Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 11th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 11th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Lakshya telling his family that he has checked Sarita but he did not do anything. In FB, its shown how Sarita flirts with him, and hugs him purposely. He says I did not understand why she is getting close to me, I was such a fool. Neelima asks why was she doing this. Arjun looks on and hears them. He thinks Lakshya did not agree to that girl’s wish and she did this. Shankar says truth will be out, we will get you out and prove you innocent. Lakshya asks Neelima to take Gauri and Poorvi as this is not good place. Neelima sends them. Arjun meets Poorvi and she says Lakshya’s problems are not ending, why is this happening with him. Arjun asks Gauri that he wants to talk to Poorvi. Gauri says fine.

Poorvi says I know my brother is innocent, I don’t know what that girl blamed her. Arjun says I m with you, I heard everything that someone has trapped him, I will find out the truth, I will support you in this fight. She says I can’t do anything without you, you always supported me. He says you are my love, you love your family and I won’t leave them, your problem is my problem. He sees Bachcha Sinch coming there. He hides with Poorvi in the jacket and tells her about his dad. Bachcha Singh and Bhanupratap smile seeing people romancing on the roads opening. They go inside the police station. Arjun thanks Poorvi for not shouting. Poorvi says I trust you, whatever you do will be for my good. Gauri says shall we leave for home now. Arjun asks them to go and he will be in touch on phone. They leave. Arjun thinks why did dad come here.

Neelima asks Shankar to call lawyer at home. Bachcha Singh and Bhanupratap meet her. They take Shankar Dayal’s phone. Neelima gets angry. Bachcha Singh says Neelima has habit of video recording. Bhanupratap says we got all the news that you came in my party to get proof against us. Bachcha Singh says we forwarded a friendly hand and you were cutting it. Neelima says she will get them punished. He says your son is getting punished because of you, and says he has sent Sarita to trap her son. He threatens her and asks her to think about her family before doing anything against them.

Arjun hears this and is shocked. They return the phone and leave. Neelima says I knew this they have done this. Shankar says they can do anything. Neelima says we can’t leave this fight, we have to prove Lakshya innocent. Arjun thinks Poorvi’s family is always insulted by my family, if she thinks I m also in this, then? Nisha cries and worries for Lakshya. She thinks she knows Lakshya is trapped and one day it will be proved that he is innocent. Watan comes to her. She wipes her tears. He taunts her about Lakshya. He makes her have food and says he will show his romance. She says she don’t want to have food. He gets angry and scolds her. She cries.

Poorvi worries for her family. Arjun comes to meet Poorvi and says he has come to tell something imp. She asks what, who has trapped Lakshya. He says yes, I came to know who did this, I came to tell you before anyone else tells you, its my dad and MLA Bhanupratap. She says what? She asks him to leave now. Arjun shuts the door. Neelima comes to Poorvi’s room. He gets inside the bathroom and opens the shower.

Poorvi asks Arjun why is his family after her family, she will tell her parents everything, and she is ready to be punished. Arjun asks her to beat him, he is helpless and can’t do anything seeing her family in problems. He asks her not to cry and hugs her. They stand in the shower. Gauri thinks why is Poorvi so much time to have bath. Poorvi says we are unlucky, our families hate each other and won’t accept us,. Arjun says you love me that’s enough, I thought they will accept us and their fight will end, but I will always love you, and I will save Lakshya, I will rectify my dad’s mistake. He says he will get Lakshya out of jail. Gauri knocks Poorvi and asks her to come, as she has to use washroom. Neelima asks Gauri to use hall washroom and leaves.

Gauri says she will just come, and doubts on Poorvi. Arjun comes out and tells Poorvi that he will fulfill his promise, and till then she should not tell anyone that he is helping her. Gauri comes and sees Poorvi is wet clothes. Poorvi says I forgot to take towel, so I came. Gauri thinks she feels she lost a big chance. Watan brings Nisha to room, and says he does not want any drama today. He shuts the door and sings a song. Nisha moves away from him. He thinks he should not drink the milk today, as he always sleeps after having it. He keeps the glass and says he will have apple today. Nisha thinks what will she do now. She cuts her finger. He asks is she mad to cut her hand when he asked her to cut the apple. He says you spoiled my mood and asks her to do first aid. He leaves. Nisha thinks till when will she save herself.

The goons tease Tanu and she tries to tell her identity. They asks for her purse and she gives them money bundles. They ask her to give the ring. She asks them to leave as she has given the money. The man says we are thieves, she is ordering us as we are her servants. Tanu scolds them. She asks them to take the car but she won’t give the ring, and if they take the ring, they will be killed. The man takes the ring. She slaps him. The goons hold her. Arjun comes and beats the goons, and saves her. Tanu smiles seeing Arjun. She asks does he love her so much. He says this is my style, I would have done this for anyone. He leaves. She thinks his attitude is on his head and she loves him for this, he is mad and she likes his madness. She smiles and thinks he is mad in her love.

Poorvi scolds a man and defends Gauri.

Update Credit to: Amena

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