Bandhan 11th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Bandhan 11th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
kajri drinks the coke and faints. dapran runs to her but shaku stop her and says where are you going? You have to serve the guests. The woman locks kajri in a room. The bride and her family arrives. She puts kajri on bed. Dev comes in and says no one should know. When she comes out darpan stops her and says where is kajri di? dev is a bad guy. He will not be good with her. tell me why have you locked kajri di?

Pandit ji says where is groom? Bhao says yeah a moment. he asks shaku. shaku says yeah a moment. karji opens her eyes and sees dev. She is shocked. he moves to her and recalls kajri slapping her. He lies over her and graps her hand. he says now move your hands and hit me. what you think of yourself. its my wedding but you will have a weeding night. she spits on his face. he says now I will tell you how manly I am. he throws his shirt and turban away. He lies with her. he says now where is your wit? kajri picks a jugs and throws it on him. he grasps her she says help me., darpan says open the door. she is knocking at the door. meethi comes and says what are you doing? dapran says dev has locked kajri di inside. meethi says dev open the door. pandit ji is calling you. dev says where will you go? everyone hears kajri’s scream in the wedding. they all go there bhao says dev open the door. Sureya breaks the door. dev is over kajri on the bed. Everyone is shocked. bhao says dev what is this? he grasps and throws him on the floor. kajri covers herself and cries. bhao says your wife was waitin for you there and you are here? don’t you have any shame? dev says bhao its not my mistake. she is a bad woman. she seduced and called me here so I will give her money. kajri says Bhao he is lying I have not done anything. dev says don’t listen to her bhao. she is trying to get me in trap. darpan recalls everything. darpan says he is lying. he locked kajri di the room I saw him. dev says she is lying bhao. she is a kid. I came in my room and locked it. shaku says you are listening t kajri? And darpan don’t talk in elders’ affairs. dapran brings the woman and says on dev’s orders she mixed something in kajri’s drink. shaku says shut you liar. You are liar like your dad. darpan says no I I never lie. She says ask her? bhao asks laxmi is that true? bhao says I will ruin your family if you lie. Shaku syas tell bhao the truth laxmi.olaxmi sits in bhao’s feet and says darpan is right. everyone is shocked. she syas bhao dev gave kme this tablet and asked me to mix in it kajri’s drink. He said he will seek revenge by raping her. payal comes and slaps dev. She syas thank God I am nt marrying a beast like you. kajri and darpan exposed you. I was quite when he pinched me in mehndi. She throws the wedding ring on his face and leaves. Meethi tries to stop her bhao says what are you apologizing for? this shameless person? kajri’s mom comes and says my dauhter’s life is ruined. what will she do now> no one wil mary her. bhao throws sme cash in front of her he says take this money and leave. she says where will I go with thus? she says you are a beast you ruined my daughter’s life. why didn’t you kill him? She says why didn’t you die kajri? darpan says don’t say that. Rondu uncle will do justice to her. He is so nice he wont let anything happen to her. please save her uncle. you wont let her die? people start talking about them. bhao says I have a solution that will save kajri and it will be punishment of dev as well. dev will marry kajri. everyone is shocked.

Precap-dev marries kajri,. shaku says because of you darpan and dance will be part of patel family, I will seek revenge of this insult.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. But what really going on with this show?!?! Murder ? Rape? Torture? Enslavement? I thought it was supposed to be a about a beautiful bond between an elephant and a family. This show has really gone to the crappiest of crap. smh

    1. Kristelle you are so right.You cannot sit with a child to view this serial any longer.Adults lying and teaching the three children to lie and be evil.On a whole where children as orphan are abused is not good for my ego.This is no good.

  2. This show is no longer a family show where is the bond between a brother and sister

  3. this show started off so well with a loving family father mother daughter and elephant as a brother who displayed his love for a sister and family even though he was an elephant then writers you decide to frame Mahesh for something he did not do and as a well known ranger who was known for his good work in the forest and his honesty you all destroyed that and what I cannot understand is how he never got to prove his innocence and the bad ones triumphed over that including a police officer whom he thought he Mahesh could have trusted afterwards you then kill his wife and up to now we do not know if Mahesh is still alive and that poor sweet child is all alone in this world save for that elephant this show has become real crap I say there is no turning back to make this show interesting so I suggest you script writers bring this show to an end

  4. I agree with you gloria, the writers are a bunch of mad people, all they know is wickedness, nothing good. These shows are aired all over the world, and it reflects very bad on indian people and their culture. All they show is lies and wickedness, LONGING TO SEE A GOOD SHOW WITH GOOD MORAL VALUES—IT THIS HAPPENS THEY WILL TOP THE CHART!

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