Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 20th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Parveen’s truth is out

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Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 20th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Tabeezi asking who got the apple here. Aman says no one came in the house yesterday. She says it means its someone from the family. Parveen thinks why is Roshni looking at me. Aman says its just family here. Roshni says I have seen someone’s real face. She sees Parveen. Aman says you are talking about my mum. She says I will tell everything. She tells them about Parveen’s magic. They get shocked. Parveen cries.

Roshni says she provoked you to remove poison, so that you die. Aman says you are blaming my mum. Roshni says you know I don’t lie. Aman says yes, I know. Parveen does a drama and cries. She says I will leave. Roshni says stop, Parveen is so dangerous, she can do anything by going out. Parveen says don’t blame me. She gets leaving. Roshni attacks her with her clips. Aman stops the clips. Roshni says see she stopped the clips by her magic. She sees Aman using his magical stick. Aman apologizes to Parveen on Roshni’s behalf. Roshni says I m sure that Parveen did this. Parveen fakes tears. Aman says I m not doubting on anyone, we can’t doubt on each other, our strength will break this way. Tabeezi says this strength has become a weakness now, some family member got this apple now, just a jinn can call Zehrili, we have to find out the jinn in the family. Dadi asks what. Roshni says trust me, Parveen is the jinn. Aman says stop it now, no one knows…. Tabeezi says everyone will know it now, no jinn can get saved by this mantra. She chants some mantra and makes a white ring. She asks everyone to come inside the circle. She says there is another jinn in the family. Everyone enters the ring.

Everyone gets inside the ring. The ring gets closed. Aman gets into his true form of a jinn. Parveen tries to control herself. She thinks Tabeezi will bring my truth out, I won’t be able to control my aim, what to do now. She also takes jinn avatar. Dadi says Parveen…. Everyone gets shocked. The ring breaks. Everyone gets away from Parveen. Aman says Ammi….

Parveen thinks Tabeezi brought my truth out, I have to do something now. She takes Kabir’s avatar. They get shocked. Kabir says my family is hurt seeing me, it hurts me here. Phupi asks where is Parveen. Kabir says I don’t care. Tabeezi says we have to cage Kabir in this today. Kabir/Parveen does the magic. Roshni holds the lamp. Tabeezi chants. Aman holds Roshni’s hand. Kabir/Parveen resists to get caught in the lamp. He strikes again. Aman and Roshni fall. Kabir says its not easy to trap Kabir. He disappears. Dadi says Parveen…. Aman says we shall find Ammi. Parveen comes to his room. She thinks Aman and Roshni don’t know I m the best of Sifrit jinn. Aman finds Parveen unconscious in the cupboard. Aman calls everyone. Parveen acts saying Kabir, I won’t let you cheat Aman and Roshni. Aman says Kabir isn’t here…. Roshni says it means I had seen Kabir in her avatar. Aman says yes, you doubted me. Parveen thinks mum’s love will do this. She asks are you fine, did Kabir… Aman says Kabir couldn’t do anything to us. Parveen lies to them.

Roshni says Kabir played mind games, really sorry. Parveen says don’t feel sorry. Tabeezi asks Parveen to drink the kada. Parveen thinks where did my ring go. She sees the ring fallen. She thinks to pick it. She says I m better now, go and rest. Phupi says I will be with you all night. Parveen asks her to go and rest. She thinks to kill Phupi first. Everyone goes. Tabeezi sees some light. She sees the ring glowing.

Aman says I get worried when something happens to you. He touches Roshni and gets a shock. Roshni asks what’s happening.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I really hate the EVIL AVATAR of Parveen!!!👿👿👿
    And Roshni acting dumb all the time!!!😜😜😜
    This serial is just COPYING NAZAR’s concepts one after the other, 😡😡😡
    As in the precap, Aman can’t touch Roshni, the same thing happend betw Piaansh,when the other daivik came!!!🙄🙄🙄
    This serial is going back to its COYING BUISNESS!!!🤬🤬🤬

    1. But for Nazar and this show isn’t the producer the same person

      1. Yeah they are the SAME, but does that mean, they have the SAME THING ass two different SERIALS???🥺🥺🥺
        It would be better if the shows were conceptually different!!!😕😕😕

    2. The same director for both the Nazar yjhjk so there is no copying buisness

      1. @Renu
        Let the director, producer, writer be SAME or DIFFERENT, when something which is already showed in one serial is shown again in the other, then isn’t that called COPYING????😜😜😜

  2. I have nothing to say about today’s episode. It was kinda boring and full of melodrama.

  3. totally agree with u lisa they are so copying nazar

  4. Divya ma here as Parveen(aman mother)
    And Ghodi Aunty as roshni mother

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