Woh Apna Sa 25th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Kaki says to Jhanvi that i need your help to save my family, Jhanvi says i understand but Nisha doesnt like me in that house and I dont want to go there and increase Adi’s problems, i hope you understand, Kaki says i understand, I have recognized Nisha now, Jhanvi is stunned, I had doubt when Nisha blamed Adi for having affair with you, then how she didnt want Adi to go for blood test, Nisha trapping you for having affair with Nisha, yesterday Nisha stooped so low, i can sense that Nisha is playing tricks, she is not what she looks like, Jhanvi says you are a mother and nothing can hide from you. Kaki says how to tell this to Kaka? he is blind in Nisha’s trust, he has given ultimatum to Adi to take divorce back in 7days otherwise he would leave house, Kaki cries and says I got to know about Nisha’s antics after you came in house, you opened my eyes, you are my only hope, please save my family, Jhanvi looks at Kaki who is pleading her. Kaki says bring Nisha’s truth out, stop from hurting my family, Nisha kept making my family weak and I couldnt see it, but now I will make Adi get his respect back. Kaki says to Jhanvi’s Maa that you are a mother and you know pain of house breaking, ask your daughter to save my family, she folds her hands and asks Jhanvi to save her family, you are my last hope, please save my family. Jhanvi gets tensed hearing all this.

Baba is sadly lying on his bed. Kaka comes there and calls him to have lunch, Baba says i dont want to eat, Kaka checks his fever and says why you are not eating? Baba says i dont like this food, I like Jhanvi’s house food, i wont eat this food, he looks away from him, Kaka gets miffed and leaves. Baba says he is gone, Baba looks at Jhanvi’s bracelet, Baba says I have to remember that I am ill, everyone should feel that i am ill only then Jhanvi will come, i have to remember that I am ill.

Kids are talking to Nisha, kids say that my friend Tani got dog but her father asked her to not let him in house so we took that dog. Nisha says how can you bring him? you both have activities, who will take care of that dog? i will have to get him food and everything but I dont have time, as i have to clean many messes in this house so forget about dog, she leaves. Kids says lets talk to Jhanvi, she can help us.

Neha says to Raj that Nisha did everything to save her family, Raj says she shouldnt trap Adi like this, Nisha comes there and says i know Raj you are with you brother, Raj says if Jhanvi didnt expose everything then Adi would have broken completely, Kaki calls everyone in lounge, Nisha murmurs Jhanvi angrily.
Kaki calls everyone in lounge, all come there, Kaki says I have to say something, come inside. Jhanvi comes there, Kaki says Baba is ill and he needs person who he thinks as his own, Nisha says but.. Kaki says I havent finished, we all know that no girl is better than Jhanvi to take care of Baba so i brought Jhanvi here and i wont listen to anyone in this matter, lets go Jhanvi. Kaki glares at Nisha and leaves, Nisha angrily looks at Jhanvi, Jhanvi leaves with Kaki to Baba’s room, Nisha is tensed.

Kids are in garden and says its kids lie tragedy that nobody takes us seriously, its about someone’s life, we have to think about him now, kids take bag and goes.

Jhanvi comes to Baba and asks how is he? Baba gets happy seeing her and says i am fine, Jhanvi says i will give you medicine. Jhanvi sees cloth on camera, she says you faked your illness? you are mischievous then kids, Baba says i dont remember anything, i didnt put cloth on CCTV, Jhanvi says i didnt take camera’s name, you are fooling me. Baba laughs and says i am happy that you cameback, you are hope for my family, if you leave again then i might get seriously ill, Jhanvi gets tensed, she pulls of cloth from CCTV and goes to bring his food.
Jhanvi comes in kitchen, Nisha is there and says you cameback again Jhanvi? Kaki brought you like a nurse for baba, your work is give him food and entertain him but dont interfere in family’s personal matters, Jhanvi tries to leave but Nisha says wow you have no answer for me, its good, Jhanvi says I dont have to prove why i am came here, I want this family happy and if anyone tries to snatch their happiness then I will not remain silent, she leaves. Nisha says you, this family and this family’s happiness can all go to hell, I just have to do something in next 7days that Adi wont divorce me then this family and Jhanvi should leave me, Adi and my kids.

Kids asks Jhanvi to come after giving food to Baba, its emergency, she nods and leaves.

