Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th September 2019 Written Episode Update: Natasha angers Raman


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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone hugging Raman. Ishita asks Raman to stop listening to others and believe himself. Sudha says yes, we will give a public statement about Raman’s face change. Raman says no need, when my family is with me, I don’t need anything else. He asks what did you all decide for marriage. Yug says we will keep some theme. Karan says that’s a brilliant idea. Arijit asks what, you mean DNA report had Raman’s name, no, I can’t believe this. Natasha scolds him.

Arijit says I will call him and ask. He says he isn’t answering, why did he do this after taking much money. He gets a call. The man says stop calling me. Arijit asks why did you do this. The man says Sunil came there with police, would I lose my job by changing report. Arijit says Sunil, you ruined

everything. Natasha says your man ruined it, I will not lose and take my Shardul with me. Arijit says relax, I promise you, I will get Shardul to you. She gets angry. Sunil calms her.

Karan says Raman is still lost, this will affect his health. Mrs. Bhalla says you are right. He says I have a plan. Natasha says I m leaving. Arijit says relax, I have a plan, else you go and shout there, they will call police and throw you out, give me some time. He goes. Sunil says you didn’t love him and wanted to leave him, why do you want him back. Natasha says he ruined my plans. Sunil says I helped you when you lied about your depression. She says I made a big mistake, I worked for a jewellery, I had hidden a diamond consignment in private locker, it opens by Shardul’s face. He asks what, does he know this. She says no, he is honest, I was fed up by poverty, I told him that I had to keep bridal jewellery in locker, I thought he will get caught, I pretended to be ill so that no one doubts me, but Shardul disappeared, I wanted to leave the country, the locker can’t open without his face, I don’t care he is Raman or Shardul, I want his face. Sunil says don’t worry, we will make Raman open the locker. She says I can’t lose the diamonds, I hope Arijit has a good plan, I will make Shardul’s lookalike open the locker.

Yug checks something on phone. Karan says girls went out and we are getting bored. Yug sees hotstar VIP. Karan says we will go for a movie. Yug shows super 30 trailer. Aaliya shouts Yug. Karan asks him to go. Shagun comes home. Shagun hugs Aaliya and Ruhi. Everyone smiles. Raman says you have come on right time. Shagun asks do I know you. Mani comes. Ishita says oh no, not again. Mani says Shagun, you came here alone, I was parking the car. Shagun says I m so excited for my daughter’s marriage, who is he. Raman says I m Raman. She asks what rubbish. Mani says he is Raman, you got too busy. She asks what’s happening here.

Natasha asks how long will we wait, come. Arijit says you will lose last chance to get Shardul. She asks really, do you have any plan. He says fool proof. She checks papers. He says no one can kick you out now, trust me. She smiles. He signs her to go. Natasha and Sunil leave. Ishita says sorry Shagun, we didn’t wish you to leave work. Shagun says sorry Raman. Raman says its okay, I would have proved it again, I can become Raavan Kumar again. Ishita jokes. They all smile. Ruhi asks him to fight Ishita and he will remember everything. Aaliya says we found the fights very entertaining. Natasha and Sunil come. She claps.

She says you are training Shardul to become Raman, I have come to prove he is Shardul. Ruhi says we will call the police. Natasha asks them to see papers once. Ishita asks what is it. Natasha says I will also stay in this building from now on, in front of you all and my husband, I will see how long he denies this, I have court NOC, you can’t stop me Ishita.

Raman asks how dare you, I m not Shardul, I m Raman Bhalla, they are my family. She says I know you are my husband. She says Sunil we should go to new flat. She asks Raman to come to talk to her, its his house also. She asks for some mattresses and blankets. Raman asks did you get mad. She asks them to help. He kicks them out. Karan says we will tell about this woman torturing us. Shagun says I will come along.

Raman and Ishita scold Natasha. Natasha cries and faints down. She says poor Raman Bhalla, what will he do now. Raman says this is the only way to get rid of this woman.

Update Credit to: Amena

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