Woh Chaand Toh Mein Hoon – RED CARPET AND TWISTS (EP 48)

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Episode starts

Romi: Riya what happened? Why are you crying? Bolo na kuch

Riya: Romi…Romi…Kabir

Romi: Kabir?

Riya: Haan…I saw…I saw

She tells him the happenings in London

Romi: Strange…I have heard about look alikes but this is real and I am really shocked. If Im not in your life you could have married him na

Riya: Shut up huh. Having the same face of Kabir cannot bring in that love and moreover you are my love now. You are my everything so dont talk in a silly manner hereafter.
Romi holds her closer and puts her to sleep

Few days later

Oberoi Mansion

Anika is petrified for not finding Shivaay yet

Khanna: Mam..sir had received a call from a private number so it is taking time to trace it.
Anika: I have tried my best to locate Priyanka and Jai but Im unable to find it. Shivaay went for Priyanka but he is not back yet. Poor Priyanka dont know what happened to her

Khanna: Mam but the note says that she is dead
Just then Anika’s mobile rings. Its an unknown number. Anika attends the call and puts it on speaker

Voice: Bhabhi..

Anika is shocked

Anika: Priyanka…Priyanka

Priyanka sobs

Anika: Priyanka how are you? Where are you?

Priyanka: Bhabhi a big conspiracy is done by Jai. Bhai is captured by him. I was also captured but Bhai helped me to esccape. You need to save bhai..and Dr.Mani…Dr.Mani

Anika: Mani uncle?

Priyanka disconnects the call

Khanna: Dr. Mani?
Anika: Aliya’s dad and a great neurologist. How is he involved?

Anika calls Adi

Bhalla house

Adi is trying to feed Aliya. Ruhi and Vihaan are there  too

Adi’s mobile rings , it is Anika. He connects the call on speaker

Adi: Anika…

Anika tells him what Priyanka told her.

Ruhi: Bhai this Jai is connected to Mani uncle’s sudden coma stage right?

Adi: Haan. Anika you dont worry we will be there soon. Lets sort it

He disconnects the call.

Vihaan: Lets inform ACP sir too and involve him in our plan

Aliya: What if that Jai?

Ruhi: Dont worry bhabhi ACP sir can join us unofficially then we wont have any issues.

They get ready while Khanna traces the location of Priyanka.

Kaira home Mumbai 

Kartik: Naira…get ready soon

He walks inside the room and is flattered to see Naira in

Kartik: Hayee

Naira: The gift of Bhai is awesome na

Kartik: Haan..you look like a princess

Naira: Haan Im a princess indeed..wife of a frog prince is a princess right

Kartik hugs her. Just then Naira’s mobile rings. It is Naksh

Naksh: Are you ready Naira?

Naira: Bhai your gift is awesome. I love it.

Naksh: Im so happy

Naira: Where are you bhai?

Naksh: Im going to the temple with Muma. Okay Naira take care. Enjoy lots. I will call you later


Naksh and Akshara walk in and are surprised to see Swarna and Keerthi there. Akshara and Swarna walk together to the shrine while Naksh and Keerthi trail behind. Suddenly Keerthi slips and Naksh holds her. They share an eye lock.

Moments later they realise the situation and steady themselves

Keerthi: Naksh you go I will do some rituals and come

Naksh: Even I have few rituals

They walk to the same place

Keerthi: You too prayed for this?

Naksh: Haan..for

Keerthi: Kartik’s recovery?

Naksh: Haan

They both admire their thought similarity and do the rituals. Aditya watches them from a distance.

Award Show Red Carpet

Urvashi and the star kid  Nishant pose for pictures . Thats when Kartik and Naira enter with Naira’s hands in Kartik’s . Once the media spot them they ditch Urvashi and Nishant and rush to Kaira

Reporter: Hello sir so Happy for your quick recovery

Kartik: All credits to my wife

Reporter: Sir seems like you were in Greece

Kartik: Yeah we were in Greece for our honeymoon

He looks at Naira who is blushing on hearing the word Honeymoon

Reporter: Mam there were reports like he was using you for publicity. Whats your opinion?

Naira: Im his wife and if Im gaining him attention then its not that Im being used. Its that we are complementing each other

Reporter: You have been nominated for the best debutant actor of the year and your latest movie is doing great in film festivals and is set to hit screens next week. How do you feel sir?

Kartik: I feel so blessed.

Before any other personal topic is touched Kartik and Naira walk in. The gown makes it uncomfortable for her to walk. Kartik notices this and bends to hold it for her in one hand while his other hand held her hand. The media capture this wonderful gesture. Urvashi burns seeing it.






  1. Kavya_P

    Interesting precap

    1. Sai07

      Thank you so much Kavya ❤️❤️

  2. Radhakrishn

    Loved Kartik saying hayee. Romi and Riya scenes were nice. Keesh scenes were cuteee. Kartik holding Naira’s gown was an awww moment. Where is Priyanka?? Hope Annika finds Shivaay soon. That means Mani too knows Jai’s secret?

    1. Sai07

      Hey Radhakrishn So happy that you liked Kartik’s hayee,Romiya and Keesh scenes. I will tell that soon ❤️❤️

  3. Nice one!!!
    Can you add Kaira’s romantic dance in this award function..on “baarish” or” lift teri band hai”…pls it’s my request!!

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      Thank you so much Kaira ❤️❤️. Sure dear its my pleasure 😍😍

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  6. Such a great episode…kaira scenes were so romantic…loved it..you write amazing..keep writing…I regularly read your ffs..just lazy to write comments…..and I have a suggestion..whenever you bring kaira pregnancy track..pls show karik’s overprotectiveness pls..and saying naira “cute” because I love that part and then their arguement..and they must reveal it on social media as ‘virushka’ did..pls it’s just a thought that I wanted to keep in front…anyways u are an amazing author!! keep writing

    1. Sai07

      Thank you so much Shivin ❤️❤️. I completely understand dear 🥰🥰. Awesome suggestions dear 🤗🤗. I will definitely bring in all these wonderful elements in the pregnancy track ❤️🥰🥰

  7. Jasminerahul

    Riya is right.Having the same face will not bring the same love.loed riya saying that now her love is him.i had guessed that jai was behind hivay;s kidnap.but never expected priyanka to call anika to inform her this.cant understand y he did it to mani.never expected this.good that now bhallas will join Anika to find out shivay.
    This was funny-
    Naira: Haan Im a princess indeed..wife of a frog prince is a princess right.
    Keesh eye lock was romantic.temple scene was nice.aditya is a nuisance.surprised to see pulkit as the star kid.
    Horrible question by the media to Naira.i just loved her reply.kaira gown scene was so lovely.naira is lucky to get karthik as her hus.
    Uvashi is with the star kid.then why I she irritated seeing kaira together? perfect pics.

    1. Sai07

      Hey Jasmine Yeah right 💯💯. Happy that you liked it. Indeed she is lucky. She has lost a precious person which makes her irritated. Kya cheez gawa di hai tumne ye sochke so na paogi

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