Preeran SS ; Realization Part 18

Luthra mansion 

Rakhi asks Rishab about his feelings for Preeta from previously

Rishab : mom? why suddenly

Mahesh : dear we are worried for you, we also have some hopes for your marriage

Kareena : I know dear this from beginning but never told everybody, we only want to hear from your mouth what you want

Rishab (in mind) : oh god what is happening? I always waited for this day now when I am getting chance why is my heart not feeling good

Mahesh ; just tell us what you want, there is no force for you

Rishab : dad I have no objection if Preetaji is ready for marriage

Rakhi : I talked with her mom in morning she will talk to Preeta, if she says yes will you also?

Rishab nods leaving without saying. Karan hears everything from upstairs when his heart breaks into million pieces. The only girl he loved is also liked by his brother.

Arora house 

Sarla : this morning Rakhiji came to our house and brought marriage proposal for you

Preeta : what? (shocked)

Shrishti ; oh my god really, that means we both sister go in same house

Dadi : cool down your sister have not agreed yet, control your excitement

Shrishti : she will agree I know for sure

Preeta : ma but I have never thought about it and you know what happened recently

Sarla : I very well know but you probably don’t know Rakhiji always wanted to make you part of their family

Preeta (in mind) : how is this possible? that day when Karan told me he is fine then, did Rakhi aunty misunderstood us

Sarla : where are you lost?

Preeta : ma I respect Rakhi aunty a lot but for marriage I am not ready yet

Sarla : I will not force you on anything just take your own time

Shrishti : di why did you say no? this was good chance to agree for marriage

Preeta : are you crazy? if I wanted to say yes then I would have said to Karan that day

Shrishti : sit here first you tell me what does Karan Sir lack, he is loving, caring successful what else you need

Preeta ; its not that, I don’t want to be burden on him, every time when I am with him, he always gets into big problem

Shrishti ; this is all rubbish, you are thinking too much just call him and say yes, di who knows you will start loving him after marriage

Preeta decides to give a chance to their relationship and progress more.

Preeta : ma, I am ready for marriage

Sarla and Dadi get extremely happy knowing her response. They immediately call Luthras informing them

Rakhi : Maheshji, Rishab Karan, everybody come down

Rishab : what happened?

Karan ; mom are you okay

Rakhi ; Sarlaji just called, she said Preeta agreed to marry Rishab

Karan is blown with the news misunderstanding her love for Rishab.

Mahesh : really? I knew it, Rishab (kisses his forehead)

“Is that why Preeta could not answer me, she was embarrassed to tell me she loved Rishab why baby doll, at least you could have shared that before” Karan’s heart start racing faster

“Karan are you not happy? whats wrong” Kareena asks him

Karan : of course I am happy, more than you all, my brother is getting his love, congratulations bro finally now you and this shorty will get your love I will be free (hugs him)

Rishab feels partially happy with everything going faster.

Rakhi : I will tell Sarlaji, that we will do both engagements together now

Sameer and Kritika only understands’ Karan’s aching heart and pain behind smile.

Next day Preeta comes to meet Karan who is working out in room.

Preeta : good morning (comes with smile)

Karan does not react like usual

Preeta : now what happened? are you not happy with my decision

Karan ; of course I am, why not?

“Yesterday Shrishti explained me I should give a chance to this relationship, I also felt you deserve that” Preeta comes close to him

Karan gets confused with her behavior

Shrishti excitedly tells Sameer about Preeta’s consent of marrying Karan

Kritika ; looks like you have lost your brains in excitement of your engagement

Shrishti : what?

“Tall pole I think you got big misunderstanding, Rakhi aunty brought Rishab bhai’s marriage proposal not Karan bhai “ Sameer’s words  makes her feel like fool

Shrishti ; but how is this possible? I am the one who forced di to agree because I thought it was for Karan Sir

Sameer : I really salute to your pea sized brain, you messed up everything, do you even know how much karan bhai is in pain

Shrishti ; oh my god what have I done? di will kill me for sure

Karan ; Preeta what are you talking about? I don’t understand

Preeta ; why are you behaving like this? first you sent aunty with our marriage then you are behaving like I am stranger

“Our marriage? I never sent mom to your house” Karan clears her illusion

Preeta : then whose marriage proposal she brought yesterday

Karan : your and bhai’s marriage that you agreed happily, Preeta really you call me your best friend and hide so much

Preeta : what did I hide?

Karan : that you love Rishab, only once you could have told me

Preeta : Karan listen to me, I have no feelings for Rishabji, I never hid anything from you

Karan : then why did you say yes?

Preeta : I thought you sent aunty for our marriage oh god and this happened because of that Shrishti, let me get home first I will take her class silly girl

“Oh no, if Preeta refuse to marry bhai, he will break again and mom’s dream will also shatter I cannot let this happen” Karan gets tensed

Preeta tries to clear confusion between both families but elders does not let her put words.

Rakhi ; you don’t know how much happy you made me, I always wanted to see you as bride of this family

Preeta ; aunty is Rishabji really happy with this marriage, he never told me

Rakhi : you know you are the only he shared feelings before, and you made him agree for marriage with Sherlyn

Preeta : but aunty

Dadi : no ifs not but, now you are going to be permanent daughter of my family

Preeta feels helpless seeing happiness in both families regarding the marriage.

