Saath Nibhana Saathiya 9th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 9th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pari thanks Jigar for allowing her to sit for pooja with him. Jigar says he did to show Radha her place. Pari thinks he is softening towards her.

Madhuben says Urmila that Radha has called everyone today for her birthday. Urmila says Madhu that she bore a monster this day and scolds her that is because of her that Radha is born and troubling everyone.

Radha brings food and savories home for her birthday party celebrations and jail cell. Kokila and other family members ask what is she doing. She says she is celebrating birthday party and has invited her jail and mental assylum friends home. Pari shouts how dare she is to invite her jail friends. Radha says only she can shout in this house and asks Ahem and Jigar if they will not attend her party. Kokila says nobody will attend it. She says my party will be a lavish affair, they will watch it.

Jigar thinks children may get afraid seeing Radha’s friends and he should go and check them. He sees Pari getting kids ready and kids telling Urmila will come and kick Radha out.

Door bell rings and Radha opens door thinking her friends have come, but Urmila comes with Madhuben and Kinjal instead. She gives her cactus plant as birthday gift saying both her and cactus are full of thorns. Kinjal gifts her peppery spray. Radha then tries to take Madhuben’s blessings. Madhuben stops her and says when she can hit her, why will she need her blessings and blesses Gopi instead. Kinjal says she and Urmila came to ruin her party, whole family is on one side and she alone is on other side.

Radha’s insane friends come shouting and ask her to switch on music. Kinjal taunts Urmila that Radha’s friend’s dressing sense more worst than her. Urmila asks her to stop taunting and think what to do now. Radha’s friends start dancing on song…. Abhi to party shuru hui hai….. Two of them climb stairs and enter into Kokila’s room. Kokila follows them and sends them out from her room. One of them applies bindi on her cheeks. They then enter Baa and kid’s room and start fighting with kids for toys. Urmila rescues kids from them and sends mad ladies out. Kokila calls all her family ladies for a meeting and tells her plan to send Radha’s insane friends out.

Kokila and Gopi discuss in front of ladies that they are the ones who kidnapped Meera and Vidya, so Radha has hatched a plan to get them arrested in lieu of her birthday party. Kinjal and Urmila tell that Radha has decorated house like a jail. Pari and Hetal also discuss that Radha has planned to send all her friends to mental assylum back. Gopi tells Kokila that if these ladies tell Radha about what we spoke, she will get alert. Kokila thinks of plan, calls Radha as a bakery lady and tells cake will be delivered in 2 hours. Radha says everyone will go if it is delayed. Her friends hear her conversation and think Kokila and family’s conversations were right and slap Radha for trying to get them send back to jail and mental hospital. Kokila thinks Radha is pregnant and her child will be harmed, so she rescues Radha from them by telling that mental hospital people will come and take them if they don’t leave immediately. Ladies warn Radha that they will take revenge soon and leave. Kokila tells Radha that she cannot ruin her family’s happiness.

Precap: Gopi tells Radha that she cannot harm her family and if she tries, she will safeguard them.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. wow such a wonderful drama vch doesnt take d name of ending chi….bledy heck of crap gng on ..

  2. Amazing serial, isn’t it?

    1. Yes perfect

  3. Really good
    I like their plans

  4. Why do the 2 Modi men, ie “Jigar ka Pappa” and “Ahem ka Pappa” not do anything about Radha. They seem to be constantly looking on while the ladies try to sort out their differences with Radha..

  5. worst serial…………please stop this serial…..

  6. liked their plans………………n y modis cant get radha for a dna test????????

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