Ishk Par Zor Nahin 16th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Ishqi feels love for Ahaan

Ishk Par Zor Nahin 16th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ahaan and Ishqi have an argument. They have a moment. They fall down and have an eyelock. Mayank says Ishqi can’t be wrong. Ahaan says you asked me, who am I to you. She looks at him and says you are high. She says its Ishqi high, I don’t like holi, but I planned holi for you, I don’t like colours, but see I m touching it. He applies the colours to her face. She feels love. He says happy holi. She says happy holi. Mahiya….plays… He says I want to protect you and keep you safe like this ring, you know the safe place for this ring. He makes her wear the ring. She gets away and asks what are you doing, listen to me. He stops her and says let me tell you, who you are…. He says I have made a list.

She says to find out, who is the right girl for you. He says no, to know the girl who isn’t right for me, I was very angry on you, you know why, I don’t know, your job was imp for you more than engagement. She says give me the ring, I will keep it safe. He says I will keep it safe. He puts the ring on her finger. She asks do you hate me or…. He falls down on the bed. She holds him. Kartik comes and sees them close. He says sorry, I didn’t mean to… She says shut up, come and help me in handling him, if he goes down, then his image will break. Kartik says I told the same, we should make him eat chillies. She says yes. Suman asks Ishqi to come for rasam. Kartik asks her to go. Ahaan holds Ishqi’s hand. Kartik smiles.

Ishqi says let him sleep. She goes. Kartik says Ahaan has applied colour to Ishqi, it means he has touched holi colour, its a miracle. He asks Ahaan to get up and eat chillies. Sarla and Ginni joke about Ishqi. Mayank sits upset. Suman calls him out. Raj says Mayank, its time for your engagement. Ishqi goes and thinks of Ahaan. She thinks my heart is beating thinking of Ahaan. She feels love for Ahaan. She worries. She goes to Mayank. She says its time for engagement. He says come, I will get dad. Kartik says Ahaan, you have done so much behind my back, I wish I didn’t go to get chillies, I would have seen everything. Ahaan says Ishqi…. Kartik records and says say once again, I will make one blackmailing video. He acts like Ishqi. He goes. Ahaan gets up.

Ishqi says what’s happening to me. Sarla asks Suman to see Ishqi’s ring, she already got engaged, did Mayank get engaged before itself. Mayank says no. Ishqi says its nothing like that. Dadi asks why are you wearing this ring. Sarla says Suman has given separate floor to Ishqi, so separate engagement. Ishqi thinks Ahaan is troubling me. Suman asks her to say what happened. Ishqi says I have already lost ring once, I couldn’t lose this, so I have worn it. Suman says she has logic, we shall start engagement, come. Kartik says Ahaan is on conference call with US clients, leave Ahaan, he doesn’t have to make Ishqi wear the ring. Ishqi prays that she feels for Mayank.

Mayank holds her hand. She thinks why isn’t anything happening. Mayank and Ishqi exchange rings. Everyone claps. Ahaan comes. She imagines him. Ishqi thinks of Ahaan. She thinks what’s this confusion. Chachi asks Kartik not to tell anything now. Ishqi goes. Kartik says I want to record Ahaan saying Ishqi’s name. Sonu says he will not take her name. Kartik says I have heard him taking her name. Ahaan gets up. He asks did I sleep, since when. Sonu says yes. Kartik says you had taken thandai, and played holi with someone, I caught you. Ahaan says no, how did colour come on my hands. Sonu says you got high and slept, Kartik told them that you had a meeting. Ahaan asks who did this with me. She says don’t know, we all had thandai, who did this.

Mayank says both the couples should go out, we can get a chance to know each other. Suman says you want to spend time with Ishqi. Mayank says yes. He thinks to settle scores with Sonu. Kartik says you know what was happening when I came back. He sings and tells about Ishqi. Ahaan asks why did she come. Kartik says I don’t know, I want to find out. Sonu says I had seen same colour on Ishqi’s face, why did Mayank make Ishqi wear the ring before engagement. Kartik says you had the ring, don’t know what happened here, try to recall. Ahaan says I don’t remember what I did. Ishqi sees the love list and says I had made this for Mayank. She gets Suman’s call. Suman asks how are you, were you thinking about Mayank, I was thinking that you all go for lunch. Ishqi says okay. Suman ends the call. She says we will talk to Sonu tomorrow. Mayank thanks Suman and says I have to go, just for Sonu. Ishqi says I shouldn’t think much, he applied colours in intoxicated state. Ahaan says I don’t remember what I did, did I do anything inappropriate, how will I face her.

Its morning, everyone is making arrangements to welcome baba ji. Dadi says we should be ready to face any situation. Sonu calls Raj and says the entire family is under pressure. Raj says don’t worry, I will handle everything. She says Raj is there for me, what about Ishqi. Mayank comes and says mum wants both the couples to go for lunch, I couldn’t refuse, you refuse her, handle her please. He goes. She asks how will I refuse to her, Raj will get angry knowing this. Ishqi gets ready. She doesn’t want to see that list. Mausa ji comes home drunk. Maasi asks Ishqi to shut the door, else anyone would know. Ahaan comes to her house and says I will tell her that I came to pick her up, Sarla shouldn’t get a reason to scold her.

Ishqi argues with Mausa ji and asks him to leave Maasi. Maasi says you won’t do anything. Ahaan comes to the door. He doesn’t ring the bell. Ishqi says you stopped me. Maasi says anger doesn’t fix anything. Ishqi asks her to raise a voice. Maasi says people will blame me for breaking my family, woman has to tolerate it, don’t spoil your mood, think about Mayank. Ishqi says no need. Ahaan rings the bell. He runs to his car and sits. He leaves. Ishqi comes out and doesn’t see him. Everyone meets Baba ji. Ishqi dons ghunghat. Everyone does the same. Guru ji tells the qualities of a good wife, she should be an advisor, feed him food… Ahaan comes and sits beside her, he holds Ishqi’s hand by mistake. She turns and sees her. He leaves her hand. He thinks I m a big idiot to sit here.

Ishqi says a woman should leave everything when limit is crossed. Mayank scolds her. He asks her to apologize to Sarla. Ahaan also comes to apologize to Sarla.

Update Credit to: Amena

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