Woh Toh Hai Albela 29th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Sayuri Exposes Anjali’s Actions

Woh Toh Hai Albela 29th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Anjali shows her fake concern for Sayuri and Kanha and says she should have gone in search of them. Nakul says there is no need for that as his friend’s father who is in police sent his team to search them. Anjali blames Sayuri and says she told her not to take inebriated Kanha alone, but she didn’t listen to her. Rashmi says Sayuri didn’t do anything and asks Anjali if she has any proof. Anjali say no. Rashmi asks her not to blame Sayuri unnecessarily then. Nakul says he said same to Saroj. Saroj gets more worried for Kanha and says they also should search for Kanha. Dhanraj tells Nakul that she is right.

Kanha with Sayuri returns home. Anjali thinks if the really spent a night at a hotel. Kanha comforts Saroj and says he is fine. Saroj notices his hand injury. Kanha says he is fine and its just a minor injury. Anjali blames Sayuri and says she told her not to take a risk and stay back at the party venue or at least let her drive them home, but she didn’t listen to her and took Kanha on a long drive. Sayuri stands speechless in shock. Anjali asks why don’t she answer her. Saroj says Sayuri doesn’t have any answer and accuses Sayuri of getting Kanha drunk and risking his life, etc. Kusum joins her and questions Sayuri’s upbringing and character.

Sayuri asks Saroj who told her that she got Kanha drunk. Anjali gets nervous. Sayuri describes that Kanha had a juice which Anjali had offered her. Anjali nervously refuses and says she doesn’t know what Sayuri is talking about. Rashmi and Bhanu ask Anjali that she was wrongly accusing Sayuri while she is the culprit. Saroj changes the topic to divert their attention and taking Kanha to the home temple performs his nazar. Kanha calls Sayuri. Sayuri performs her and Kanha’s nazar and thinks Kanha and her life was at risk because of Anjali, she didn’t expect this from Anjali, etc. Rashmi smiles at Nakul. Indu notices that.

Kusum tells Saroj that Sayuri turned the table in her favor and got Anjali exposed. Saroj says she is happy that Anjali still wants Kanha back in her life and get Sayuri out of Kanha’s life. Kusum says it would have been better if Kanha’s accident had happened. Saroj asks her not to say that. Kusum says they would have blamed Sayuri for that and get her out of Kanha’s life. Saroj says she will kick Sayuri out of Kanha’s life without anything happening to Kanha.

Back to room, Kanha recalls Anjali’s behavior during party. Rashmi tells family how Anjali was trying to get close to Kanha. Priya says she will trash Anjali with her hockey stick. Indu says Anjali is mad in Kanha’s love, they should alert Sayuri. Bhanu say they should explain Anjali before she goes mad. Indu says Anjali can go to any extent and even harm Sayuri to get Kanha. Rashmi says Kanha considered Anjali as best friend and never loved her, its Anjali who was mad behind Kanha, etc. She says she is sure Kanha will always support Sayuri and will stay away from Anjali.

Sayuri bandages Kanha’s wound. Tum Ho Saath Mere.. song plays in the background. Kanha feels for her and thanks her for her help. Sayuri asks him to stop thinking him and freshen up. Kanha thanks him for handling him last night. She thinks yesterday’s night was amazing. Anjali panics recalling Sayuri confronting her and Kanha’s growing fodness towards her. She thinks Sayuri is snatching Kanha from her, how to explain Kanha that she loves him immensely. She determines to get back Kanha from Sayuri at any cost. Sayuri smiles recalling the moments spent with Kanha during party and in jungle. Kanha also recals the same events and smiles.

Precap: Kanha warns Anjali to stay away from Sayuri.
Sayuri praises Kanha that he looked handsome last night. Anjali determines to marry Kanha at any cost.

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