Ishq Mein Marjawan 26th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Arohi meets deep

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Ishq Mein Marjawan 26th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Arohi says to Dilip if I go to meet deep he will bring me to Roma. If I don’t I will never know where bhabhi is. He says you should go to meet him. Arohi says if you get the news of death please pardon me. I have to take my revenge. Chawani comes. Aorhi says don’t worry about me. I will not let deep plan anything. She leaves and sees that virat is going somewhere. Virat says to Aorhi, Arohi left all this stuff here. We might find something about her. Arohi says you should rather ask mmom about vedika. He says mom told me a new story. He says she said somoene raped her. Arohi takes out the proofs form his bucket. Arohi says what.. This all happened with mom? Virat says she isn’t telling me the name. Arohi says we will find that man and kill him. Virat says of course. I will kill Vedika’s father for sure.
Prithvi hears all this.

Arohi texts deep leave home. I will tell you where to come. Arohi says to chawani stay here and be careful. Tell everyone that I am asleep. No one should know I am not home. They should think I am home. Chawnai says be careful.
Deep texts Arohi I am here.

Virat says vedika I will kill you. He sees an address behind the photo. Prithvi sees that its vedika’s address. He says I have to stop him before he finds out I am her father. He goes after her. ROma says where are you going? She says I am going to stop him. and what did you say. She says so what? I had to do this. You kept that snake alive. He says she is my daughter. Roma says I wont let you die. Before we part be careful.

Deep comes to an old house. Arohi’s voice says you came to jail last to to meet me. 3 years have past. I waited three years for you. HE says come in front of me. She says I am there in your heart. He says there is nothing in my heart. Aorhi comes out. Deep is dazed to see her. Deep says I ruined your life. I took your family from you you can’t love me. I threw you in jail. You can only see hatred in my eyes. Arohi says then why you wanted to go to London with me. He recalls all that he did. Aorhi says that night that we spent together. All the moments of love you spent with me weren’t lies. You gave me geeta too. It kept me alive. You didn’t want me to stay in jail. You always saved me. I always made you uncomfortable even as kesari. You even had doubt but stayed quite. You love me like I do. You did so bad I still love you. We want to hate each other but we can’t. Maybe this is love.

Scene 2
Prithvi comes to Vedika’s house and burns all her photos. Virat says is someone here? He sees the fire and says someone came here before me. Virat sees half burned photo of Vedika and and her parents.
Arohi says why did you come here to meet me? Why didn’t you shoot me right away. Deep says I spent night for you for my needs. I fooled you and trapped you in all this. And you are such an idiot you still love that lie. I don’t love you. I only love Tara. You have to die. For my familyl… Arohi says family? A criminal mother and her murderer kids?? Family is what we have made? Deep says you have gone crazy. It was all a lie. Because of you Vedika died. Arohi says you killed an innocent for those devils. Deep says they are my family and I would do anything for this. He burns the handkerchief. Arohi says stop deepp. She falls. Deep holds her. Arohi says burning it wont burn memories. I know you love me anyway. You shot only on my foot to keep me alive.
Precap-Deep looks at the camera and says I will know what game is Arohi playing. He plays the video. Arohi says to chawani if he sees the recording he will know everything.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Ardeep

    Loved todays episode but arohi doesn’t realize what she said I can see in her eyes the pain and the love but she doesn’t accept just like deep waiting for London track eagerly

    1. Hi Ardeep! Yeah both are speaking something totally different to their minds! Hope London track be exciting!

    2. Hai also eagerly waiting for London track.

  2. what an episode?so emotinal! but now its clear dt Deep actually love Aarohi but is hiding his love from Raichand family and virat he act a little crazy but his mind is actually working

    1. Hi Lutfa! Agree!! ?

  3. when Deep say dt he slept with her 4 his needs i rly felt de pain that Aarohi must have felt

    1. Yeah she might’ve truly got hurt! But I think Deep said so too change the track!

    2. Hai lutfa.yes deep loves arohi.but he can’t express.

  4. Simply the scenes were predictable…. Only London track will be unpredictable. Because I knew deep will never confess his love towards arohi. And how shit u r arohi if u think deep loves u really then how can’t u think that bhabi/niku is alive because deep loves u.. so try to change his mind and make him go with a perfect path. If u want to play tit for tat game then remember deep lost his Love because of his loyalty or majburi but u will loss a love for ur revenge only and u will loose a good selfless person who is so loyalty to that family who never care about him and he still help them without any bad intention and profit.

