Gathbandhan 14th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Dhanak gets hurt for Mai’s blessing

Gathbandhan 14th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mai says to Raghu that you can marry all you want but I wont come. Dhanak says we need your blessing, please accept us. Mai says I will die but I wont become part of any ritual that will bring you more closer to Raghu. She leaves. Dhanak is in tears. Raghu consoles her.

Dhanak is sad. Raghu says dont cry. I will convince her. Dhanak says dont worry, I will convince her and find a way. He says then lets romance. She says no first we will marry and then these things. Raghu pulls her closer and hugs her. Dhanak blushes. Raghu tickles her. She hits him with a spoon. Raghu says you will be mine after marriage. Dhanak blushes and leaves. Raghu says oh God till when I have to bear this.

Mai sees news of drug case and is tensed. Dhanak comes there with tea. Mai is shaking. Dhanak takes newspaper from her and says I am your daughter in law so accept it. Mai says I wont. Dhanak says please bless us. Mai takes paper from her. Maya brings sindoor from mandir and gives it to Mai. Mai says wow, ask what you want. Maya says give me earrings. Mai says you will get my blessing and earrings. Dhanak says I will go barefoot to mandir and bring sindoor from there. Mai says you are shameless, Dhanak says I am asking for a mother’s blessing and I will do it. She leaves. Mai says what if she really brings sindoor? Maya says I wont let her.

Raghu is talking to people in chawl and sees Dhanak going without slippers. He laughs at her. Dhanak says who are you? He says what? Dhanak says you are eve-teasing a girl? Raghu says you are my wife. Dhanak says I dont know you, Raghu says what happened to you? did you lose your memory.. I am Raghu? He dances around her. Dhanak laughs and says I was joking. Raghu says where are you going? Dhanak says I have found a way to get Mai’s blessing, I promised to go to mandir barefoot for her. Raghu says we will do it together as its our marriage, he takes off his shoes and goes with her. Maya sees it and says he never leave her alone.

Scene 2
Raghu and Dhanak comes to mandir. They both pray and buy things from market. Maya comes there and hides. Raghu and Dhanak get in line to go inside. Dhanak sees things and says we didnt buy chunri, I will bring it. Raghu says I will bring it, you stay in line, he leaves. Maya sees that. Maya throws glass pieces on stairs of mandir. Dhanak starts climbing stairs and gets her foot cut by a glass piece. Woman asks her to stop walking. Dhanak says no I have to go inside. She sees Maya in veil. Maya turns away.

PRECAP- Lakshmi tells Mai that Nashik police have transferred this drug to Mumbai police and you know who is incharge of it? your daughter in law Dhanak. Mai is stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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