Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 23rd April 2021 Written Episode Update: GKM revealed

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 23rd April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Prem makes video of Tiwari as GKM misbehaving with Angoori, Angoori doesn’t understand GKM is flirting with her, GKM says I want to lift you and hug you, Angoori gets angry and leaves.

Prem meets Vibhu, Prem tells Vibhu that he saw GKM teasing Angoori, Vibhu says I was home, Prem says I said GKM, Vibhu says but he is good man, Prem says I will make him viral now and shows video to Vibhu. Vibhu worried about what new thing is this.

TMT discussing about what to ask GKM to loot, Teeka says I feel like eating chicken, Tiwari as GKM walks in, Tilu says you are looking different, Malkan says may be he is not on horse so, Tilu says I want this shirt, Teeka says I feell like having Chinese, GKM hit them with hunter.

TMT and model colony people rally against GKM, Vibhu asks what all is this, GKM helps you, shame on you, TMT says he is fraud, Teeka says people hit us a lot and in various way but yesterday GKM hit us so bad, Vibhu asks when, TMT say last night, Angoori says he insulted me to yesterday, and if I find him I will kill him, Prem says you are taking his side as if he is your relative, Master says he robbed me too, Angoori says I respect him no more, and abuses GKM and leaves.

Vibhu scolds horse owner, Owner says what are you talking about, Vibhu says who did you rent this to, Owner says you, Vibhu says tell me who other than me, Owner says why should I tell you, Vibhu gives 100₹, Owner says get lost, Vibhu gives him1000₹, Vibhu says Tiwari. Vibhu takes his phone and calls Tiwari, and says its me original GKM, Tiwari says wow, how are you, GKM says I know you are playing with my identity, and now original and fake will fight at 9 PM tonight and the one who wins will earn the respect, Owner asks Vibhu to give money for recharge.

Vibhu and Tiwari as GKM walk in front of eachother, TMT watching them, both GKM battle woth swords, Angoori rushes out and sees them, Commissioner walks to them and asks both to reveal their faces, Both remove their masks, all in shock, Angoori asks who is real GKM, Vibhu says it’s me but Tiwari made fun of me, Prem says you stole my money, Comissioner says you stole me, Vibhu says he did, Tiwari says he is lying, Vibhu says I became GKM to help poor, Tiwari says I became GKM because he was troubling me, Comissioner says Vibhu dont repeat it, Tiwari and Prem ask Vibhu to return their money, Commissioner says return their money, Vibhu says I gave it to TMT, TMT says we dont have any.

Vibhu walks to Anu and says wow when did you come, Anu says tell me about GKM, Vibhu says I can explain, I couldn’t see people in pain and was very uncomfortable, and so I did this, Anu says nice, so good, get out. Vibhu says what, Anu says you liar, I very well know you didn’t do this for any poor, get lost.
Vibhu leaves.

Pre cap: Angoori watering plants, Helan gets possessed, TMT gets scared.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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