    But whatever I want deep should be punished with high degree but u should not loose a true love like deep otherwise u must realise deep’s pain.

    Our sincere request to writer to make this happen

    1. Hi Pks! Truly agree! I also wish what you said exactly takes place! But az usual, the writers always twist the story

    2. Hai pls.definitely arohi punish deep.after London track we will see jail track.

  5. Today’s episode was really commendable I just loved every second of Ardeep. Wish these writers will show less of stupid roma and idiotic prithvi who believes every shit roma spills out of her visious mouth..just ignored them but loving the shows every part now it’s becoming more interesting day by the way where are daily commenters like dhara Rhivanya Sonia and Tania…etc..abt the precap aarohi definitely to escape..the episode will be broken off unhappily..but deep when did he know kesari was Aarohi…he never knew about it wat was aarohi literary telling…I think aarohi was just telling things out of her heart and not from her mind otherwise she could have thought about all her words inside and think deep really did love her(though he rejects and refuses loving her) aarohi should have common sense…which she has completely lost with her revengeful motive…she only sees the bad and false of deep but is unable to see the inner deep…however I loved when they had their faceoff the dialogue given by aarohi was fab?? 3saal 8 main…yaar it was lit?? but wished that the cvs would have made it an extended meet but what to do the writers just wants to make deep his mummy jis loyal saying dog I rember where is that dog in raichand family when aarohi entered as sarkar????it’s OK any how today’s episode I just get dreams of it only..I can’t even properly sleep it was so?? #ardeep#ardeeponly but I really miss Tara and her attitude a lot..I so wish she would come and tell deep I’m no pregnant neither can I be u know that..aarohi has been staying with u for so long taking my identity uff just wish so something like that occurs in London episodes?❤?❤

    Iv commented in the last 2 episode’s but this thing is giving problems hope this comes out

    1. Hi Nabs! Commentors are dropping lately! Maybe they’re busy! Btw, I also hope something interesting takes place in London episode! It’s been a while since I saw a 100+ on our page!

      1. Yes true..neither have i seen even a 50 comments crossed these days..earlier it was always above 1000..? hope the commenters and viewers will be able to stay in touch with u know the trp is only 1.7 totaly gone down..?
        By the way which country are u from SL??

      2. Yeah SL, here IMMJ is telecasted at 12 noon, day prior to the original telecast! Yeah I too wish the trp increases bit it’s dropping daily!

    2. Hai by day very interesting.

  6. Hello friends.
    Awesome title track.
    Beautiful expression.
    Why deep can’t express his love.
    Is deep trap arohi.
    Can’t wait for tomorrow.

    1. Hi Rhivanya! Dunno what’s going on in Deep’s mind! Sometimes it feels as if he loves her and whenever he puts forward that mummyji shitty thing I feel he’s not! Anyways I too loved the episode today

      1. Deep only think by mind.not heart.that is a main problem of him.

    2. True Rhivanya ?

  7. Hey dhara,rhivanya,tanya
    Do you think that Aarohi has collected evidences of her innocent and that her look alike Tara is the serial killer

    1. Hai imm.yes I think so…

  8. what the hell ldoes roma think of herself is she mad or what ? She has made a joke of rape does she even know the meaning of it ? And how can they even show something like that. . Idiots blo*dy b*t*h. . Shameless creature cant believe this .. never in life am i gonna watch this blo*dy serial again .. goddamn hell with u roma n cvs making joke of rape what does they think of themselves ???????

    1. Hi Anshu! Very true what does that woman think of herself. Does she even like she’d be victimised? Noo??

  9. Ardeep scene is awesome episode is too good. Wait for next episode
    Arjun and Alisha nailed it i hope they get all awards this year
    Alisha i m your big fan.

    1. Hi Zain Arora! True, Both Aalisha and Arjun are very talented actors!

    2. Hai zain also big fan of arjun and Alisha.

  10. super touchy episode… excellent acting by arjun…
    deep really loves arohi… even now he is alerting her so that shes not hurt…but y y y is he sooo blind towards mummyji??

    idiot deep… when arohi said… partivaar to humara hota…… deep was totally lost .. poor deep

    1. Hi! Saras! Arjun’s acting is always mind blowing! He makes us feel teary eyed whenever he speaks emotional things! I love him so much ?

