Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 18th January 2021 Written Episode Update: New Challenge For Gehna

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 18th January 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

In this episode of Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2, Kaka praises Jamuna Ben for the Kheer and says that she makes the best Kheer in the world. He says that Anant is lucky as his tiffin has both mother’s love and wife’s care in it.

Kanak informs Jamuna Ben that Mrs. Doshi has arrived with her group. Gehna says that she will prepare the tiffin and give it to Kaka. Gehna tells Kakaji that Baa saved her from falling from the stool and took her name. Kakaji says that she still loves you but is angry. She has saved you today and will save the relationship between you and her. Soon these clouds of anger will vanish and she will love you like before.

Mrs. Doshi has arrived to invite Jamuna Ben for the 25th anniversary of their pooja samiti. She tells Kanak that she will have to win in the dance competition like every time. Kanak says that she will participate and win as well. Mrs. Doshi asks for Gehna.

Everyone is shocked to see Gehna’s new look and Mrs. Doshi asks if she is married now and even after getting married she’s still working in this house. Kanak tells everyone that she is married in this house only with Anant. Mrs. Doshi is shocked and asks if Jamuna Ben has married her son to a servant. What kind of a mother are you, she says. One of the ladies in the group says that relations are destined but Anant’s destiny had a maid servant in store for him. She asks if something happened because of which the family had to marry their son to a servant.

Gehna defends Baa by saying that her image and respect has only increased after marrying her son with her. She says that everyone used to call her servant but Baa married her son to a servant and made her life. She has such a big heart and not everyone has a heart of gold like her. Bapuji says that Gehna has never defended herself but today she took Jamuna’s side and defended her.

Mrs. Doshi was pleased to hear what Gehna said and agreed with her. Mrs. Doshi also gave her Shagun. Gehna was about to leave when Mrs. Doshi asks her to stop and says that now you are part of the family and will have to take care of the celebration as well as participate in the dance competition.

Hema is shocked by Gehna’s reply and tells Kanak that the tables have turned. Kanak says that she will cut Gehna’s feather. Kanak says Gehna will decorate the pandal. Kanak suggests that Gehna can also cook very well. One of the lady says Gehna will be the head cook then. Baa says that this festival is a matter of pride for the family and there should be no mistakes whatsoever.

Gehna comes to put some tissue papers in Kaka’s tiffin bag. He blesses Gehna to be happy. Gehna tells Kaka that she will participate in the Sarasvati Pooja celebration. She admits that she is nervous. Kaka tells her that it is good to be nervous as fearlessness comes after being nervous. Kaka leaves saying Anant would be waiting for the lunch.

Hema asks Kanak why she was praising Gehna’s cooking skills in front of the guests. She says that she has a plan in mind to destroy Gehna and her reputation.

Kaka reaches the office and tells Anant what happened at home. He tells Anant how Gehna defended Baa and won everyone’s heart. Kaka advises Anant to say best of luck to Gehna and hands over the tissue papers to him.

Anant comes home with gifts for everyone. He handover gifts to everyone except Tia. Anant teases her and says sorry Tia, but then gives her the gift as well. Tia gets excited and hugs Anant. Jamuna tells Anant that these gifts are your love towards us and everyone likes love.

Kaka tells Bapuji that Anant has brought the family together. Anant was about to give Gehna’s gift to her when Raadhika arrives and wishes Jai Shree Krishna to everyone.

Anant with the family stands shocked to see Radhika along with her luggage. She asks if she can stay at their home for some days.

Hema asks Kanak if this was her plan. Kanak smiles and says yes.

Precap: Kanak tells Hema and Sagar that now her game will begin. On one hand, the dish of Anant, Gehna, and Raadhika will simmer on slow flames while on the other hand the pandal will be destroyed. Sagar is seen setting fire to the pandal which Gehna has decorated. 

Update Credit to: Swapnil

  1. So ashamed as Radhika came back after much insult from Anant, can’t she move on or atleast preserve her self respect for once.

  2. All their films now is showing one form of wickedness or the other

  3. I don’t know who will handle those wicked team for me and gehna is not helping the matter at all.

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