Yeh Hai Chahatein 16th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Preesha Saves Rudra

Yeh Hai Chahatein 16th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mahima walks to Chotu/Preesha and says she heard a lot of about his cooking skills. Chotu signals he needs to go to washroom and rushes away. Mahima asks if Chotu didn’t see any girls before. Harish says he hasn’t seen a modern girl like her. Mahima tastes biryani and says it tastes like her mother’s prepared biryani. Preesha rushes to next room and finds Saransh there. She frees him and and asks about Rudra. Saransh says he saw Rudra in car last time and don’t know where goons have kept him now. Mahima goes to wash her hands when she hears Saransh’s voice and walks into room to find out Chotu there. She identifies Chotu as Preesha. Preesha removes her fake moustache and beard and asks if she thought she can take away her son and husband easily. Their argument ensues. Mahima points gun at Preesha. Preesha calls inspector from her mobile and challenges Mahima that she cannot kill her. Mahima says she can. Saransh pleads not to kill his mamma. Mahima says she is his mamma and not Preesha. Preesha continues confronting her and informs that she had planned coming here disguised as Chotu with police’s help and police must be coming here anytime.

Inspector with his team reaches the venue and catches Harish and his puppet. He calls Preesha. Harish asks why will Preesha come here. Inspector informs Chotu is Preesha. Mahima tries to shoot Preesh. Preesha overpowers her and kicks gun away. Mahima angrily tries to strangulate her in vain. Inspector enters and arrests Mahima. Preesha asks Rudra’s location. Mahima says she knew this would happen, so she had made a backup plan already. Preesha continues insisting her to tell where Rudra is. Mahima says she made Rudra hang on a rope with ice block under his feet; once ice block melts, Rudra will die. Preesha slaps her. Inspector points gun at her and warns to tell where Rudra is. Mahima says he can kill her.

Inspector then points gun at Harish and threatens him. Harish says he really doesn’t know where Rudra is. Mahima taunts Preesha that ice block is melting soon. Saransh hearing that says he heard Mahima ordering ice block and throwing visiting card outside window. Preesha says they can find out Rudra’s location via visiting card, calls ice block company owner who says Preeha Srinivasan ordered ice block today, but he cannot reveal delivery location. Inspector warns that he will arrest him in murder case. OWner gives warehouse address. Mahima says they found out location, but cannot save Rudra as he must be dead by now. Inspector asks constable to keep Mahima handcuffed as she is an intelligent criminal. Preesha insists to take Saransh along as she doesn’t want to make same mistake again. They reach warehouse and rescue Rudra on time. Preesha and Saransh hug Rudra emotionally.

Precap: Inspector informs Preesha that Mahima escaped. Mahima thinks she will return to take revenge from Preesha. Rudra asks pandit to find Ahana and Kabir’s wedding muhurat. Pandit finds muhurat after 2 days. Preesha thinks she cannot let this marriage happen.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. Thank God Mahima story was not dragging on. Good going Preesha👏 hope you can wrap up Sulu the drunk and the retard soon before she spend 10 cores from locker

  2. Preesha saved saaransh first
    For rudraksh the whole credit goes to Saraansh if he didn’t overhead mahima’s phone conversation with ice factory owner then it will be too late
    Saraansh is the angel of his parents
    Once he proved sharda innocence
    And he saved rudra’s life from mahima’s trap

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