Kundali Bhagya 13th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Preeta meets wit Manisha

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Karan is on his bed and thinking of Preeta defended both of them in the court and Rishab is also thinking of her,How she is so beautiful and loving, Preeta is again awake pondering over all the moments spent with Karan and all his childish acts.
Rishab sits and calls Preeta, he says that he loves her and says that he loves her and wanted to tell this to her
but was never able to, he says that he was in a difficult position and felt pain, she gets worried, Shrishti asks her to stop, but she tells her to shut up, she picks it up and says that he can do the steps not listening to Preeta, she hands the pone and he thinks
of how she came to know of this,Preeta says that she will call him later in the morning, Shrishti looks at her but Preeta tells her to shut up,they then start to

have a fight.

Preeta gets out of a rickshaw, she sees a car and Manisha come out of it, she asks why did Mansiha call her here, she say that she told everyone that she was a witness, Manisha says that she knows that Preeta belongs to middle class family and will give her any amount she wants to take back her words, Preeta says that she is not like her and will never do this, Preeta is about to leave when Manisha stops her and says that eh will make Rishab and Karan go to jail and there is nothing that she can do about this,she then leaves and Preeta is left worried.

Rishab and Karan are with the lawyer he says that they have to be conscious about everything,
Preeta comes and ask the lawyer and says that they have to be very careful,Preeta says that Manisha called her and tied to offer money,Rishab gets angry,The lawyer says that this is the reason that the witness are not answering his phone, they all get worried as t what will happen next because this is very serious case,.
Prithvi gives money to the door seeking his permission to not say anything and take back what he said,Preeta says that Manisha went to the room because he promised her to marry her and this is the reason she went with him, Preeta says that they can use this as a weapon, Preeta apologizes him in advance, and says that he should marry Manisha.

Prithvi enters the car and says that he has bought the doctor, Sherlin gets worried says that what will happen if he gives money like this, Prithvi says that he doesn’t care for anything and only wants Karan and Rishab to go to jail.

Everyone is looking at Preeta but Karan says that he will not do this, Rishab also says that he feels she is wrong this time, the lawyer however is with her and understands her plan,saying hat she is right and they must also listen. Karan gets angry saying that he will not marry anyone and leaves, everyone follows him, Preeta says that he must listen as if he does this then he will be free as this is the only way, she tries to explain that he is on the edge of his career claiming that if he doesn’t do anything then will be destroyed.

Prithvi comes to Manisha house and meets with the l;lawyer, he ask him what Manisha did as Luthra’s want to meet, Prithvi says that they are not going to meet and only want him to win the case for them,
the lawyer says that he wishes that they should meet with them and they agree,wondering what they could do with another evidence in their bag, Prithvi asks Manisha to reject any offer and also record their reactions
because they want to see them suffer.

Precap: Karan asks Preeta to marry him after hearing this she is left stunned.

Update Credit to: Sona

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