Later in evening Luthras and Aroras get together for dinner. Lights go off when they hear sound of music. All of them gets shocked when they see Piyali wearing short dress

Chee Ho Ho Honolulu Lu Lu Lu Lu, Honolulu

Hing Bekei Hong Kong, King Kong

I Seenoosi, Yusiloosi, Hassi Tosi, Lassi Pissi

Mombasa, Ping Pong

Oye Oye Oye Oye Oye Oye

Aka Chikee Lakee Chikee

Chikee Lakee Chu

Aka Chikee Lakee Chikee Chikee

Lakee Chikee Chu

Aka Chikee Lakee Chikee Chikee

Lakee Chikee Chu

Mai Khwabo Kee Shehjadee

Mai Hu Har Dil Pe Chhayee

Ho, Mai Khwabo Kee Shehjadee

Mai Hu Har Dil Pe Chhayee

Badal Hai Meree Julfe, Bijalee Meree Angdayee

Bijalee Girane Mai Hu Aayee

Bijalee Girane Mai Hu Aayee

Kehte Hain Mujhko Hawa Hawayee

Hawa Hawayee, Hawa Hawayee

Bijalee Girane Mai Hu Aayee, Ho Bijalee Girane Mai Hu Aayee

Kehte Hain Mujhko Hawa Hawayee

Hawa Hawayee, Hawa Hawayee…..

Piyali dances closely with Karan who is furious seeing her. Rishab is shocked with her new avatar which was oppose

Samjhe Kya Ho Nadano, Mujhko Bholee Naa Jano

Mai Hu Sanpo Kee Ranee, Kanta Mange Naa Panee

Sagar Se Motee Chhinu, Deepak Se Jyoti Chhinu

Patthar Se Aag Laga Lu, Sine Se Rat Chura Lu

Han Chura Lu, Chura Lu, Han Ha Chura Lu

Jinon Jo Tumne Bat Chhupayee,

O Janu Jo Tumne Bat Chhupayee

Kehte Hain Mujhko Hawa Hawayee

Hawa Hawayee Hawa Hawayee

Bijalee Girane Mai Hu Aayee, Kehte Hain

Mujhko Hawa Hawayee

Kareena : enough, how dare you come back? guards throw her out

Shrishti : di, what is she doing here?

Piyali : wait wait, don’t even think about that or else you have to deal with cops

Mahesh : Piyali? what kind of behavior is this

Piyali ; patience uncle, your guest hospitalization is not over for me right Karan (goes to him)

Karan ; have you lost it?

Piyali ; no baby, but you might have forgot that we got engaged remember

Karan ; but it was all charade then why are you doing this

Piyali : charade? then this signature is also fake on papers (shows him documents)

Karan ; what the hell? I never signed those

Rishab reads documents with widen eyes

Mahesh ; can somebody tell me whats going on here?

Piyali : I will tell you uncle, its a marriage certificate and according to law, I am daughter in law of this family nobody can kick me out

Rakhi : Karan what is all this?

Karan (in mind) : there is no point in arguing with this girl, this is good chance, to make Preeta distance from me, now she will not refuse to marry Rishab

Rishab : why are you silent? speak up what the hell is this

Karan : actually bhai, I wanted to tell you this but never got chance and then bua kicked Piyali out of house

Kareena : are you in your senses? without thinking you signed those papers

Karan : I am sorry bua

Mahesh : you didn’t do this right, I never expected this from you

Preeta is shaken up with whole incidence

Shrishti : di, something is wrong here I can sense it

Preeta : this is not possible, Karan cant do this

Rakhi : we know Karan can’t do anything without our permission

Piyali : he is not a kid who I have trapped, he signed it willingly (says with attitude)

Kareena ; I won’t let you stay here even for a minute, bhai call cops

Piyali : aunty why are you raising your blood pressure, I just said nobody can kick me out of this place why are you wasting time of police

Kareena ; bhabhi did you see, this girl have showed her true colors, she only want our wealth nothing else

Rakhi : you were right, didi

Piyali : well you all can keep continue, I will go to room, I am very tired good night

Rishab and Preeta are the in huge dilemma with recent happening. Karan goes to his room angrily when he sees Piyali putting her back

Karan : what are you doing in my room?

Piyali : oh god, where will I go if I don’t come in your room, sorry our room

Karan : keep your nonsense with you, what is all this and why did you come back

Piyali : you didn’t like my surprise? I am so sorry for coming like this but you know I was missing you very much

Karan : I didn’t say anything downstairs but it was not to save you but for another reason till you are here behave yourself

Piyali : when your Kareena aunty was insulting my mother where did your friendship go, Karan Luthra I am good with good but if somebody question my character I will make them repay

Karan : I curse that day when I brought you in my life and made you my best friend

Piyali : thats your problem not mine, anyway now when I am here, everything will be equal, and I will leave after settling old score good night

Karan : I know I did big mistake but for sure Preeta will agree to marry bhai to save me

Arora house

Shrishti ; di why are you quiet like this? say something Karan Sir is trapped

Preeta : I have decided I will get engaged with  Rishabji now

Shrishti : are you okay?

Preeta : this is only way to know Piyali’s motive better, she will not leave Karan easily and law will not let us do anything against her

Shrishti : you are playing with Rishabji’s emotions di

Preeta : I will explain him and he will understand

Sherlyn gets heartbroken after knowing Rishab and Preeta’s engagement. She gets distracted with thought of Omisha

Sherlyn : why can I not remember that girl? I am certain I saw her before but where

Precap : Sameer makes Omisha wear engagement ring in front of everybody. Things turn sour between Luthra and Arora

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