SWASAN & RAGLAK a piece of silence……..episode 4

guys my nxt update.

PA- So mam we r starting this project from day after tommorow.
Swara- that means i hv to wait for 2 dys.
PA- srry for d inconvinience mam.
Swara- its ok. Dont worry. I m going to shop today.
PA leaves
Swara- hmmmm…. So lets start shona.

Ragini with sumi goes to shopping. They enter a mall.
Swara too enters there.
Swara enters a small jewellery shop & selects some jewels.
She feels strange. She imagines of some1s presence near her.
She then thinks of buying a suit & as she is abt to say that-
Suddenly, Swaragini in unision:
I lyk that 1….. We’ll u handovr that. Plz. ( to the shopkeeper)
They bth turn to see each othr& r shocked. Sumi who is wid ragini searching for clothes is shocked too. Tears were rolling down their eyes. They weren’t able to believe what they had just seen. Ragini was shell shocked.
Swara: ragini!!?

They hug & cry…… Sumi stands speechless. She looks on…… But doesn’t come near her. Swara notices that & moves back. Swara turns & leaves while Ragini keeps on crying.
Swara runs out. Ragini & Sumi reach home. Ragini goes on crying. Dadi, Dida & Shekhar observe her. But Ragini runs to her room. Shekhar turns towards Sumi.
Shekhar- What happened Sumi why did she run away lyk dat????…….
Sumi narrates.
All get teary eyed….
Shekhar- Where is she?
Sumi- Where are u going shekhar???..
Shekhar- In search of my daughter. U will nvr understand that, u only see ur Ragini…
I know she is ur daughter…. But Swara is my daughter …… I cant let her go… I have lost her once not any more so I m leaving in search of her…….
He leaves. Sumi sits on the floor & gets teary eyed.

Same evening-
Shekhar bring Swara back home after 6 yrs all r happy….
Sumi gets teary eyed & cries.
Sumi- I m srry Shona I didn’t know what I was doing….???…
I only thought about Rags future at that tym plz forgive me… plz will u forgive ur ma.
After hearing such words from Sumi, Swara also started crying . Every1 hug her and were delighted. Ragini was crying & said- SWARAGINI are back once again. She hugged Swara.
Swara- Ma u said that for my betterment. I nvr had felt bad for that but if u ask for forgiveness, I would really feel bad.
Shekhar turned towards Sumi , his eyes were filled wid tears as well as guilt, and also anger.
Shekhar- Will u all talk here only???…. Will u not take her in????

Suddenly a women appear. They r the neighbours , leaving in Badi
1st woman- See this shameless girl has returned. I heard that she has eloped wid some1 & now coming….. How can these Gadodias let her in????????
2nd woman- Don’t know she is so shameless…. She must have died after what all happened…..
Gadodias heard that. Swara became teary eyed…
Ragini shouted.
Ragini- u aunties do ur own work na??????
Don’t u have work????? Better mind ur business. Ok????????
She took Swara wid her. Swara was stunned by her behavior. What she knows about her Ladoo is she is quiet little gal… who nevr said anything excpt ha ji & na ji….
She has sen a different part of her. Swara was amazed.
Ragini took her to their room and asked ….
Ragini- so didi where have u been in these 6 long years???????………..
Swara – Actually after moving from here I had met wid an accident. The person who hit me took me to hospital. He then took me to Mumbai for further recoveries as my leg was broken… he took care of me and later after recovering from my accident after 7 months …. He gave me an offer of working in his office. He took me to his own house where he , his wife & son leaved. Later I was asked to stay there at their home & I had been his daughter since then…… but uncle & passed away 2yrs later leaving me and Rahul all alone!!
Ragini- Rahul????
Swara- Mr. Singhania’s son & my frnd Rahul Singhania we now look after each other.
And tell me bout u????
Rags- well I have completed my Bachelor’s degree and…….
Swara- and……………..?????????????…….. why r u blushing???????….
Sumi- coz dear she is getting married. We went to do her engagement shopping their at the mall????
Swara hugged Rags & started teasing her..
Rags was blushing all ovr!!!!!!

At MM-
Sanskar – ma I m leaving for a party!! Ok???
Ap- no more parties now!!!! Grow up u r getting engaged tomm…???
Start being an adult I m not going to poke u alwys….
Sanskar( in mind)- How foolish I m gonna marry a gal & I have nevr seen her?
This is only for family …, I will nvr be wid her I will nvr accept her!! Thinking that he leaves.
PRECAp- no precap
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  3. Means ragsan are going to marry and what about swara and her daughter whome she married

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