Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 22nd January 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 22nd January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Lakshya, Neelima and Dayal meeting Poorvi in the police station. He says I was thinking why will anyone give you manager post like this, why did they arrest you when you joined that day. She says yes, I don’t know. Lakshya talks to the inspector, and the inspector says your sister is not so innocent, you can get her bail, and it will charge 50000rs. Lakshya asks any other any. He says no, you can go. Lakshya tells Dayal and Neelima that we need 50000rs for bail. Dayal says where we do have money. Neelima says we can’t leave Poorvi in lockup. Dayal asks her not to worry. Poorvi saus I thought to help you, I have put you in more problem, don’t know how did this happen.

She says free me, I did not do anything, tell them. Lakshya says don’t worry, we are with you. They ask them to leave, as they have to question Poorvi. Neelima says we can’t leave her like this. Poorvi asks them not to go. They leave. The lady constable slaps Poorvi and asks her whether she is involved. Poorvi says I was not there, I don’t know anything. She gets beaten up. Arjun sees her and is shocked. He asks the inspector how can they beat her till her blame is proved.

The inspector argues and asks him to leave. Arjun throws money and says this is the bail amount, leave her. He says no way, we don’t take money like this, go and prepare bail papers, take this money back, we don’t take bribe. Arjun says fine. He says court will be closed for two days and nothing can happen now. Arjun thinks he will free Poorvi from this hell.

Arjun sees Poorvi crying and drinking water in the lockup. He cries. She thinks this is happening because of Arjun, whenever he saved me, it was a plan to ruin me. Arjun thinks I m just with you, I can’t see you like this, till I free you and clear your name, I won’t go. Arjun tries meeting magistrate and could not meet. He thinks how to free Poorvi now. He goes to meet Bhanu. Bhanu welcomes him. Arjun says he has come to deal with him, he will manage his dream project. Bhanu says its good, tell me what is your condition. Arjun says get Poorvi out of lockup today. Bhanu says you should care for Tanu, not Poorvi. Arjun says I did as you said, I married Tanu and told you that I will always support Poorvi.

He signs the papers. Bhanu says this is not easy as Viraj Raichand is also bidding for this land, he is my big enemy. He says his fate is good, he got what he wanted, not this time, I want you win this auction. Arjun thinks. Viraj’s manager scolds the interior designer asking him to work as Viraj’s choice, he loves new style always, he is not the one to walk behind time, he walks ahead. Arjun asks his friend Sanjay to give the file to inspector and tell her family that you have some contacts, leave everything on me. Sanjay goes.

Neelima cries seeing Poorvi beaten up. Lakshya says I m helpless. Poorvi says its not your mistake. Lakshya says there is nothing like Lord. They come to know Poorvi’s bail has happened. Lakshya asks who did it. Poorvi gets freed and hugs Neelima. They meet Sanjay, and thank him for saving Poornima. Dayal says Lord exists and he has sent Sanjay to help us. The inspector asks them to sign to end bail formalities. Lakshya asks them to go. Arjun hides and sees Poorvi. Her dupatta flies by air and Arjun gets it. She goes to take it, and he hides.

Arjun comes home and Tanu asks how will you clear Poorvi’s name. Arjun shows the news that police gave clean chit to Poorvi and got the true culprit, this lady has admitted that she has trapped Poorvi, it means she is innocent. Arjun smiles. Tanu asks how did you get this wimen. Arjun says by your phone, and FB shows how he checked Tanu’s phone and reached that lady. He says you want to make plans, check and mate. He laughs and leaves.

Tanu imagines Poorvi saying Ajun loves her, he always thinks about me, he does not care for you, you were proud of your beauty and your husband don’t like to see your face, you married Arjun but can’t make place in his heart, you are close to him and very far, and I m far yet close to him. Tanu says the game has just started, Arjun can be far from me, he is the first man who avoided me, and I love him as he is a challenge for me. Tanu says I m his wife, you just stand far and see, and Arjun will be mine. She throws pillow and sees Poorvi disappearing. She smiles and says now see I will play some game now that Arjun accepts me.

Viraj Raichand’s entry at the airport and his manager tells him about the auction.

Update Credit to: Amena

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