RadhaKrishn 27th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Padmavati’s Swayamwar Starts

RadhaKrishn 27th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Rishi Bhrigu thinks he doesn’t know when will Srinivas analyze Bhargavi’s horoscope/kundali and find out her wedding muhurat. Khyati informs him that Vidya’s father has come to discuss about Vidya’s marriage with him. Bhargavi expresses her anxiousness in front of Vidya and other friends and thinks when will Srinivas return and inform them about wedding muhurat. Srinivas walks in and informs her that her wedding will happen tomorrow. Bhargavi stands shocked hearing that.

Rishi Bhrigu walks to them chatting with Vidya’s father. Srinivas greets him. Bhrigu reminds him that he has to leave Venkatgiri forever if he hasn’t found Bhargavi’s wedding muhurat. Srinivas takes his blessings and in detail describes Bhargavi’s horoscope and her wedding muhurat after 6 months. Bhrigu thinks she never thought in that aspect and asks Srinivas what if his prediction goes wrong. Srinivas says he wouldn’t have come there if his prediction was wrong and asks if he can stay back in Venkatgiri if his prediction is right. Bhrigu agrees.

Padmavati’s swayamwar starts. Kings and princes from different dynasties participate in swayamwar. King Akash welcomes them. Rishi walks in next. King Akash introduces Bhrigu as a great scholar whose prediction never fails except once. Bhrigu feels aback hearing that. Participants wish to meet Padmavati. King asks if he felt bad when he mentioned about his 1 failure. Bhrigu says he just spoke truth.

Srinivas serves sweets to Bhargavi. Bhargavi asks why he said his father that her marriage will be after 6 months. He asks her not to worry about it and enjoy the sweets. She says Padmavati must have been looking more beautiful getting ready as a bride. Padmavati’s friends get her ready and asks if she is nervous about her swayamvaar. She says no as she knows whom to choose. They ask if she will choose Srinivas. She nods yes. Vasu hears their conversation.

Precap: Padmavati’s swayamwar starts. Vasu says they should appoint Srinivas as the judge to judge partcipants’ dance.

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