Sasural Simar Ka 11th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 11th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Amar sees the powder. calendar says we found it in all the rooms. Amar says they are like sleeping pills they are not harmful. sid says who mixed it? amar says yes you should figure out who did this. you have to be attentive. there is someone who can be dangerous for your family. they leave.

Sujata sits on bed in tears, rajinder says console yourself. sujata says i can’t see sid in this situation, can;’t we tell him truth? simar says he in under her control we can’t tell him. He will neve listen to us. Sujata says i can’t see him like this. simar says we can’t tell him everything. she is very clever. We have to be smarter. we have to be strong till the real time come. Prem says don’t worry about sid, roli is with him.

jatin says please pardon us. We were just there for money. if we go to cops they will arrest us. If we go to her she will kill us. Sushma says we did this all for money. We didn’t know she was a snake. amar says calendar record their statement. We can not trust them much. jatin says we owe our lives to you. Amar says i will save your live, but from now you will have to do as i ask you to. Jatin says okay.

roli is praying she says just like every year i wont be able to do the pooja. I am living in this house but not as daughter in law of this house and sid’s wife. If my prayers are real give me power that i come back to this house with my real identity. simar comes and swipes her tears. She says on this day we celebrate 9 powers of God and the same powers are in every woman. Its about time for you to show that you have to powers with you. when its about your husband you have to use all your powers. show her your real strength and come back to this house with your identity. Simar says i pray to God that on Navratri He gives your strength so you can kick out that snake from your life. you are sid’s wife, don’t ever forget that. You have all the rights to do the pooja. you are the part of this family and that is the truth. We just have to show it to the world. Go roli tell her what a wife can do. and what powers do you have. Show her that when a wife comes to protect her husband nothing can shatter her. Go and come as sid’s wife. Let it be an open battle between evil and good. lets see if the powers of that snake wins or a wife.

sid comes and says will you all come here? i want to talk to you all. They all gather in living area. Prem says in heart i think he wants to tell about last night. Sid says i wanna talk about last night, he tells them everything from beginning. How roli was found in his room and she showed him the magic stuff. And when he found everyone fainted with those powder in the milk. Simar says sid, we have to find who is doing this all. sid says i am trying to figure it out as well. Simar says neither jatin nor sushma came here. then who is it? the one who is between us. sid says who can it be?

Scene 2
Fake roli wakes up, her head still hurts. She recalls falling from stairs and the injection doctor gave her. She recalls what roli said to her that her powers will lessen due to power of baba. She says you did this me. they must have played many games in front of family. they think they can beat me? its not that easy. they will have to pay for messing with a snake. I wont leave them.

Precap-fake roli says to roli at least my hairline has sindur of sid’s name. you don’t have it. roli says you have snatched it from me. in the coming nine days sid will fill my hairline from his hands.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. so by dis ,does sid know dat sara is fake roli????????????

  2. mokka epi

    1. same to u. are u tamil

  3. Athukkula navarathri vanthacha. Watever pls kick out nagin .

    1. The north ppl celebrate two times navrathri.. So this is the navrathri dey celebrate after holi

  4. Nice episode so fake rolli you will kick out soon wait and watch

  5. Hate this Sara khan . Roli was soooo cute in the precap look . Please end this track

  6. I heard roli wil record while Sara talking to her dnt know how she will show tis to Sid…….
    waiting for tat episode

  7. heart healer karan

    2 days back it was holi
    and now navratri
    what the hell
    did indian television did not know the meaning of logic

  8. Haha:-D holi se direct navratri!

  9. i also hate sarakhan’s character but like sara khan’s acting . it was nice. but my is east or west roli and siddhanth is the best ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Haha navratri?super comedy….

  11. huhhhh
    when dis shiht gona end???????????????
    give some hapines to those poor human beings atleast for few secs in their life….
    pbm aftr pbm encountering them ,,,,


  12. wow roli so cute in red saree…waiting 4 maang scene..roli will win…

  13. I didn’t ses fake roli have s*x with siddhanth

  14. Episode – 1126
    03:00 AM – 03:30 AM, 12 Mar Set Reminder
    More show timings
    The doctor checks up on the family members and informs Sid that he found a suspicious white powder in everyone’s glasses. Vermaji apologises to Amar and asks for his help.
    Episode – 1127
    07:30 PM – 08:00 PM, 12 Mar Set Reminder
    More show timings
    A weak Roli observes the family members preparing for Navratri. Sid overhears Prem talking to Amar over the phone. Amar and Prem get Verma and Sushma involved in their plans.
    Episode – 1128
    07:30 PM – 08:00 PM, 13 Mar Set Reminder
    More show timings
    Amar, Prem and Calendar face Roli at the godown. The trio manage to trap Roli in an electrified cage. Unable to bear the torture, Roli transforms into a ‘naagin’. Sid watches her in horror.
    Episode – 1129
    07:30 PM – 08:00 PM, 14 Mar Set Reminder
    More show timings
    Sid and Shruti hug each other. Simar reaches the godown and is furious when she sees Roli trapped in an electrified cage. She allows the ‘naagin’ to escape.
    Episode –

  15. Sara jhan to return back as a mermaid after nagin

  16. Arree.. Director Sab, Please enough to close up each and everyone’s face in SSK.

  17. eventhough…sara is villain, i like her acting and she’s is beautiful except for the teeth, her eyes are so cute, love you sara

  18. Please end this nagin track soon and include more rosid scenes.We watch SSk only for rosid

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