Woh Toh Hai Albela 27th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Sayuri And Kanha Lose Their Way In the Jungle

Woh Toh Hai Albela 27th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sayuri shouts finding herself and Kanha lost in a jungle. Kanha says he can’t see any road till far away. Sayuri finds no mobile network. Indu asks Rashmi if she has feelings for Nakul Rashmi nervously says there is nothing like that. Indu says even if she has, she should forget Nakul as Sayuri is being tortured day and night by Saroj. Rashmi says she and Nakul are friends. Indu says she shouldn’t meet Nakul from hereon. Bhanu says she shouldn’t pay heed to Saroj’s taunts and says Rashmi and Nakul are childhood friends and they would have come closer by now if they wanted to. She reminds that even after Saroj’s opposition, Sayuri and Kanha united.

Sayuri and Kanha walk in the jungle trying to find mobile network and way out. Kanha stops her and says they should stay there before they get stuck further in. He frightens her that there must be wild animals around. Sayuri panics. He comforts her. She asks where will they sleep. Saroj gets worried for Kanha, calls Anjali, and informs her that Kanha hasn’t reached yet. Anjali says they left the party venue long ago and thinks she can continue the drama and mislead Saroj. She tells Saroj that Sayuri was heavily drunk mixing alcohol with juice and even forcefed alcohol to Kanha. She must have forced Kanha to stay in a highway hotel. Saroj gets concerned and informs Dhanraj that Sayuri and Kanha got drunk. Nakul hearing that says bhabhi had only cold drink which he gave her and bhai had juice. Anjali grins thinking her plan is working.

Kanha prepares a dry grass bed for Sayuri and lies next to her and gets nervous. Mila Hoon Ab Jo Tumse.. song plays in the background. Sayuri fall asleep and wakes up afraid when something falls on her. Kanha comforts her and asks her to sleep peacefully as he is guarding her. She falls asleep again. He drapes his jacket over her. Saroj panics. Nakul asks her to relax as bhai and bhai would do that and Anjali is lying. Saroj asks why would Anjali lie. Rashmi informs her family that Nakul messaged her that Kanha and Sayuri haven’t returned home yet.

Sayuri wakes up and finds Kanha missing. Kanha goes to get water for Sayuri and hearing her panicking rushes towards her, but gets lost. Sayuri searches for Kanha. Goons surround her. Indu’s family try to enter Saroj’s house to comfort her, but Saroj warns them to dare not enter house and curses them as usual.

Precap: Dacoits threaten Sayuri to give her jewelry and mangalsutra. Sayuri gives jewelry and refuses to give her mangalsutra. They attack her with a sickle. Kanha protects her.

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