch it on and asks what she needs. She says Indians find way themselves. He says she will delete his files, what she actually wants. She says she wants to open friend book account. He teaches her to open account and uploads her photos, asks reason. She thinks if whole world is on friend book, even Pammi will be. She tells Vivan that she is bored of this marriage, and when he leaves, she wants love marriage and will find her partner on friend’s book. Vivan fumes, but says cotinue friend’s book, he will make a call. She thinks if she can find Pammi, her work will be easy.

Precap: Orphanage manager over phone informs Roma that Vivan has gone to Gurdwara to meet Pammi. Pammi and roma see Vivan searching Pammi.

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  1. Lakshmi Suma Devarasetty

    Very nice and interesting

  2. Today’s episode was really good ?.
    Did Mrs.Singh(Pammi Kapoor) got to know tat Vivan is her son?

  3. Good to see Meera finally appreciating Vivaan’s feelings…the way Vivaan requests Meera to leave him to his own ways and not pamper him by showing too much care which he is not used to ,reflects his emotional turmoil and how he had to spend his childhood without a mother’s priceless love…It is no surprise that Roma ,with all her tall claims ,remained a step mother only ..one can not expect much from a woman who is hesitant even to touch her so called dear son when he is seriously sick….in his heart of hearts Vivaan knows all this but still gives her lot of respect and importance,Why? Maybe as a friend or just the wife of his father….Anyways it is nice to see Vivaan and Meera enjoying each other’s company ,atleast for the time being .Hope this new found camaraderie between this cute couple will soon blossom into love….Ofcourse there is every indication in this episode that they are already in love like Vivaan getting jealous of Meera’s intended future relationships and Meera feeling shy of his proximity …and her reaction seeing him injured….hope the writers will be gracious enough to allow them realise that they are in love and confess the same before proceeding with Roma’s further devious plans to seperate them.

  4. Like dis episode….excellent acting by Vivan & Meera….finally the story is going on right track.We were waiting sinces long for dis track…Lakshmi i also like d entire scene where Meera was trying to open her friends account &Vivan helped her….hope writters’ll continue dis track…..

  5. There is gonna be a new entry.Paras Chhabra is entering the show as Tommy Singh itseems.

    1. meeras new suitor?

    2. No he is gonna be there only for Mahaepisodes

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