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Karan talks to Babay, he asks had he know it was Sooraj’s match he must have taken her himself. He took her along, because he wanted to spend some time with her. He doesn’t want to let her alone. Amrita asks mummy ji when she asked him for favour, what if due to him, someone points at her reputation. Karan says he didn’t think about right or wrong.
Mrs. Kapoor says if it was someone else, she must not have agreed. But when it is Karan, she is being unjust. He thinks you as friend, and takes her children as Avi’s children. After Avi’s dad passed, she also lived alone but if someone holds hand you must not reject her.
Babay asks Karan to think as her. She is a mother, a daughter in law, a widow and is living all the realities together. She can’t take up his side, in order to save her.
Mrs. Kapoor says she must understand her intention.
Karan stands up and says he is going to remove his differences, and asks Babay to make a qara. Babay says she will make the qara, but he must leave tomorrow.
Mrs. Kapoor asks Amrita to leave for sleep.
Karan lay on the sofa, Babay switch the lights off. As soon as she leaves, Karan goes driving the car. He says Amrita, please forgive me. A car comes to his front, he hits a plant pots. Amrita wakes up, the neighbours all come out. Karan runs away, thinking Babay says people here take more interest in others lives. The car doesn’t start, Amrita comes out of the house too. A neighbor comes out, Karan runs. Amrita comes out late, the man curses him. Amrita watches the car, and thinks why Karan came here so late.
In the hospital, Amrita consoles a patient ready for operation. Karan comes to the room, and asks the other nurse about the condition. Amrita says she has checked all the things; he can carry on the surgery. Karan looks at the file, Amrita asks Dipali to ask Babay prepare her for surgery. She heads to leave, Karan stops her. He says I am sorry, yesterday it was a bit much. Amrita says it’s ok, she was quite rude, I am sorry too. Karan says thanks. He says there was so much tension between them, he couldn’t concentrate. Amrita says now there will be no tension, they will only follow a professional protocol and will work only as a doctor and nurse. Babay comes to the room. Amrita says she knows his intentions were right, mummy ji also told her to forgive him but yester-night, he made an accident outside the house. He must not have given it a second thought, but did he realize what her neighbours would have thought about it. So from now, they will work with a distance and he won’t interfere in her personal life. It is nothing more than a nurse and a doctor. She hopes she won’t have to remind this to him again. Babay goes behind Amrita and says didn’t she say a lot, he came to apologize her. Amrita asks does she know what he did, he did an accident outside her home. The neighbours came out on road, she can’t bear someone points at her because of him.
A lady comes there and asks them about a lady doctor. Amrita asks what is her problem, she says she has to get an abortion. Babay and Amrita are taken aback. Amrita writes the girl’s history, she asks is she married. The girl says she isn’t married, that is why. Amrita asks has someone come along, she says she feels shy bringing someone along. Amrita asks if she has thought better. The girl says how can she bear it, they must destroy it. Babay says those who can’t have children keep on praying for them, taking fertility tests. And she is here to destroy a life. The girl argues with Babay that she is no one to take decisions of her life, she is an adult and they are only nurses. Amrita says they are doing their jobs. Babay asks her not to take her wrong, but she is like her daughter. She knows it is difficult to bring a child in life unmarried, she must talk to her lover to get married. Destroying the first child makes bad impact on a body. Amrita stops Babay, the girl heads to leave the hospital. Amrita asks Babay, but Babay keeps her quiet and was disturbed. Babay goes with her left phone outside, and watches a man scolding her badly. They sit in the car and leaves. Babay thinks who this man was with her.
Mehr bandages the injured Veer. He asks what could have happened to him at the most, he must have died at the most. She keeps hand on his mouth; he mocks her to be heroine. Mehr fells down, Veer tries to help her and they lie on the floor face to face. Malika comes and takes a photo of them together. Veer leaves saying Hi to Malika, she doesn’t reply and comes in to argue with Mehr. She says if she is free, she must show her her photos. Mehr asks her to delete it, but Malika says she will show them to all the nurses. Mehr says such photos aren’t meant to take fun, Malika says ok, but she must request her first. Mehr says please Malika, delete these photos. Malika says be thankful it was me. Mehr says to Malika, she didn’t make friends with anyone else. Malika tells her to be careful next time.
Mehr brings salary cheques to Amrita and Babay. Amrita was excited as she needed the money so much. She is shocked to find so less salary.
PRECAP: Amrita asks Dimple about her full salary. Dimple says the hospital is under financial losses, they must all wait till next month. Amrita says she can’t wait.

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