Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Shaina seeks Shamshad’s help

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shaina saying I m Sahil’s wife. Ishita says you are don’s wife, why will you stay here as househelp. Shaina says I m dead for him, when I got married to him, he wasn’t a don, he used to do illegal things, I stopped him, he didn’t listen, he used to do business on my name, he was happy, I told him that I don’t want his black business money. FB shows Sahil coming home and showing money to Shaina. She gets shocked. She asks how did you get this. He says keep it, it came from a business I started on your name. She says I don’t want this money. He says fine, think again. He goes. FB ends.

Mihika asks why didn’t you go to police. Shaina says it wasn’t easy, I decided to get separated from Sahil, I paid a big price for it. She removes her saree pallu and shows the burn marks on her face, neck…. They get shocked. She says he tried to kill me alive. She recalls burning in fire and shouting for help. She says Sahil didn’t know that I got saved, I changed my name, I saw very bad days, I got this house where I got respect and love, I was surprised hearing about Sahil and Shaina, he is using his dead wife’s name to trap Ishita so I left Manish’s mum’s number for you. Ishita says I had a doubt on you. Raman says I don’t know, we can’t risk your life. Shaina says I know, I won’t let him harm your family, I cried a lot, now its his turn, will you support me. Ishita says no, you don’t need to help us. Shaina says I have to stop him, take me to commissioner, I want to give statement. Raman says I promise nothing will happen to you, we lost Rohan, now none will lose life. She says I m doing this for myself, we have to stop him, don’t worry, I will manage. They leave.

Amma and Neha are on the way. Amma says you should go to temple and pray. They come home. They see Shaina going in the car. Neha says Hetal was with Raman and Ishita. Amma says yes, Hetal is from NGO, maybe some formality. Neha says right. Simmi says I hope this plan works. Yug says Neha shouldn’t know this. Simmi thinks I can take them to police once this Sahil’s matter ends. Neha gets prasad and asks Simmi to go to temple also. Aaliya thanks her.

Amma shouts and says my leg is paining a lot. She signs Mihika. Mihika says you don’t care of yourself, why did you go to temple. She asks Neha why did she take Amma. Neha says I didn’t know about it, she was fine. Mihika says you mean she is acting, I will do a massage, Neha will do it, being a physio, she will know it well. Yug says I will help Amma. Neha says okay, I will do it, you all won’t know it, Yug can help me. Yug says yes, why not. They take Amma. Yug gets a call and asks Ruhi to take Amma. He turns to Aaliya. She says thank God, she is gone, I hope Hetal gives statement. Karan says we won’t let anything happen to Neha, maybe Raman needs us, I will go. Ruhi says I will come along. Karan asks Yug to stay at home.

Shaina gives her statement to commissioner. Sahil says how did Raman and Ishita reach Padma Thakur, she helped them, fine. He asks Munna to get Padma. Shaina says you have to arrest Sahil. Commissioner says no use, Shamshad and Manish took the blame, you will be called a setup. Raman asks what are you saying. Shaina says call Shamshad once, he will change his mind. Commissioner says fine, I will give you a chance. Munna comes. Sahil asks where is Padma. Munna says Padma left the house in a hurry. Sahil says Padma could have told me, who is trying to harm me, keep an eye on Bhalla house again. Sahil calls constable and says you served me a lot in jail, I have some work, Raman and Ishita will do something, if you tell me their plan, you will get rewarded. Constable says sure. He goes to commissioner and says Sahil called me, he wants all info from here. Ishita says it means Hetal isn’t safe. Commissioner says relax, this was my plan, constable won Sahil’s trust and now Sahil is trapped in our plan. Constable says Sahil wants to know who is helping Raman and Ishita. Shamshad comes and asks what do you want, Manish gave his statement, let me go. Shaina asks how are you doing Shamshad. He gets shocked and says Shaina Bhabhi, you are alive.

Ruhi says Hetal’s statement should be strong, Sahil should go back. Karan says yes. Ruhi says now you won’t have a reason to stay at Amma’s place. He stops the car and asks why. She says you were staying there to take revenge on Sahil and support my family, now Sahil will go jail and we will be out of danger. He says yes, but I have another big reason. She asks what. He asks don’t you know. They smile. She gets Yug’s call and says we didn’t reach commissioner’s office yet. Karan asks her to answer him. Ruhi says I m thinking about Sahil. He says then we will talk later about this. Shaina says I m alive. Shamshad says how is this possible, Sahil said you are dead, he cried a lot on your death, is this Raman and Ishita’s plan. Shaina says no, I have called them here, so that I can show you Sahil’s true face, it was Sahil’s drama.

He says no, he loved you a lot. She says he had burnt me. He says you are lying. She shows the burn marks. He gets shocked. She says he tried to burn me alive, he is a devil, Lord saved me. He says Sahil said you met with an accident. She says he lied, see I m here, these people are good, they gave me shelter, Sahil wants revenge for Muskaan’s death, Muskaan dealt with drugs, he left you and Manish here, I told Ishita about Padma, Manish took blame on himself, I called you elder brother and tied you Rakhi, I want your help to get Sahil punished, will you help me, I have lived bad days and saw sorrow, insult, just these people gave me respect and love, I want Sahil to get punished. Shamshad says fine, I will become witness in court against Sahil. Raman looks on.

Ishita says I don’t know, what’s the connection between bank robbery, Neha, Yug…. Simmi asks is this your ring. Mihika says yes, Neha you had stolen my ring.

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  1. This is crap. Its about time you end this episode for good.

  2. The way serial is dragging…it seems it’s not going to end so soon….such a crap. Don’t know how to deal with this crap

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