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DOUBLE UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Clap your hands for me!! I am the craziest girl in the world! Yesterday, I was thinking of leaving writing yesterday and today, I am giving a double update!

6 Years Later

Long story short, Raichands and Raisinghanias Together bought a HUGE Mansion. Ishani married Rohan (Remember him?) and  Siya Married Rakshit, and Deep married Arohi. Now Riddhima & Vansh, Abhay & Piya, Siya & Rakshit, Ishani & Rohan, Aryan & Sejal, Uma & Pradeep, and Arohi & Deep live together with all their kids.

The kids were running around and the parents were running after them. Riva (RiAnsh’s daughter) turned six today. Aryaman (AbhIya’s son) is five. Sarthak (Aryan and Sejals daughter) is four years old. Ruhi (Siya and Rakshit’s daughter) is also four. Ishika and Ishan (Rohan and Ishani’s twin children) are three.

Piya and Riddhima are feeding Riva and Aryaman on the dining table when Sarthak and Ruhi come and hide under the table.

Riddhima: Kids! Your moms will find you anyway! Search for a new hiding place!

Piya: Riddhima! What are you doing! Like this, they will never stop doing this!

Riddhima: Let them do what they want, Maithili! They’ll stop after they realize their mistake.

Piya: Ugh!! When will you stop calling me Maithili?

Riddhima: When you stop getting irritated by it!

Piya: You mean never.

Just then, Ishan comes with the twins crying.

Riddhima: Offo! Give them to me!

The moment they know they are in Riddhima’s hands, they stop crying.

Ishani: They are just like Vansh bhai!

Piya: How?

Ishani: They can’t live without her!

Piya: Then they’re like everyone!

Riddhima: How?

Ishani: Nobody in this family can live without each other!!

Riddhima: That’s true! By the way, speaking of family, where are the others?

Ishani: Our parents are handling cake duty and the boys are handling decorations and the magic show.

Riddhima: And Sejal and Siya?

Sejal & Siya: We’re here!

Piya points towards the table.

Siya: What?

Riddhima (whispers) : They’re under the table!

And Siya and Sejal catch them!

Sarthak: Mumma! I don’t want to bath!!

Ruhi: Yes mumma! Me toooooo!

Riva: If you guys will go have a bath then I’ll give you big pieces of my cake today!

Sarthak & Ruhi: Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!

Aryaman: What about me?

Riva (whispering) : Shush! I’ll give you too but they are not going for nai-nai. That’s why I am bri… bry… what is it mumma?

Riddhima (chuckles): Bribing.

Riva: Yes! I am bribing them! Or they will not go for nai-nai!

Sarthak: Ohhhh! You are very smart, Di!!!

The ladies laugh seeing the kids.

Later that evening

Riva: Wow!!! Chocolate cake!!!! Thanks Dadu! Thanks Nanu! Thank you Dadi! Thank you Nani!!

Vansh: How do you like the decor sweety?

Riva: It is very nice! Thank you Papa!! Thank you uncles!!

Vansh: Thank you won’t do, sweety! I want a thank you kissy!!

Riva: Magic show first! Then I’ll give you Thank you kissy! Deal? 

Vansh: Deal!

All children run to the living room for cake.

That Night

Riddhima: Good night, sweety! Sweet dreams!

Riva: Good night mumma! Sweet dreams!!

Riddhima tucks her in the bed and leaves for her room after switching off the lights.

A few minutes later, Riva gets up from her bed and goes towards her bookshelf. She tries to see what books are there to choose one but because the lights are off, she can’t see anything. She gets upset.

Riva: I want lights on!!

And suddenly, the lights switch on.

Riva: Wow!!! I can do magic!!!! Lights off!!

The lights get off.

Riva: Lights on!

Lights switch on.

Riva starts jumping.

Riva: Yaaaaay!!! I can do magic!!! Wowww!!!

She sits down.

Riva: I want chocolate cake.

A plate of chocolate cake appears. She gets very happy. Seeing the light on, Riddhima comes to check on her.

Riddhima: Riva, sweety, why haven’t you gone to bed?

Riva: Mumma! Mumma! I can do magic! I wanted to read a bedtime story, but the lights were off, so I got angry and shouted that I wanted the lights on. You know what happened then, mumma? THe lights got on!! Then I switched it off and on! Then I asked for a chocolate cake! And see! There is a plate of chocolate cake!!

Riva starts jumping.

Riva: Mumma!! I can do magic!! I can do magic!! Mumma I can do magic!! Like Harry Potter!!

Riddhima: Oh my god! Riva, baby, can you show mommy how you did it?

Riva: Yes mumma! Lights off!!!

The lights go off.

Riva: Lights on!!

The lights get on.

Riddhima: Baby, you stay here, I’ll go call Papa, okay/ Don’t go anywhere, sweety!

Riddhima runs to Vansh.

Riddhima: Vansh! Vansh!! Riva!! Come with me fast!!

Vansh: what happened? Is RIva hurt?

Riddhima: No! Just come with me!


They go to Riva’s room. Riddhima asks Riva to show Vansh magic.

Vansh: Baby, don’t tell anyone, okay? This can be dangerous! There are many magical people like you out there who might want your powers. This will be our secret, sweety. Nobody can know. There are bad people we need to protect you from.

Riddhima: Riva, you’re a smart girl, right? Sweety, you know that magic brings problems, haina? Remember momma and daddy told you stories of people who got into trouble because of magic?

Riva gets scared remembering those stories.

Riva: Mumma, Daddy, I don’t want magic! Make magic go away!! Please make it go away!!

Riddhima: No need to be scared, sweety! We will make it go away, all right?

Riva hugs RiAnsh.

Riva: Thank you Mumma! Thank you Daddy!

Vansh: We’ll always be there for you sweety!

Riddhima: Yes, sweety! Mumma and Daddy love you more than anything.

12 Years Later

Riva: But they lied. They left me. And the worst part is I remember nothing of my family. Whenever I try to remember, it just goes blank. There are just these certain memories… I miss  Mumma and Papa.

You Didn’t Think This Was The End Of The Story, Did You? 😏😏😏

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    There’s a typo error… I wrote Ishan instead of Ishani in the line ‘Just then, Ishani comes with the twins crying’

    1. RiyaVaghani

      Hey guys!! ‘Yeh Ishq Nahi Aasan’ has come to an end. But don’t think that the journey is over! I am soon going to continue the story as a new book. It’s Riva’s story. If you read this last chapter, you will know who Riva is…. So, hold on to your hearts! I’ve got an amaaaaaazing story coming up!!!

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