Woh Apna Sa 30th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Jia sees Rano’s book

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Woh Apna Sa 30th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Rano pours water on Jia’s face. Jia is suffocating. Akash comes in with the medicine. Arjun stops him. He says I want to talk to you. Akash says please I have to go now. Arjun says I am sorry. Akash says its okay. arjun says please forgive me I accused you. Rano says i ma sorry. Akash says its okay. I know you think of me. Akash rushes to his room. Jia’s condition worsens. She faints. Akash says Jia please open your eyes. He gives her the injection. Akash says I wont let anything happen. He gives her meds and checks her pulse. Akash gives her mouth to mouth Resurrection. Akash says thank God you are fine. I am sorry for everything.

Akash takes care of Jia. He says you did so much for me Jia. You knew it had drugs and just to save me and this house you ate it. My respect for you has amplified today. I don’t wanna lose you. Jia opens her eyes. He kisses her hand. Jia thinks its Arjun. She rests her head in his lap. He says I hope you feel the same as I do.

Scene 2
Next morning Jia wakes up. Akash says rest. You scared me. Let me bring you coffee.
Jia comes downstairs. Ambika says Akash told me you are not well. She says I am better now. Ambika says we haave to go to a relative. You can stay home and rest. Everyone leaves. Jia is home. She cooks food.
Jia calls Akash and says where is grocery store’s number? He says there is a diary in Arjun’s room. It has all the numbers. Rano says in heart if Jia goes to room she will see my book.

Jia comes to Arjun’s room and recalls their moments together. She wears his coat. Jia looks for the diary. she sees Rano’s book. Jia is about to open it. Rano comes in and takes it from her. Rano says how dare you come to my room. Go out of here. She locks the door. Jia wonders why is she so hyper about a book?
Birju tells Jia that it was raining a lot so Rano came back home.

At night, Akash and Jia spy on Rano. They sneak into her room.
Arjun comes to room. Rano goes out to get tea. A man with covered face comes in the house and takes out his gun.
Precap-Jia takes out Rano’s book. She is dazed to see it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I wonder what’s in the book will have to wait until tomorrow,I am still hoping for Jia and Akash love story hmmm.

  2. Akash seems to have already fallen for jia, however jia fails to even understand akash’s growing care for her as she’s to hung up on arjun ?and this arjun seems to be such a background character in these episodes as he’s barely doing anything?doesn’t arjun have a job? And akash, is he really a doctor? I know his character was introduced to binni as a doctor but he doesn’t seem to be employed either ?…… Cannot wait to see what rano’s hiding in that book! Maybe she’s a Mafia don or something along that line lol ? , she gets access to drugs easy, has goons at her request (ac/camera installers), and got chemicals quite effortlessly to sabotage jia’s make-up ??…. Maybe jia might realize her feelings for akash when rano’s truth is exposed and arjun comes running back to jia(that phase till he gets another woman in his life and he leaves jia again-that endless cycle ??)

  3. Ayesh042

    I hope Jia falls too
    She really need to understand that so called love claim is not enough
    You need to give respect and care to the person you are in love with
    Not throw them out of house or slap them for the evil cunning girl you dont even know properly

    I really want to see a scene in which jia compares both arjun and akash
    And in the end confused with feelings she see akash’s smiling face and all the moments she had with him….

    1. Lol yeah the scene where he tries to resuscitate jia, he was so afraid of losing her ?? it was so nice seeing someone taking care of jia for a change ? lmao in the update the person says “resurrection! “…… Yes I totally vote for a scene where jia torn between arjun and akash, and compares and realizes that akash is the one that truly loves her…… I’m usually against the main star jodi characters being separated and paired with others in serials(kaali and yug in kaala teeka, or sarojini, meri sasu Maa, and ram milayi jodi serials for example…. but serials these days, have such suck-ish horrible main male lead ?like parth from dsdt, abhi from kkb, Harman from shakti.. The male lead behaves so idiotic that sometimes it’s hard to empathize with their character ? and we’re left debating whether he even deserves to marry much less know the lead actress, they’re seemingly undeserving…..

  4. I think from the precap that jia will get kidnapped after she reads Rano’s book

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