Yeh Hai Chahatein 20th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Rajeev gets injured

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 20th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone finding Yuvraj. Prisha hears the ladies taunting. Prisha calls it enough. She goes and answers the ladies. She says Yuvraj will come soon, I will see him. She asks manager to come with her. She checks Yuvraj’s room. She asks for cctv camera installed. He says its installed in corridors. She says we will go and check. He says guests can’t check it. She shouts on him and says I have to see the footage right now. He says sorry, I will arrange it. He gets the footage. She sees Yuvraj…. and hears his talk with Rajeev. She thinks Yuvraj knows Saransh’s dad, I will find out who is that man, I have to go right now. She leaves.

Rudraksh begins his concert again. A guy shouts its my brother’s birthday today, I want to meet Rudraksh. Rudraksh says let him come. The guy says my brother is your big fan, its his birthday, dedicate a song for him. He calls his brother. Rudraksh asks his name. The guy says Rajeev. Rudraksh hugs him and says happy birthday. He gives his jacket and says my brother’s name is also Rajeev, what’s your fav song. The guy says sun raha hai tu…. Rudraksh says that my brother’s fav song too. Vasy says where can Prisha go. Gopal asks manager where is Prisha. Manager says yes, Prisha found out about Yuvraj and went. He shows them the footage. They get shocked.

Vasu says Yuvraj knows everything about Saransh’s dad, why didn’t he tell us. Gopal says he went to meet him by leaving the marriage. Vasu says don’t know they will come back or not. Gopal asks her not to worry. Prisha says how did Yuvraj found about Saransh’s dad, I hope ?Yuvraj is fine. Rajeev runs on the road. Rudraksh sings Sun raha hai tu….. He waits for Rajeev. Rajeev hides and thinks to reach his car somehow. Yuvraj sees him and races the car. Rajeev runs to his car. Rajeev gets hit and shouts Rudraksh. Rudraksh gets restless. He stops singing. Balraj asks why isn’t he singing. Ahana says I guess he forgot the lyrics. Balraj says he knows it by heart. Ahana asks really. Balraj asks Misha to send dancers on stage and get Rudra back. Yuvraj drives over Rajeev. Rudraksh asks for his phone. Balraj asks how can you come here, what happened.

Rudraksh says Rajeev is in problem. Balraj asks will you talk to him. Rudraksh says I want my phone, he is in pain, I can feel it. Ahana says Rajeev isn’t a kid, focus on your concert. Rudraksh says he isn’t fine, we both feel each other pain. He recalls childhood moment. Yuvraj asks Rajeev to get up. Rajeev shouts no, I won’t tell Prisha, I will give you ten crores, give me Saransh, I won’t come in your way, don’t snatch my son. Yuvraj says deal isn’t bad, if you told this to me before calling police, I would have agreed, police will come and see your dead body. Rajeev says I beg of you, don’t kill me. Yuvraj asks why did you cheat me, I always get what I want, I play with lives and end lives also, your life is over now.

He drives over Rajeev again. Rudraksh says I can feel Rajeev’s pain, he isn’t fine, I can’t waste more time. Balraj says wait, what do you want, you want to talk to Rajeev, okay fine, I will call him. Bunty says his phone is not reachable. Balraj says maybe he isn’t in network area. Rudraksh says Rajeev said he is going to golden tekdi. Balraj thinks I didn’t send him, idiot why did he go there, if Rudra doesn’t do concert, then Kalra won’t give me money. He says yes, I have sent Rajeev for meeting Bhatia, in fact call Bhatia and ask if Rajeev is fine, when is he returning. Bunty nods.

Balraj asks Rudraksh to get ready for his next song. Rudraksh says I won’t sing until Bunty tells me. Balraj gets a song from Kalra. He says Rudraksh is fine, I m coming. Rudraksh prays.

Yuvraj laughs. Balraj says tell Rudra that Rajeev is coming. Maa looks on. Yuvraj kills Rajeev. Prisha comes there.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. 1) Who runs the whole time on the road?!! Come on, there’s footpath and cars in between?

    I think it’s sad they killed off Rajeev it would’ve been nice for Saransh to at least have his real mum or dad.

    1. Exactly what I came to comment, writers should be a bit realistic, he had plenty of opportunity to get off the road.
      Now Preesha probably will take the blame to cover for Yuvraaj

  2. Verma4

    Feel like punching Yuvraaj’s front teeth in whilst he is smiling . what and ugly M/F. Preesha would be the dumbest to take the fall for the wanker.

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