Jhanvi comes to Kids room and sees them laughing, Jhanvi asks why you are laughing? Chinni says because you are laughing too, Binni says you have to help us with something, close your eyes, she does. They bring our small Pomeranian puppy, Jhanvi gets happy and says he is so cute, Papa bought this? kids get tensed, Jhanvi says Papa doesnt know about it and mama must have said no? they nod, kids asks to convince Adi to let them have puppy, they hear Adi’s car. They run to hide puppy. Adi comes in house and calls out for kids. Jhanvi puts puppy in basket and puts him under bed. Adi comes there and sees Jhanvi and kids sitting seriously there, Adi says hello and asks why they are looking so serious? Jhanvi says we are doing meditation, breath in, breath out, kids nod, Jhanvi asks him to go and change, Adi says kids wont hug me? kids run and hugs him, Adi sneezes, he says sorry and says did anyone brought flower here? I have allergy from flowers and dogs. He sneezes again and says there is something here, Jhanvi says it must be spider. Puppy comes out of basket and goes near Adi’s foot, Jhanvi sees it and gets tensed, she pushes Adi away before he could see puppy and asks him to go and change, Adi is surprised and asks her why she is behaving like this? Jhanvi says nothing, you just go from here, Jhanvi tries to push him away but slips, Jhanvi grabs Adi’s shirt to balance herself and his shirt’s button tears down, Adi is shocked to see his shirt’s button torn, Jhanvi leaves his shirt, Adi sneezes again and says only you can do this with my shirt, you are acting like kid with kids, there is something there, she says nothing, Adi looks down and sees dog there, he screams and says who brought doggy here? shoo shoo, Chinni says Binni brought it, Binni says Jhanvi brought it, Jhanvi says kids brought it, let him be here, he will be entertainment for kids, Adi says I have allergy, Chinni says I will bring medicines, be good girl, will brush teeth five times a day, Jhanvi repeats that i will bring medicines, be good girl, will brush teeth five times a day, Chinni asks Adi to agree, i will give you my chocolates, Jhanvi says please agree i will give you my chocolates too, Adi says no no, Chinni says please agree, i will give you big kiss, Jhanvi says please agree, says please agree, i will give you big kiss too, she realizes what she repeated, she is stunned, Adi looks at her in shock, kids snicker, Jhanvi says sorry, where is Jimmy? Adi says who named dog jimmy? it was my nickname, Jhanvi says your name was Jimmy? he says yes baba gave me, Jhanvi snickers and says i will go and look for Jimmy, she sings Jimmy, Jimmy aja aja aja, kids sing with her and goes to search dog, Adi laughs hearing all this and shakes his head.

PRECAP- Nisha sees Jhanvi with dog, Nisha says how dare you to bring this dog in my house? Jhanvi says not me but your kids brought him here, Nisha says take this dog away from my house right now, this is my house and i will decide who will come here and not, this is not your house you better get that, Jhanvi looks on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Episode was really fantastic . Jhanvi is ready to help kaki . Jhanvi , kids n adi seen was damn good . How jhanvi repeated kids words n how she sung jimmy Jimmy aja aja aja was soo funny …. precap gave me a bit disappoint feeling . Jhanvi should give a nice reply to nisha …

    1. Jhanvi’s reason for not giving Nisha a fitting reply could be that she knows she’s not a family member per se, let’s wait and see what she tells Nisha tomorrow.

  2. What an adorable episode!!! If it’s one thing I know for certain, a child’s love is never fake and Adi’s girls instinctively and unknowingly are forming a healthy bond with Jhanvi. When their own mother complains about having to care for the puppy, how naturally they seek out Jhanvi to assist them!!! Babasa and his plan to get Jhanvi in the house is funny, didn’t think he had it in him to do what he did. The moments with Adi and his girls and Jhanvi in the room is so heartwarming this is how a healthy marriage should operate not the one which he shares with Nisha. Very beautiful episode, thank you writers for this positive aspect of this serial.

  3. Nice episode nowadays lot of smiles in face of adi good

  4. Arch, concerning your last comment, it would be nice to think that writers are listening but I think that I write from a logical point of view and the writers are doing the same so that’s why you think they are using viewers suggestions. I have been writing since day ONE on this forum, TWINJ is my witness because she has been there with me and a good many viewers as well and the many angles that I’ve drawn up, I saw it pass….while she has remained faithful to this serial, the others were only able to comment due to their hectic schedules… It’s wonderful to take some credit but I can’t and it’s because the writers are thinking like me and I’m glad to know that we have sensible people writing this script, unlike those who have done a hatchet job with ETRETR… BTW.. I do remember someone named Archu was on this forum, don’t know if you are the same person…. ??

  5. Shaani

    Soo sweet episode … Loved the way jhanvi repeat kids line… ???

  6. perfect family :
    janvi aditiya jndal
    aditiya jndal
    chinni , binni

    very funny scence superb

  7. God… Adi’s smile was too good <3

  8. GM- beautiful to read on this episode- cannot wait for the work day to be over so I can watch tonight- love love Janvi and kaki ma now – the writers are giving us what we are seeking- good healthy loving relationship-
    Thank goodness.
    Dear Naz- no I have not joined before – I recently got Indian tv/ cable and now I’m hooked on two shows-nice to see all the comments and thanks always for the updates – Love happy serials

  9. Lovely episode.

  10. Where’s yesterday episode.. Ufffff

  11. So sorry for not cmting am busy with the course….so sorry….oh god the epi was a blast just saw the repeat yesterday evening…I will give u a big kiss that was soo adorable…love it to the core….jhanvi is back in the house n for the first time baba did a great job…kaka is acting like a fool….thanks for the update atiba

    Hey n where is yesterday’s epi….

  12. hi guys…where is sterday episode written update?? plz update yarrr

  13. Where is 26th April 2017 written update?

  14. Where is yesterday update guys we are away from home so can’t watch it live. eagerly waiting for update thanks in advance for update.

  15. Hey atiba where is yesterday’s written episode….
    Why it is not there we all are waiting for yesterday’s episode

  16. written update of 26th night is missing. Whr can I get it?

  17. Everyone is asking 4 26th April written update pls do help

  18. Does anyone know if any episode was shown last night 26th in India? No episode….? If no update is posted today and only IF…then we will assume that ZEETV wants to bring everyone up to the same episodes together and if there’s any update today, then it could just have been a glitch yesterday. Waiting to see if any is posted today……

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