Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 31st December 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 31st December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Poorvi saying Arjun that she has head ache. He asks really, why did you not tell me. She says the medical stores will be closed by now. He says he will make the head ache go, and asks her to lie down. He massages her head. She says you got a wife who did not serve you, and is taking your service. He says I love my wife a lot, and can’t hear anything against my wife. She smiles. He kisses her forehead and she closes her eyes. He says don’t get shy, I was adding some love, nothing else. He thinks he will take all her pain forever. She sleeps. He says we are happy and talks to her. He sees she has slept and caresses her. He goes to kiss her and stops. She turns and holds his hand.

Bhanupratap asks Bachcha Singh why did he come at night. Bachcha Singh asks

did he cancel the land deal. Bhanupratap says yes, I did this to show what will be the result if you become my enemy. He says its some loss now, if Arjun does not marry Tanu, I will ruin you. He says he will expose all the wrong deeds they have done and open all cases. He says he can do anything for Tanu. Bachcha Singh says why is he worrying, I told you that Arjun will marry Poorvi, and he rules the city even today. Bhanupratap says so bring Arjun, and remember it should not be late. Watan asks him not to worry, as they will find Arjun, Tanu asks Bhanupratap about Arjun running with his GF, and he did not tell me. She breaks things in anger. She says I m Tanushree, no one insulted me till now. Bhanupratap calms her and says Arjun will come and you will marry him. She says he should marry me, my friends know this, if you told me before then I should have seen his GF.

He says he has promised her and don’t worry now. Tanu says don’t trust Bachcha Singh. She gets angry and says she will play such a game that the world will bring Arjun to her. She says I will see how much power that girl’s fate has. She goes to her room. Its morning, Arjun and Poorvi are sleeping. She wakes up and looks at him. She smiles and thinks he slept while sitting, so that I don’t get disturbed, he loves me a lot, I m very lucky to get a life partner like you, I love you. She kisses his hand. She goes to have bath.

Bachcha Singh says he will catch Arjun. Arjun calls Poorvi and she says she will come in some time. He bumps into her as she comes out from washroom after bath. They have an eyelock. Aaj kal tanha mai kahan hoon……………plays……………He says its really said that wife looks very beautiful after marriage. She tries going away and he holds her. He says a husband has full right to love his wife and keep her happy. I m in love…………..plays……….. She says leave me, I have work, what are you doing. He holds her and says its my right, now I have marriage license. She says she is feeling hungry, she did not have food since night. He says I know this excuse and I will bring food.

She asks him to freshen up. He says my BF image is over now, and leaves. She smiles. Lakshya comes to Neelima. She asks will Dayal get fine. He says yes, have strength. She says yes, I was never scared as he was always there, and today….Lakshya says he will be fine, I tried calling Poorvi and even message id not deliver, her phone is off, she does not care for us. Neelima says Arjun made her do this. Gauri comes and shows Arjun’s pic in newspaper in missing column. Neelima says Bachcha Singh would have done this. Arjun says I can’t believe I married Poorvi.

He says I will buy something for her for the first time today. A man sees Arjun and says he is the same guy whose pic came in paper, I can get 1 lakh, and follows Arjun. The man comes to the hotel and informs on phone. Arjun makes Poorvi have food by his hand, and says I got this jalebi for you. They see the pic in paper and decide to leave this place soon. Poorvi and Arjun come out and think how will they go out. She asks Arjun to hide his face and they start leaving. Bachcha Singh’s goon does not get Arjun. Neelima sees Dayal waking up and he calls Poorvi. She asks Lakshya to check Dayal. She says everything will be fine.

Lakshya says I will check him, don’t worry. Gauri thinks about Poorvi, and tells Lakshya that we can also give an ad in paper, and find Poorvi. Neelima asks Lakshya to out the ad. Lakshya says fine and leaves. Gauri thinks I will see till when will Poorvi run, I know Poorvi is happy with Arjun, but her happiness will be snatched very soon. Arjun and Poorvi come to a dark house to spend the night, and he says he will go to talk to the man. He rings the bell. He says we are newly married, its raining, can we stay here tonight. The man says fine, you can stay here. Arjun thanks him. The man says I will arrange some clothes. Arjun says we are safe here. Arjun makes Poorvi wear his jacket.

Arjun and Poorvi get romantically closer. Yeh dil sun raha hai………..plays……………..

Update Credit to: Amena

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