Would you like Colors’ Shakti to end?

Colors’ Shakti will be going off air soon. The show premiered on 30th May, 2016. It had to meet big expectations since it replaced Colors’ longest running show Balika Vadhu at the prime 8 pm slot. Fortunately, the viewers have got enough drama in the twisted romantic love tale of Harman and his kinner wife Soumya. Harman proves that love knows no boundaries and is a true and pure bond of heart and soul. Viewers had liked Harman and Soumya’s sweet tale, ups and downs, struggles and light romance. Vivian Dsena and Rubina Dilaik’s chemistry as the leads is much appreciated since the very beginning of the show.

The show is getting a sorrowful track. Harman and Soumya get attacked by Veeran. The attack gets deadly, when their bodies are thrown inside the lake. Preeto senses some bad omen when Harman and Soumya’s photo frame breaks down. Preeto alerts Harak about Harman and Soumya’s lives being in danger. Preeto wants to reach them and save their lives. Preeto and Harak try to find Harman and Soumya in their new shelter. Harman and Soumya vow to live and die together, while keeping the vows of their eternal love. Would you like Colors’ Shakti to end? Let us know your opinion in this poll.

  1. Lokesh

    Bhut kama Liya, have a grt story, ab is show Ko izzat ke sath off air ho Jaana chaiye.

  2. iski jga naagin 3 ko daily on air kr dien

    1. Lokesh

      Haa ekdum sahi

  3. I’d rather prefer that they work abit on kinner challenge to proof herself in other domain life such as study, work business. Finishing the episodes this way make it meaning less

    1. archana bhasin

      Very true.it will end like an ordinary bollywood kahani

  4. If the show has chosen kinner issue, it would be preferable that it shows solution. Treatment, operation with the support of family members, in the show it might be Harman & preeto to advise people about such a possibility. This must be the next phase, but finishing it that way is really non sense

  5. getting a bit draggy but nice drama.

  6. ShraddhaSharma392

    The show had much expectation about society giving importance and equal status to transgender, though it tired but it never realised its shakti, soumya is shown all time helpless and crying .. Though it showed that normal human and trangender can also love without any boundaries, but it is not able to justify its title

  7. Happiness yonas

    It shouldn’t end this way atleast harman and soumnya they should have a happy ending with kids and reunited with the both families . And also transgender should be valued as normal people.

    1. You’re Absolutely right

  8. No Shakti shouldn’t end this way. Saumya and Harman’s relationship should be accepted by both families and their love should be an example to the society that it’s possible for a kinner to live a normal life and be loved eternally by someone and be happy and also by Haya’s example society should respect and value kinners. The show should also educate the public that there are solutions for kianers medically. The ending should be such a way that the viewers will be satisfied and undersatand the social message that shakti series is portraying to the viewers and the impact it’ll bring to the society so that the perspective towards Kinners will change for the better and all genders will live together like a big family. No more humiliation, discrimination and disrespecting kinners.

    1. I agree with you

  9. uttam seshagiri

    If this ends in the death of Harman and Sowmya, this will be like any other tale with a tragic end. Ridiculous ! The makers went out to make it a serial with a strong message. So far the evil wins and the good ones suffer. Now show that the good people unite and triumph over the likes of Veeren and others. Sowmya should get in to the main stream and show others that there is hope for all human beings.

    1. archana bhasin

      Very true.it will end like an ordinary bollywood kahani.It should portray a strong message to the society.It should have a happy and positive message for society

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