Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Rajat creates false evidences

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman saying Rajat is a alcoholic, our therapist is same. He asks Rajat is he saying a lie. Reporters ask Rajat to say. Rajat says yes, he is right, but I m taking care of myself, I m perfectly fine to do surgeries. Ishita says how can he perform surgeries, the lady’s husband died because of him, he was lying and hiding in a five star hotel. Rajat says I go there when I m stressed, I m fine and allowed to do surgeries. Simmi asks him to get out. Rajat and media leave. The man meets them and thanks Rajat for helping him get his brother’s body. He tells media that his brother died by heart attack, Raman and Ishita have filled poison in my Bhabhi’s mind, we have no complaints with Rajat.

The man comes to Raman and asks Bhabhi to come home. He asks Ishita

not to interfere in their matter. The people leave. Ishita sees the news and shows to Raman. She says everything is against us, we have to fight for justice. Rajat gets a call and says I did as you said, I will be careful. Mani says we can’t leave that doctor, we have to stop him and expose him, someone will be there to help, I will call Dr. Rastogi. Rastogi says I can’t help you, Rajat is influential, see how he trapped you, don’t go against him, Sudha is head of that hospital, she will support Rajat. Ishita says if you don’t help us, people will lose belief in doctors and Lord. They all ask him to help.

Rastogi says fine, I will see what I can do. Mani says we will go to hospital tomorrow, fully prepared. Its morning, Mani, Raman and Ishita come to meet Rajat at hospital. Nurse stops them. Rajat asks what’s happening. Nurse says they aren’t listening to me, they came here to do drama. Rajat says you can’t treat them this way. He says sorry, come with me to conference room. Ishita calls someone to hospital. Rajat asks what do you want to say. Ishita says wait for some time. Lawyer and media comes. Rajat says so you have come fully prepared, what do you want. Ishita says we want you to say truth, we have proof against you. Rajat asks what’s the proof. Rastogi says I studied Raman’s file in detail, because of this surgery, Raman’s spine is damaged, which led to paralysis. Rajat asks can I check the file, he is right about Raman’s paralysis, but this file is wrong, I have his recovery file.

Ishita says we got this file. Rajat says this is the recovery file, its written that his spinal cord was damaged when he was brought here, he got paralytic because of the blast. Ishita says its a lie. Rajat shows the file to Rastogi. Rastogi says Rajat is right, when Raman was admitted, his spinal cord was already injured. Mani says I m sure its a false report. Ishita checks file. Rajat messages, I have changed report as you said, everything is under control. Rastogi says Rajat can’t be held responsible. Raman says its his hospital, he has changed reports. Reporter asks why are you defaming Rajat. Ishita says Rajat did a mistake and made false file. Rajat asks them to check computer hardware, the reports are fed there on the same day, I m saying the truth.

They check Raman’s info. Ishita says you can easily change computer data, afterall its your hospital. Raman says exactly. Rajat says I didn’t know you will come here, how can I change computer entries so soon. He asks media not to trouble them more. Reporter says fine, we will bring truth out, they are blaming a good person like you, its not right. Rajat asks them to leave now, he doesn’t want patients to get disturbed. He goes. Mani asks why are you supported that fraud doctor. Rastogi says I m confused, I don’t want to lose my job, I m fed up, you can’t force me to lie. Mani says Rajat is lying. Rastogi says I can’t help you. He goes. Doctor asks them to leave, else he will call police. Raman stops Rajat. He says you aren’t ashamed, my life got ruined because of you, I will not leave you, we will fight and get you punished. Ishita says you are a fraud doctor. Rajat says its okay, they need sympathy. Mani says mind your words. Raman says this is not over, it just started. Rajat goes. Doctor gets Sudha’s call. He says yes, I did everything as you said, Bhallas won’t create any mess now.

Ishita says car isn’t starting. Raman asks her to check. She says everything looks fine. He says there is no petrol in the car. She says I got it fuelled. He says I will book a cab. He gets Bala’s call and says our car stopped, we just left. Some men come and surround her. She asks them to go. Raman says get away from my wife, who are you. The men laugh and say you are fooling a doctor. Ishita asks Raman not to come out. Raman says let us go our way, we don’t know you. She takes Raman on wheelchair. The men push Raman. Ishita holds Raman.

Ishita shouts for help. Raman hits on goon’s head. Rajat sees them in problem. Doctor says this is happening on Sudha’s instructions, we have paid them so that they can teach lesson to Raman and his wife. Rajat asks what……

Update Credit to: Amena

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