Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shagun asking everyone to ask Raman. Ishita comes running and asks whats this, tell me. Shagun says whats written. Ishita says I won’t let you do this. Shagun says if you can do this, why can’t I. Ishita says I will not give me Ruhi. Shagun asks if I can give Adi, why can’t you give me Ruhi, she is my daughter, I m her mum and I have feelings for her, read agreement again, Ruhi for Adi’s sake. Ishita throws the papers and says no one will give you Ruhi. Shagun asks is she educated, Raman wrote this on stamp paper, and if they breach this contract, she will drag them to court. Everyone is shocked.

Ishita says please don’t take Ruhi. Shagun says you started, you go and explain Raman, he should have thought before doing this. Ishita says he does not know mum-daughter feelings, don’t take Ruhi, I don’t have anything except her. Shagun says you have Bhalla family, does it matter if I take Ruhi, I just had Adi and you all could not see, you all have one agenda to destroy me, I will see what you do now. Mrs. Bhalla asks Raman about this and they can’ t give Ruhi. Shagun says Raman made that contract, the deal is done, Adi yours and Ruhi mine. Shagun recalls how she made different papers and gave wrong papers to make Raman’s lawyer check it.

Check here ‘Shagun blames Ishita for Ruhi’s disappearance ‘

Shagun says I gave papers to Raman, if he did not read it, ask him. Ishita says don’t punish Ruhi. I can’t stay without Ruhi. Shagun says even I can’t be without Adi. Ishita says don’t be heartless. Shagun says I kept my children in my womb for 9 months, they are my kids, and you are saying I m heartless. Ishita says please don’t do this. Shagun asks her to give birth to daughter, if she wants so badly.

Ishita starts shouting on everyone and asks them to tell Shagun, this is not any way to take Ruhi. She says I will not let her go and cries. Mrs. Bhalla scolds Shagun and asks her not to do this. Shagun reminds them how they kicked her out, she is not a fool. Mrs. Bhalla says kill me, but don’t do this with Ruhi. Simmi also pleads. Shagun asks her not to talk between elders. Romi says he will beat her. Mrs. Bhalla stops him.

Raman cries and says enough, what you did is fraud. She says you made the papers and signed. He says I know what papers I signed. She says she has submitted papers in court and got the consent, I m not a fool, if you don’t send my daughter to me, then go to court for your bail. She asks Ishita to make Ruhi ready and send. Ishita says she can’t be without me. She holds Shagun’s feet to beg her. Raman makes her get up and says enough now.

He says I will see whats written in papers, I need time to think. Shagun asks so soon your ego is gone, I m not insensitive like you, so you have 24 hours, if you can reverse the papers, Ruhi will be yours and Adi will be mine. She says Ruhi will be hers and they can take Adi. Raman hugs Ishita. Adi likes the room and Ruhi says she helped Ishi Maa. Adi kisses her forehead and thanks her. Ruhi says we will party as we will be together now. He hugs her and they say love you to each other. Mr. Bhalla sees this and cries. He says Shagun is calling Adi. Adi says I got all my luggage. Mr. Bhalla asks him to go and takes Ruhi. He makes her busy. Adi sees everyone upset and asks Mrs. Bhalla what happened. She cries and hugs him. Shagun says we have to go, we will come tomorrow. She takes Adi and leaves. Everyone cry. Adi and Shagun come to hotel. He asks why did we come back, why was Dadi crying. She says shut up, leave me alone, I don’t want to lie.

He asks her to say. She tells Raman’s deal that if she allows him to be with him, he will allow Ruhi to stay with me. He cries and asks did you say yes, you don’t love me, you love Ruhi, she is imp to you. She says try to understand, Ishita and Raman have hurt me a lot, that I m bad mum, I m always wrong, they made my daughter against me, that she does not regard me mum, they only want to destroy me, I swear I will hurt them, then they will realize my pain, I will not forgive them. She says you are my life, you can get many things in that house which I can’t give you, I love you the most in the world. She hugs him.

Raman talks to Abhishek and says file case on Shagun, she cheated us. Abhishek says we need proof, and tells about lawyer Baseen, he is the best. Bala and Raman are on the way and they meet Baseen. Raman says I can’t help, court is closed, this can’t happen before Monday. Amma and Vandu pacify Ishita and Ishita says I can’t love without her. Ishita says she will call the judge who gave her Ruhi’s custody, she understood me. She comes to know she is out of station for 10 days and cries.

She says my daughter will be snatched, I will die without her, I can’t live without her. Amma says Appa and Mr. Bhalla took her to park. Ishita says we have to find some way.

Raman talks to Bala and says he can’t see Ishita like this. Bala says even I can’t see her, But its long way and we can’t hurry. Raman says we have just 24 hours, the judge is also not here who supported Ishita. Bala says there is one solution, do you know any politician. Raman says one and they go. Ishita asks Mihir to do something and panics. Romi talks to Bunty and he also tries his level best. He pacifies Mrs. Bhalla.

Shagun talks to her lawyer and says she went there late so that they don’t have any option, and she gets Ruhi’s custody. He says there won’t be any problem, you pick Ruhi in morning, if they case any legal thing, they will face consequences. She says now Raman will know whats pain to be away from child.

Ruhi asks Raman what mistake/fight he did this time. He hugs Ruhi and cries. Ishita sees them and cries, and asks Raman to be away from her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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