Yaarian (Dev & Durga) Episode 1

Yaarian (Dev & Durga)
Episode 1
Geonka Mansion—
A temple is shown where a lady is doing aarti. She finished her pooja. She was about to leave when she saw someone.
App (her husband) aur rajnath app dono yahaan. Aur ji app u were sleeping .
Raj- I was sleeping but when I heard u sweet voice. I could control myself.
simran- app ni na. she shies.
Rajnath- coughs. wah romance in mandir. Not bad
raj- chote I will beat u.
Rajnath- sorry. He then hugged aj and simran.
They went to living room. They started talking. Someone from back guys what’s going on?
A lady in shown. She was wearing golden saree with mehron border on the side. She was noone other than sakshi.
She came she hugged simran and wish Good morning to raj.
Sakshi- What u guys were talking? Were u backbiting about me? and smiles
Simran- sakshi tum vi na. It’s nothing like that. We were just talking about old days. She got emotion. Do u think I will back bite u.
Sakshi- bhabhi I was just joking. i know u loves me a lot and hugs her. Now smile
Rajnath- Bhabhi I notice one thing that sakshi thinks everyone is like her. Like she loves gossiping. Am I right?
Sakshi- whatever
Raj and simran laughs.

A lady is getting ready in front of mirror. She was wearing golden sleeveless saree with yellow border on side. Her hairs were curly. Suddenly someone hugs her from behind.
Lady- smiles: why r u getting romantic and woh vi iss time par.
Guy- there is no time for romance.
Lady- really. What’s special today that u r getting extra love on me.
Guy- what u mean by special. I am your legally married husband and I can get romantic anytime I want. Let me tell u one thing u r looking so hot and smirked.
Lady- shaurya leave me. I have to get ready and u too get ready. Everone must be waiting for breakfast. be a good boy and get ready Baby
Shaurya- Baby.. ok. He went to get ready.
After 10-15 minutes.
Shaurya- madam now I get ready as like a good boy. Now give me my prize and he forward his lips toward her.
Lady- shaurya no not now. I have to go and she was about to go
Shaurya- nitya and hold her hand. He bring her very close.
Nitya- shaurya no in sad voice.
Shaurya left her and turned his face to another side.
Nitya saw his face and came back. She hold shaurya’s mouth.
Shaurya- ni…

Before he could speak something. Nitya kissed on his lips. And runs from their.
Shaurya was shocked but smiles.
They came to living room. They took blessings from everyone. Shaurya hugs sakshi and nitya was about to hug her.
Sakshi- why hug to me. U touch everyone else’s feet. I am your MIL give me some respect.
Nitya- oh really mom. Last time when I touched your feet u said u are not that elder than me. U r 4-5 years older than me.
Nitya- Dad am I right na. U were also there when mom said this.
Rajnath- yeah I do remember.
Sakshi- I don’t time to remember stupid things.
Everyone laughs and sakshi fumes at nitya and rajnath.
Simran chalo khana thanda ho jayega
They went to eat breakfast.
Raj- madam dekho where is your laadla beta. Is he still sleeping?
Were u missing me? So here I am
A handsome youngman is shown. He was wearing black jeans and red shirt. He has a smile on his face.
Raj- aaiye rajkumar and fumes
Simran- uth geya mera beta. Come have breakfast.
He came and hug raj, simran, rajnath, sakshi, shaurya and nitya.
He sat next to shaurya and they started talking.
Dev- Chachu is there a new fashion.

Rajnath- fashion????
Dev- I think now days ladke bhi lipstick lagate hain.
Everyone got confused and started looking at each other.
Dev- Am I right big bro?? and winks
Shaurya and nitya understood and got embarrassed.
Everyone else was still confusing about what’s going on.
Raj- chodo he is mad. Let’s start breakfast.
They were eating and enjoying family time.
Suddenly dev shouts- oh teri
shaurya- kya hua chote.
Dev- I have to go.
Raj- where u have to go this early. Sit quietly and finish your breakfast first.
Dev- with puppy face Chachu
Rajnath- bhaiya…
Before he could say something.
Raj- stop becoming his lawyer
Dev- but dad I promised my friends that I will meet them. They must be waiting. I have to go please…
Sakshi- oh mera baccga- bhaiya let him go. Please
Raj- no means no
Simran, rajnath, sakshi, shaurya and nitya at same time PLEASE
Raj- ok’
Dev- Stands up and hugs his dad and said u r best. And Thank u
Raj- I didn’t mean said yes

Dev- u said ok. am I right guys
Everyone at same time yes.
Dev runs from their. Bye take care guys. Have a great day!
Raj- yeh ladka vi na

Simran- finish breakfast fast. It’s getting cold.
They continued their breakfast!!!

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