    2. Yes Saras,,,, Ardeep rocked the episode ?

  11. kya yaar bore ho gye is track se to…. ya to Deep change hona chahiye ya fir Aarohi ke opposite koi or strong sa lead actor lana chahiye.. or tab revenge hona chahiye ?

    1. Hi Aashu! Yeah something should happen either Deep becomes truly evil or Aarohi should get a good lead!

  12. Hello Everyone! Sorry I couldn’t comment for so long! I missed all the episodes as my uni started! How’re you all? Dhara di, Rhivanya, Sathya, Shifa, Sonia, Sana, Sonakshi, Lutfa, Cherry and others? The episode was so so touching! For a moment I felt Ardeep truly loved each other their chemistry is off the hook! I wonder what’ll happen in the London track! Roma is solely responsible for all this! I really hate that woman! I’ll be on cloud nine if I see that woman dead?
    Nothing much to say about the episode! I wish Vedika weren’t dead! Whoever comes up to help Aarohi dies in the middle! Writers are kinda habituated to it.

    1. Hai r u? I was really miss your comments. I love ardeep chemistry.

      1. Hi Rhivu! Missed you too! Am fine n hope you are too!

    2. Hi Shey, how are you?? Yes the episode was awesome and it’s lovely to watch Ardeep ? i wish they unite against romma soon,,, Deep should come to know about Roma true character and oppose her,,, i hope Prithvi will expose Roma when he comes to know that Roma killed vedika,,, will see
      These writters will always give some other twist

      1. Hi Sathya!! Am fine and hope you are too dear! I also want them to get together n defeat that woman!

  13. Awesome episode,,,, it’s delight to watch Ardeep ?? lovely love & hate between Arohi and Deep ? Arjun and Alisha rocked as always ???
    Hope writers unite them soon as per viewers wish,,, i guess they are reading viewers feedback too that’s why they brought Ardeep to increase the trp ✌
    Excited for next episode

    1. Hai sathya.

      1. Hi Rhivanya,, how is your health now?

    2. Now better sathya.

      1. Were you sick dear? Wish you a speedy recovery!

    3. Yeah Sathya! Maybe they are! Atleast they thought bout us!

  14. hi everyone!!! how are you all? i missed everyone here…… i am finally back from my trip, it was wonderful. wish i could share photos 😀
    anyways, i watched the last episode on voot and will try to watch the rest that i missed too. watching the episode after a gap of one week, i must say i really liked most of it… finally it seems every character is doing something instead of just standing there…. Dilip seems to have improved a lot. before he couls barely move his hands but now he was talking with Arohi through signs. seems Arohi does take care of him although it is not always shown…. Virat is also out of his brainless mode and doing some investigation…. Prithvi, Deep… they are all doing their own thing. when Roma said to Prithvi that she does care for him and wont let him die, i wondered for a moment if she meant it. but that woman was just sweet talking again. i just hope Prithvi finda out soon that Vedika is dead and attacks Roma. (but most probably that would not happen. if Roma doubts she will tell Virat that Prithvi had raped her and then Virat will kill Prithvi instead. still Prithvi knows so many secrets, i hope he reveals some before dying)….
    Deep and Arohi have amazing chemistry. it is clear to the viewers atleast that Deep loves Arohi but for him Roma is above everyone else. (which actually makes Deep very stupid). but i dont understand what Arohi is trying to do… at first she was trying to make Deep love Tara and the baby… but now she is trying to prove to Deep that he really loves Arohi…. is she trying to confuse Deep? he cannot love both of them at the same time, so for whom is Arohi trying to create feelings in Deep’s heart? and Arohi mentioned Kesari also…. as far as i remember no one knows who kesari was. Arohi could have disguised herself as Kesari again later if needed but she just revealed the truth herself. (stupid how Deep would get restless near kesari but never felt that the lady as Tara was Arohi too!) And when Arohi mentioned it Deep didnt even seemed surprised, i am confused by that scene…. other than that fantastic dialogues! i just wish Deep would stop following Roma for once and think about running away with Arohi to london again! btw, does anyone know when they will be going to london???

