Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 9th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 9th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sujatha giving tea to Bachcha Singh. He says she plans to make Nirbhik get more respect and power than Arjun and Watan. She says I want him to work hard and make you happy. He says he will be happy when Arjun marries Tanushree and asks her to help. She says what help. He says he wants her to convince Arjun to marry Tanu, do anything, but make Arjun say yes for this marriage. He says then he will take care of her heart wish, he will give a big prize to Nirbhik. She says she will try her best. He asks her to do this work in 4 days and then he will announce engagement.

She says don’t worry, don’t tell anything to Arjun, I will tell him when the right time comes, you trust me and I will not let it break, you prepare to announce engagement, leave this in me. He says he has hope from her, as he knows she is very clever and its seen in all her work. She says she needs his blessings. He blesses her and she leaves. Arjun meets Poorvi and asks why did she call him. She says I know we should not meet as someone is following us. I feel we should tell about our love to our family, I don’t like lying to my mum, till when will we hide it, it has to come out one day.

She says if they come to know by someone else, they will be hurt. He says he will talk to them, as he loves her, he will make sure everyone agree. Bachcha Singh tells Bhanupratap that Arjun’s birthday is after 4 days. Arjun tells Poorvi that he will tell everyone on his birthday and they all will agree, as dad loves me a lot. She says fine, I will also tell everyone that I love you, it won’t be easy, but I will not need to lie daily. She says she can’t force her parents to accept this relation. He says he will convince them, as their love is strong, they will fight for their love. She hugs him. She says if they don’t agree then, our families hate each other. He says we will change them by love.

She asks how, what will we do if we fail. He says then we will run like Laila and Majnu, She keeps her hand on his mouth, and says don’t say this, Laila and Majnu died with each other, I don’t want to die, I want to live my life with you, share my happiness with you, be in your arms, hold your hand and live my life to the fullest. He says even I want to live my life with you, this is my dream, I will do what you want, we will always be together. Yeh dil sun raha hai………………pkays………………… They smile and hug.

Tanu tells the guys that she does not like their names, and names them Arjun. They all agree. She thinks they are fools, they are not real man to stand infront of her, and save their name. Bhanupratap comes and scolds them. Tanu says they came to tell me they love me. Bhanupratap says he will get them beaten and they leave. Tanu laughs. He says he has fixed her engagement with Arjun after four days. She asks for Arjun’s number. He gives the number and asks her to talk to him. She says now Arjun won’t be away from me, we are like each other, you said yes for engagement. She smiles.

Poorvi comes home. Neelima stops her and asks why did she delete all files from the memory card, she did this for Arjun, as she loves him. Poorvi is shocked and says no. Neelima smiles and says relax, I was joking, Gauri and Arjun love each other, go and rest, I will make tea. Poorvi goes. Neelima thinks she had to see her reaction, and her doubt is more strong now, she has something with Arjun, she can’t believe she is cheating her family.

Poorvi comes to the room and tells Gauri how Neelima joked. Gauri says why will she doubt on you, they all know I love Arjun, you can have fun by this hiding love day outs. Poorvi says yes, its for few days, as we have decided to tell our families that we love each other, and we can’t lie more. Gauri is shocked and asks her to tell them. Poorvi thanks her for always supporting them. Gauri thinks my plan will flop, I have to get some proof to expose them.

Its morning, Tanu goes for buying rings and says she wants best engagement ring. Arjun comes there and thinks he will surprise Poorvi by buying a ring for her. He thinks to propose her. Tanu smiles seeing him and says you have come. He says yes, its heart matter and I want to make proposal by a ring. She thinks Arjun came to take engagement ring for me. She eyes him and smiles. She says I called you, why did you not take it. He says I was busy with my GF and your number is not saved. She says save it now. He says girls save my number, I don’t save their number. He asks her to choose a ring and she says this one. Arjun buys Rs 50000 worth ring. She says if you did not wish to buy my choice ring, why did you ask. He says time pass, your choice is not good. He leaves. She smiles.

Poorvi buys birthday gift for Arjun and shows Gauri. Gauri says its costly. Poorvi says I can put all my savings for his gift. Arjun calls her and says he bought something for her with love. She says me too. He says lets meet. She says no. Gauri hears them. Arjun says he is missing her a lot. She says fine, I will come. She tells Gauri. Gauri teases her and asks her to go. She thinks she will make an issue of them now.

Poorvi meets Arjun while Gauri is recording them. Arjun sees Neelima in car and moves away.

Update Credit to: Amena

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