Woh Apna Sa 26th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Arjun sees Jia and akash being close

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Woh Apna Sa 26th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Akash says I am sorry ma. She says I never knew you would talk to me like this. He says i am sorry ma. She says you both should be like Ram and Lakshman. Dont’ fight with each other on small this. talk and solve your problems right now. Akash apologize your brother. He says but.. She says say sorry. Don’t hesitate. For me. Akash says to Arjun I am sorry. Arjun says I am sorry too. They hug each other.
Ambika says to Rano Akash misbehaved with you. I am making them both understand importance of family. we have to stay united. They both leave. Ambika says I wont let anyone harm my family.

Ambika says to Rano why is AC not working? Call the electrician. She calls electricians. They are her people. Jai says why are you both not wearing uniform? Show me your ID. Rano says I called them from shop. Ambika says we can’t wait. They will fix the Ac. They fix Ambika’s ac. They fix a camera in Jia’s room. She says now Arjun will have to see the reality.

Rano says to Arjun see this. Rano says see this. Arjun says do you have any shame? You installed camera in their room. I don’t want to see all this. she says look at it once. See this. He says you wanna show that this wedding is fake? Rano says they fake their love to make you jealous. Just look at it.
The video starts. Jia and Akash sit together. They play a song and dance together. Arjun gets upset. They come close to each other. Arjun says do you have any shame? Don’t dare doing anything like this again. He leaves. Rano says how did this happen.

Rano gets ready in her room. Arjun comes and says what is this? she says I am not feeling well. She says I want water. Rano hides all the things.
She says I feel week. I am sorry. I made a mistake again. He says don’t do this again. She says sit here please. He says you rest i have some work. Rano pretends like she is sick. She says in heart Ajrun can’t see that book.

Jia and Akash are asleep. Jia hears a cat voice and wakes up. she tries to wake up Akash. He says what happened? Jia says there is a cat in the room. He says I can’t see it. Sleep please. Jia hears it again. She goes out to check. Akash says aare you scared? She says no i will go and check. She goes out to check. Jia sees a ghost. She screams. Akash says what happened. Jia says there is a ghost. Akash looks outside. Jia says did you see it? He says no.. I mean.. There is something wrong.
Precap-Akash and Jia come out. They follow the ghost. Lights don’t turn on. Jia says who are you.. Lightsturn on. They scream.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Honestly, I think jia and akash Will end up falling for each other ?

    1. Yeah though I’m not sure its a bad thing, akash is supporting her more than arjun has ever ? arjun and jia’s relationship is always one sided, jia always ends up being the one hurt so maybe it’s time to accept arjun isn’t the replica of aditya personality wise ? does she even have a reason to love arjun, apart from him being aditya in his last birth, neither does he trust her, he’s always bring a third party trouble to complicate their relationship, nor is he the aditya jia fell for, his personality is nothing like adi. Don’t get me wrong I loved the jhanvi -aditya pair, but I feel as though jia only convinces herself she loves arjun based off her (Jhanvi’s avatar) love from aditya

  2. I would not mind that Vidya they should fall in love I only hope his role will not become negative and let Arjun stay with that psycho Rano.

    1. Lol @jayashree I think arjun has a thing for psycho women ? ? I’m for jia-akash also ??

  3. Yeah Selina how can we forget Nisha lol and I am also for Akash/Jia.

    1. Lol yep nisha was a murdering psycho and let’s not forget doctor priya (I think her name was-the doctor he was working with to scam nisha but then, she joined hands with nisha to revenge arjun’s betrayal) ? she was low key a psycho maniac also ?

  4. Jia and Akash make a good pair. May be Arjun deserves that Rano.

    1. Ditto, let’s see jia finally get a chance with someone who loves her, without several psycho vamps attacking, and basically just enjoying wedding bliss, family life etc.

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