    1. Hai r u? I was really miss your comments. How was your trip?
      Today arjun and Alisha reach London.

      1. hey Rhivanya, missed you too! i am fine. how r u? the trip was wonderful, me and my family went to visit sikkim and it is a beautiful place with hills, snow, clouds… just lovely 😀

    2. Hi Dhara di! Hope you enjoyed your trip! Missed you too! Last time also we commented together after a busy week! This time too?! I also missed episodes So don’t know much about the story!

      1. hey shey… hopefully now we will be able to watch the episodes continuously 🙂 my trip was vey nice. ^_^ missed you a lot too….

  15. another thing, i am really upset that Vedika got killed! she was a good character who wanted to be with her parents but still went against her mother when she realised Roma’s true nature. she was not the one to run away and Vedika could have been a good friend to Arohi, even better than chawanni… but no! why introduce characters if you have to kill them off? Kalyani, Vedika…. they just died before their secrets were revealed. we still dont know why Kalyani was after property papers, in whose name the property is actually and what was the reason behind Kalyani’s imprisonment. Kalyani died and her entire matter was forgotten. i hope the same thing doesnt happen with Vedika and her truth is revealed to everyone. now that Vedika is dead, why doesnt Arohi tell the truth to everyone through the pics that she had? Roma deserves punishment. Arohi knows Prithvi loved Vedika, so why she doesnt tell the truth to Prithvi atleast? he will kill Roma is he knows his daughter is dead…… still, i am sad. Vedika’s entry was such a huge deal. Arohi gave such big dialogues regarding her and poof! hardly a month and Vedika is dead… why? April is about to end, but Arohi is not getting her revenge. instead her supporters are dying. what happened to inteqam ka April????
    Also, as someone mentioned, Roma blaming her cheating to rape is a disgusting thing to do. in this serial, already Virat got arrested on false molestation case and now Roma is using false Rape story. i wish the writers wouldnt use this ploy because it is not a matter to be taken lightly. i hope Roma’s lie is revealed to all and she is punished severely for such lies. how could she say such lies to her own son!!!!

    1. Vedika is important role.but writers kill all the only the keep the title marjawan.Roma I really hate her.wt kind of women her?

  16. another question…. can anyone tell me why Arohi thinks Deep knows where her bhabhi is? Deep told Roma that he has no idea where bhabhi is and as far as Arohi knows, Deep will not lie to Roma. so why Arohi again thinks that Deep can lead her to bhabhi? was it shown in some episode that Arohi sees Deep talking about bhabhi or something?

    1. Where is arohi Bhabi?. Deep also don’t know .arohi receive a call(unknown number)from Bhabi she thought deep know everything about Bhabi.because he already hide the nikku again…

    2. I was chat with arjun in really happy.just share with you guys.

    3. Hi Dhara ? Welcome back ? happy to hear that you enjoyed your trip ? In one episode they shown that bhabhi called Arohi and asked to save her

    4. Hi dhara deep had already lied to Roma that both niku and bhabi were dead but he make niku alive … in that way he may have lied that Roma is where he doesn’t know. But u have not seen previous episodes where a phone call of bhabi arohi received.where it is clear that bhabi is alive

    5. thanx for the replies Rhivanya, Sathya, Pks…… i will make time and watch the previous episodes on voot….. wow Rhivanya, live chat! that seems exciting ^_^

  17. Hello Dhara di! actually Bhabi herself call Aarohi 2 save her dt is how she come to no dt her Bhabi is a life so she assume dt Deep might no were she might be as he once told her that Nikku was dead but yet he is a life so probably Deep might have kept her a life like he kept nikku a life and hide it from Roma and de rest of de family …. .(That is what Aarohi is thinking)

    1. hi Lutfa, thanx for clearing this up. so this is all Arohi’s assumption….

  18. Arjun and Alisha not reached London.they reached Bahrain.

  19. Arjun, aada,alisa, mouni are versatile actors warns ek hi role 4/5 saal karke actors famous ho jate hai.

  20. Arohi ko deep and roma ka bond weak karna chiye … deep ka use kar rhi hai roma may be roma killed deep parents … i think story mai aisa kuch dikhana chiye taki deep kartva sey bahar nikly ..and chawni mothers name is also vasundra …..ho skta h chwni deep ka brother nikly ….

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