Mahek 30th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Karuna gets to know Anjali’s reality

Mahek 30th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mahek is not feeling well. SHe says I am going to do what I should have done before. I asked her to surrender and that’s why she did all this. How can you trust her and not ma? She rushes out.
Karuna is leaving the house. Mahek and everyone are on their way. dolly says her phone is off. Anjali has switched off her phone too.
Karuna is about to sign property papers before leaving. Mahek comes in. She says ma.. Mahek hugs her. Karuna says do you trust me? Mahek says of course I do. This anjali kept manipulating all of us. she tells Karuna everything. Mahek says I kidnapped her to get her out but she sold me to some men. She stooped so low that she tried selling me. she is a criminal. Karuna is in tears. Mahek says you wont sign any papers. Anjali shows them the papers and says

the papers are signed already. Ma mahek is right.. She laughs. Karuna says what are you saying. Shaurya is about to slap her. Anjali says shut up. Her thugs come in and stop Shaurya. Anjali points gun at him and says I dont want this drama in this house.
Karuna says i am ashamed to call you my daughter. Anjali says kick them all out of this house. The thugs kick everyone out. Anjali says good bye. Mahek says shut up. We don’t give up. You will see what we can do. Anjali says you will crave for bread. Anjali says get out. They all leave.

Karuna says Mahek Shaurya please pardon me. This all happened because of me. Shaurya says this is my mistake. I shouldn’t have listened to Mahek. Mahek says we have to be strong and fight this problem together. Don’t cry ma. We have to take what is ours. Nehal says thugs have kicked vikcy out of White chilies too. Karuna says she doesn’t deserve to my daughter. Mahek says we will go to police station. We already have witnesses.

Mahek comes to police station. She says bring those girls they will tell you truth. A girl says yes Anjali was there. she wanted to take revenge from Mahek. Kriti says there was no such girl there. Mahek says don’t be scared. Tell them truth. Her friends ask her to say truth. Mahek says to Kriti why did you do this? She says my poverty has done this. I am poor. She has give me money to live my life.

Anjali calls Shaurya and says you can’t do anything. Its tome to give up.
Kanta calls. Nehal says talk to her. Mahek says are you okay chachi? Kanta says listen to me. You hid this from us. You thought you can do anything. This is why I never wanted to come here. I am coming back. Mahek says we are here we will handle it all.
Shaurya says ma promise I will take you back home. Shauyra says I have a plan. He tells her everything.

Police comes to Anjali’s house. They say we are from tax department. Shauyra didn’t file his taxes. They check the whole house. They ask anjali to open her closets. Shaurya sees the proper papers. He takes them and leaves.
When they are leaving real police comes in. Anjali smirks.
Precap-Anjali comes to Mahek and says Shauyra is in jail. Karuna slaps her. Anjali twists her hand and says stay in your limit.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I think this is the second time they’re getting kicked out of their house right? Lmao

  2. cant believe they didnt post my first comment
    But lemme just submit this second one
    Werent the khannas kicked out already by somebody else? Lmao
    Shaurya was so highly and had so much contacts etc at the beginning of this show
    Yet he was kicked out of his OWN house twice!!! Lmao
    What a smarty pants! ?

  3. Fully nonsense….

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